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Thursday, April 14, 2016

maternity capsule wardrobe

Here it is, my long-awaited maternity capsule wardrobe (kidding - I doubt anyone has been waiting on the edge of their seat for it).

I've mentioned before my interest in a capsule wardrobe, and now, with a deadline and a decreasing number of items that fit, this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. I've also played with a capsule wardrobe before (four 30 for 30 challenges: June 2013 // November 2013 // October 2014 // April 2015), choosing 30 items to wear for a month.

So, the concept and application of "capsuling" (I'm making that a word, you're welcome, internetz) are not new to me. However, each 30 for 30 challenge had a defined lifespan of a month. This new adventure will last until sometime in June (perhaps after, who knows how my postpartum body will look and feel?), and I put it together (i.e. boxed up everything that doesn't fit and won't fit for a while) in March, so we're looking at about 4 months of true "capsuling."

The below items still remain in my closet after several reviews because they still fit; however, that doesn't mean they'll remain until the end. I hope to update/edit as items are edited out, but, alas, that may not happen, what with life happening and growing a human and all. I also may not wear everything that appears below - that is dependent upon the weather, as I've included several sweaters.

A few items to note:

1) While my total count of items is around 70, some of these items (basic tops, etc.) shouldn't really be counted, as they're more items to be worn under something. Or you can count them, whatever.

2) Some items have been added to the below, and some of these items will not make it to the end of my pregnancy - I am hoping to get some pictures up and an update posted, but if you see unlisted items in a future post, or never see some of these items on the blog, apologies!

3) These aren't the greatest pictures you'll ever see, but I was running out of daylight, so please excuse the hangers and way items are piled on each other. I've tried to link to previous posts showing the item where applicable.

4) I have not included accessories, shoes, loungewear or undergarments in the pictures below, but you better believe I'm using/wearing them all!

Let's begin...

left to right, back row first:
long sleeve green floral tee: local consignment (non-maternity)
long sleeve teal tunic: Target (non-maternity)
short sleeve cobalt tunic/top: Kohl's (maternity)
blue striped v-neck: Old Navy (non-maternity)
tan & gray tunic: Kohl's (maternity)
red top: Kohl's (maternity)

left to right, back row first:
3/4 sleeve black chiffon blouse: Nordstrom Rack (non-maternity)
short sleeve black tunic/top: Kohl's (maternity)
black top: Kohl's (maternity)
short sleeve black v-neck: Target (non-maternity?)
long sleeve back v-neck: Target (non-maternity)
short sleeve lace tee: gift from a friend

left to right, back row first:
long sleeve black & white striped tee: Kohl's (non-maternity)
lightweight open knit sweater: Coldwater Creek (non-maternity)
short sleeve white v-neck tee: Target (non-maternity?)
long sleeve white v-neck tee: Target (non-maternity)
short sleeve gray tunic/top: Kohl's (maternity)
long sleeve gray hooded t-shirt: WalMart (non-maternity)

left to right:
dark wash chambray: thrifted (non-maternity)
ombre chambray: Target (maternity)
light wash chambray: Kohl's (non-maternity)
black chambray: Old Navy (non-maternity)

top to bottom:
red cardigan: Banana Republic (non-maternity)
raspberry cardigan: thrifted (Motherhood Maternity)
navy blue cardigan: Banana Republic (non-maternity)
purple cardigan: Ann Taylor (non-maternity)

top to bottom:
oatmeal cardigan: Eddie Bauer (non-maternity)
oatmeal sleeveless cardigan: Eddie Bauer (non-maternity)
cream zip-up cardigan: Aéropostale (non-maternity)

top to bottom:
black cardigan: Maurice's (non-maternity)
black & gray striped cardigan: Eddie Bauer (non-maternity)
black & white polka dot cardigan: J. Crew Factory (non-maternity)

left to right:
cream cowl neck sweater: Coldwater Creek (non-maternity)
pink & teal poncho: Lilly Pulitzer (non-maternity)

left to right:
teal hi-low maxi: Nordstrom (non-maternity)
black maxi skirt: from a friend (maternity)
knee length black skirt: from a friend, Old Navy (non-maternity)
gray maxi skirt: from a friend (maternity)
not pictured: knee length gray skirt: from a friend, Old Navy (non-maternity)

left to right:
coral dress: from a friend (non-maternity)
blush lace dress: c/o PinkBlush Maternity
teal floral maxi dress: consignment via PinkBlush Maternity

left to right:
navy blue sundress: consignment via Old Navy (maternity)
chambray dress: consignment via Kohl's (maternity)

left to right:
blue striped dress: WalMart (non-maternity)
black 3/4 sleeve dress: Target (maternity)
black wrap dress: thrifted, Motherhood Maternity

left to right:
black tank dress: American Apparal, via sorority recruitment (non-maternity)
black & gold printed dress: Base Exchange (non-maternity)

left to right:
olive skinnies: thrifted (maternity)
dark skinnies: PinkBlush Maternity

left to right:
dark skinnies: PinkBlush Maternity
flares: Kohl's (non-maternity)
black skinnies: PinkBlush Maternity

left to right:
denim shorts: thrifted (maternity)
black shorts: thrifted (maternity)

left to right:
denim jacket: Aéropostale (non-maternity)
olive field jacket: thrifted, Land's End (non-maternity)
black blazer: thrifted (non-maternity)
knitted fringe vest: Aéropostale (non-maternity)
gray sweater tunic/vest: Base Exchange (non-maternity)

left to right:
brown faux leather jacket: Aéropostale (non-maternity)
black velvet blazer: Eddie Bauer (non-maternity)
black faux leather jacket: Target (non-maternity)

And there it is, (most of) my maternity capsule wardrobe). Ta da! In summary, these are the bulk of the items I'll be wearing until delivery (the remaining items are basic completer pieces, i.e. tank tops & leggings, as well as loungewear, pajamas, activewear, swimsuits, and outerwear), and what you'll see here on the blog until then, as well. Wish me luck!

Phew. That was a lot. I'm spent.
Please comment with any questions or email me at :)

Side note: I follow several bloggers (Style This LifeKATBERRIESTruncation BlogSeasons + Saltjust to name a few - there are many more!) who utilize a true capsule wardrobe, and while I admire them and their application of the concept, I myself am not ready to permanently adopt the practice, YET. Also, I most likely won't be posting what I did/didn't wear, or how many times each item was worn, etc.