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Thursday, April 9, 2015

30 for 30: day 5

In retrospect, I should have chosen a bit more color for this springtime 30 for 30 (those 30 items are going live tomorrow morning!). I seem to have chosen a lot of gray, black, and navy. I’ve become even more accustomed (and dare I say attached?) to darker colors this winter, and the fact that they always go together. I don’t have to question whether black looks good on black, because it JUST DOES. Without even trying. Or gray and navy.

You guys, this is the opposite of how I’ve approached spring in the past. Normally it’s
and now I find myself hanging onto my winter clothes. Maybe it’s because I know that winter isn’t quite done with us yet, or that I’m more comfortable with layering and scarves than I am with sandals and shorts (a symptom of my slacking on my half marathon training), or that it always takes me a few weeks to figure out how to dress for a new season, or that I’m maturing, just a wee bit?

Whatever it is, I tried to pick 30 items that would lend themselves to adequate warmth during the inevitable heavy spring snows, and allow for a bit of spring merry-making (i.e. ButterBeer & patio drinking with friends). Even if I don't look spring-y, I'm almost always a decent temperature ;)

and this is my friend, Chelsea, who participated in the aforementioned ButterBeer & patio drinking)