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Monday, December 8, 2014

breakfast, snow and shopping

A few weeks ago, it was gross and snowy out. So my friend, Chelsea, and I went out in the grossness and cold for breakfast, followed by shopping. We both indulged in biscuits and gravy, and the thickest bacon I've ever had. Plus lots of coffee. Of course.

We shopped&shopped&shopped all day - we were both pretty worn out by the end of it. I mean, not that it was extreme shopping by any means, but neither one of us had been on an all day shopping extravaganza in quite a long time. #thosewerethedays

freezing in the snow, after all the bacon breakfast
from my Instagram

turtleneck: GAP
cardigan: Aéropostale
blanket scarf: WalMart (more about that here)
coat: Coldwater Creek
jeans: thrifted (Old Navy)
snow boots: SOREL via Jax
beanie: from a friend

Friday, February 7, 2014

Florals Made Cold Weather Appropriate by...(you guessed it!) Navy!!!

This sweater is something I found at Old Navy a few weeks ago, when I found a lot of other things I didn't "need" didn't know my closet was missing! Two of them being this navy blue sweater & peacoat. And a navy blue down vest.

I feel like you're judging me for buying so much navy.


Haven't you heard navy is the new black??

Affirming my love of the dark hue of blue is my sweet godmother. She texted me a few days after this post and told me that we must be related, since she's always loved navy! She's got great style and we love to talk fashion and shopping, especially our fave, Lilly Pulitzer. She's also who I have to thank for introducing me to the magical land that is Nordstrom.

*sighs & dreams*

So, thanks for always talking clothes with me, Auntie!

the newest addition to my modest coat collection - it's love

On a different note, I REALLY liked this outfit. I really want to repeat it, or recreate something similar with some of these pieces (and soon!), and then wear the heck out of this skirt in the spring and summer. I mean, are florals better suited for any other season(s)? 
Except for when you pair them with a warm sweater in a darker shade, tights and boots, that is ;)

sweater: Old Navy sort of similar below
skirt: J CREW Factory similar below
boots: Rack Room Shoes similar below
scarf: gift similar below
coat: Old Navy similar below


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


losing my balance. kinda sorta.

As you read this post, know that I'm in super chilly Minnesota for my cousin's wedding. I don't know that the temperature has gotten above zero all day. Or even this week, for that matter. So, I'm layering and staying inside, on the couch, under plenty of blankets. Pretty groundbreaking game plan, huh?
At least I'll be toasty warm!

If you read a lot of fashion/style-based blogs, you'll see that many other bloggers have rounded up their favorite (or least favorite) outfits of the year, and/or are blogging about their New Year's resolutions. While I'm not going to round up the past year in outfit posts (you can search them by month to the right, or by label down on the bottom of this page), I AM going to state that for 2014, I really want to grow my blog. Grow my readership, grow as a blogger, grow as a "writer," and force myself to grow when it comes to styling outfits, putting myself together, and grow up when it comes to my closet. I'm trying to put my foot down when it comes to buying cheap clothes that don't wash or wear well, and stock up on quality basics - pieces that I'll have for a long time and are timeless. 

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm really going to try to focus on quality over quantity. Now, know that that phrase means something different to everyone, and it's not going to happen overnight, but I am RESOLVING to give it my best effort! I'm not perfect, and I won't be able to kick my habit (finding clothes on sale gives me such a rush) right away, but I really want to fill (ok, first empty/get rid of/pare down, and then not completely refill, but somewhat fill up) my closet with nice (possibly luxurious!) pieces that I love, and am truly excited to wear*. 

So, that's my blog resolution for 2014 - GROW.

Wish me luck!

this is my red peacoat. you know, for when it's cold out
When I was packing for this trip, I had the hardest time deciding what to bring. I wanted to bring really warm clothes (below zero temps, my friends), but in looking at a lot of my sweaters, I wasn't excited about wearing them. In fact, I was, not disgusted, but a bit annoyed with myself. I kept asking myself "Why do you still have this if you don't ever want to wear it? Or it's so itchy that you can only wear it for a few hours? Or only fits when you're feeling really skinny?" It motivated me to want to go through my sweaters (again), but as I still needed to pack, get ready for bed, and get a good night's sleep before a day of travel, that will have to wait until I am home again. I'm going to have to ask myself the tough questions, be honest with myself, and get rid of some oldies. But, I think I'm ready!

Baby steps, my friends. Getting rid of some sweaters = baby steps. And getting rid of more stuff = more and more baby steps that combine to make several larger steps (right? I'm no math expert, but I think that's how it works).

Baby steps for a New Year :)

polka dot blouse: Kohl's
sweater: American Eagle
jeans: Kohl's
shoes: KMart
peacoat: gift (Old Navy)

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

30 for 30: Day 18 & Day 19

Day 18
this two-toned coat is from Aéropostale, I wore it earlier here

snapped this at work

Chambray and a pencil skirt. Not two items I would normally pair together, but on a wild hair, I did. And I'm thinking it turned it pretty darn well. From a distance, I look like I'm wearing a nice dress shirt with my skirt. But, as you get closer, I appear more casual and, possibly (hopefully!), fashion-savvy? ;)

Sorry for my extended (and completely unintended!) absence. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I've been pretty busy the past few weeks (we bought a house! and moved! and are settling in!). 
So, I'm back! Just in time for the holidays :)

Day 19
tough to tell in these pictures, but those pants are navy corduroys

my Mr. told me to "act cold!" so, I did.
normally, when I'm cold, I'm frowning and grump-ing and generally unpleasant.
anything for fashion, right? ;)

It was at this point in this challenge I started having a tougher time putting together outfits with my 30 items. I originally felt like I was reaching a bit with this outfit, but looking at the pictures, 
it doesn't appear that way (at least to MY eyes). 

Ever feel uneasy about the outfit you put together? But then think about it later and realize you looked FABULOUS?!?!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

30 for 30: Day 12 (and some new schtuff)

yes, that is Turbo's tongue in the lower right - it's a very long dog tongue

Here is the new coat I mentioned the other day. Fancy, huh? I'm a HUGE fan. I was really drawn to it initially, then "hem-ed" and "haw-ed"over it while I perused the rest of the store. 

"Is it ME?"

"Is it too trendy?"

"White? In the winter?" 
(It comes in navy, too. So that added another 30 minutes to the decision making process)

But as you can see, I overcame all of those objections and got the coat. I've been on the hunt for a new, shorter coat. I've got a red peacoat, which I love, but it's very dressy and comes to my knees; a knee-length purple down coat, and several fleece jackets from The North Face/Columbia. I was looking for something nicer than my fleece jackets, but shorter, more casual, and not quite as heavy as my other coats (that's a lot of criteria!).

I love this coat for many reasons:
1) it fits my above criteria
2) it's got (faux) leather sleeves, which is SO on trend for this year. AND, who doesn't love (faux) leather?
3) it's two-toned - do YOU know anyone with a two-toned coat? I don't.
4) it dresses up jeans, but not TOO much
5) it was provided to me courtesy of Aéropostale, as one of their VIPs for this season

Needless to say, I'll be wearing it a lot this winter, until we hit below freezing temps for weeks at a time.

this pink peplum top really doesn't photograph well, does it?
I matched the pink polka dots in my pants to my top

Yes, that is a bulldog. On a pair of socks. They are my (2nd pair of) bulldog socks. I love them.

I can't find this sweater online (boo), but it's much prettier in person - the pink is not as blinding, I promise. I'm envisioning it with leggings (most likely these, also from Aéropostale), boots over my new bulldog socks, a large cup of coffee, and a good book (currently I'm in the middle of 2 books, and 1 audiobook)...

For something similar to this sweater, imagine:
this Sheer Striped Knit Sweater, mixed with this Marled Slub-Knit Sweater, topped off with this Sheer Ribbon Yarn Sweater.

A scarf with hearts, that masquerade as black polka dots. Could this scarf be any more darling? I think not. Can't wait to wrap myself up in it - it's nice, and big, and square-ish-ly shaped, without being too heavy, although it does have a nice weight & bulk to it. Good job, heart/polka dot scarf.

And the gray infinity scarf I wore the other day, that my husband said I didn't "NEED", is here.

Aéropostale keeps hitting it out of the park - keep it up! Can't wait to see what else they've got in store!

Hooray for the weekend! Any fun plans in store?

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