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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

30 for 30: Day 20 & Day 21

Day 20

Day 20 was a big day for us...

We closed on our house! Our first house!

We are officially homeowners. Now we talk about things like the HOA, trash pick up, and window treatments. And I'm going to be honest with you, I LOVE it!
I LOVE our house.
I LOVE that this is OUR home.
And most of all, I love the person I share my new home with (and those two little wrinkly dogs).
He's incredibly handsome, smart, funny, and really good at moving furniture and packing boxes (those last two things I am NOT good at, so it's good we have a balance).

So, we bought a house, moved out of our apartment, and are settling in to our new home. That's why I've been absent from this here blog - reasonable, right?

We made a trip to The Home Depot (the first of many), and I got my very own
Homer Bucket for all of our upcoming projects!
Since this was such a big day, I didn't really get outfit pictures, but I wore my black & white striped top, black velvet blazer, olive green skinnies, leopard flats & gray infinity scarf. I wanted to be comfortable, but stylish for our

Day 21

I wore this the day after our closing when it was very chilly, so the chambray layered under a wool sweater was perfect. The pants I wore the day before (a symptom of moving) and my hat helps to hide "I-just-moved-and-can't-find-any-hair-stuff-because-it's-all-in-boxes" syndrome. Tell me you've been there, please!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mint, meet Python. Python meet Mint AND 30 for 30: Day 5

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, back in October. I saw this lady on Instagram wearing mint pants and a leopard top. Now, I DON'T have a leopard top, but I DO have a python print top. So, I substituted the python for the leopard. And was pret-teeeeeee pleased with the results. This is something I would never have thought to pair together. 

Where do you get your outfit inspiration? I've started taking screenshots of some outfits on Instagram so I can look back and be re-inspired when I'm picking out my clothes.

Day 5

this is a wool sweater. I was "shivering." you know, cold weather & a wool sweater go together like peas & carrots

I thrifted this sweater a few weeks ago at our local Habitat for Humanity. It's from GAP, and is VERY warm, since it's made of wool. Almost too warm - I was warm (and a bit too itchy) all day, even with a soft tank underneath. I like the fit (the boatneck collar *swoon*) and the color of this sweater, but am hesitant to wear it again until it's REALLY cold, so I don't overheat walking from the copy machine to my desk. Also, I think the person who had this sweater before me folded it in half longways - the middle puckers just a wee bit where the fibers "cross." 

Or did you not even notice until I pointed it out? ;)

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