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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

heart eye emoji

If you've read this blog for longer than a hot minute, you'll know that I LOVE chambray (heart-eye emoji love). And you also knew it was only a matter of time before I found a maternity chambray to please my denim-loving soul.

This shirt comes to me from the mecca of inexpensive clothing - Target. It came with a chambray sash to tie over my belly, but I'm not sure that look is for me. At least, not today. Instead, I plan to wear it untied, as above, until I can no longer squeeze into my old faithful favorite.

Chambray is such a great back drop for anything you might plan to wear, so kudos to whoever designed this ombre maternity chambray for this expecting girl (and others!) to wear and be sassy.

chambray: (maternity) Target
ikat print scarf: WalMart
black pants: (maternity) PinkBlush
cobalt flats: Calvin Klein

Sunday, August 30, 2015

undone favorites

Mint. Navy. Floral. Skinnies. Sandals.

These are a few of my favorite things. (bonus points if you know the musical I'm referencing. 20 more bonus points if you have the soundtrack on your just me?)

These pictures look grainy on my teeny laptop screen, but you'll have to believe me that the execution of this look was pretty great. I've found that  when in doubt, pair some of your favorite things together and watch as magic unfolds.

A mint v-neck tee, favorite lightweight scarf, skinnies + sandals. Messy hair helps, too (isn't that the key to every look great? something slightly undone/messy), as does a fancy belt and a half-tuck (that says "I'm fancy, but I'm casual and only tuck in my shirt halfway, some of the time").

mint v-neck: Old Navy
scarf: Target
skinnies: Aéropostale
sandals: Target

Saturday, May 16, 2015

most favorite

This is one of my favorite outfits of ALL TIME *Kanye at the 2009 VMAs*
Let’s examine the elements that make it MOST FAVORITE, shall we?

1) the dress

It's feminine, fun, bright, and pink + navy = love

I got it last fall, and have only worn it once. I tend to not wear Lilly dresses for every day activities (work), because they are too fancy. But adding a shirt underneath disguised the dress as more of a jumper, instead of a fun party dress (which it is, in its real life).

And also, this dress is a heavier fabric, making it perfect to wear each and every season – the lack of sleeves make it ideal for summer, but the weight is heavier than a cotton sundress, so it won’t look out of place with tights, sweaters, and boots when the cold comes around again.

2) the layering of a classic button-up shirt underneath the dress

By now, I hope you know that I LOVE button-ups. However, this navy blue one always stumps me on how to wear it, because it’s so basic. And depending on the day, it feels too big and, yet, too small, sometimes. Weird, I know.

3) the shoes (the shoes are two-fold)

a) adding leopard print in the form of my shoes = print mixing (that, and they were more comfortable to walk to my lunch date in)

b) the bedazzled blue flats create a more cohesive look with the dress and button-up (I switched to these after work to run an errand to look more like a grown up)

4) good hair day

I have since gotten a trim and *dun dun dun* gone to the dark side (proof on Instagram), but sometimes my hair is long and flowy enough that I feel like a mermaid (you know what I mean).

5) the handsome pup in the last picture

O has been such a great addition to our little family, first as a companion to Turbo, and now as an only dog. He is full of personality, love, and silly little antics. #obsessed

dress: Lilly Pulitzer
button up: thrifted (J. Crew)
blue flats: thrifted
leopard flats: c/o Aero

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

30 for 30: April 2015 recap

Ta da!
All of my 30 outfits, in one place. Just what you were hoping for on a beautiful Colorado Saturday morning :)

day 1 // day 2 + 3 // day 4 // day 5

What have I learned completing this challenge FOUR (4! yes, FOUR!) times now?

day 6 // day 7 // day 8 + 9 // day 10 

It's important to pick items that go (not match, just go). All black, all gray, all brown, all blue, etc. But it's also important to have a few items that require creativity. Prints, layers, things I might not normally pair together, or items I don't wear that often because I'm stumped on how to style them.

This challenge always reinforces to me that less is more. Truly, truly, truly. 

Case in point: I created almost 30 different outfits with 30 items, including shoes and light jackets. 

I've got plans to go through my wardrobe (yet again) and pare down even more. I recently switched out my winter items for my spring & summer clothes. I thought I had more winter clothes than summer, but, nope. Turns out I have more summer clothes - they take up significantly more space in my closet than my winter clothes, except for my sweaters...riddle me that.

I also unearthed that the next time I do this challenge, I don't want to include light jackets/outerwear in my 30 items. And here's why - I tend to wear those jackets to & from somewhere, not during whatever activity I'm doing (usually working). So, from here on out, blazers are part of the 30, but faux leather jackets are not. Either are heavy winter coats, down vests, ski jackets, or things that I will take off once I enter my destination/layers that go OVER my clothes, that are designed to keep me warm. Follow?

Additionally, it's hard to dress for spring. Is it going to be warm? Cold? Why am I wearing so many dark colors in the spring? Why won't winter go away? Is it going to snow? I don't want to wear a heavy sweater, but it's less than 40 degrees right now. I could wear skirts and dresses, but I'm trying to move past tights for this season. The struggle is real, folks.

So, there you have it. This time wasn't quite AS eye-opening as previous challenges, BUT it did reinforce what I already know, and serve as a great reminder of those lessons.

What's your favorite outfit from my 30? I've got a few:
day 1 //  day 4 // day 6 // day 15 // day 30

And some least favorites...
day 3 // day 5 // day 21 // day 26

See my 30 items here

Thank you for reading!

Friday, January 23, 2015

favorite neutrals + sweater #18

Neutrals and favorites today, for a quick little post.

See you soon(ish), friends.

sweater: Old Navy
scarf: Target
pants: c/o Aéropostale 
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Favorite Skirt

This skirt is a new addition to my closet, directly from Aéropostale. When I found it in the store, I easily fell in love. And there was only one of my size left.

The only thing I'd change about it would be that I could have also snagged it in cream (it was sold out online and in store - boo). Oh, and maybe a few more inches to the bottom, so I could wear my new favorite skirt to work :)

chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
scalloped crochet skirt: Aéropostale
sandals: Target