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Friday, January 23, 2015

favorite neutrals + sweater #18

Neutrals and favorites today, for a quick little post.

See you soon(ish), friends.

sweater: Old Navy
scarf: Target
pants: c/o Aéropostale 
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom

Friday, December 26, 2014

all my favorite neutrals

At first I had the idea to wear this blush blouse under my navy cardigan. I knew I wanted to wear something other than jeans or a skirt, so I decided on olive skinnies. And I really LOVE how these colors look together. I chose boots on this day, but also considered brown dotted flats.

I actually wore the brown pashmina scarf, but I also like how the blue plaid scarf looks. This look can be easily adapted for different seasons by changing the shoes, subtracting or changing the scarf, and changing up the jewelry (a statement necklace in place of a scarf, or statement earrings).

Would you ever pair these colors together? I hadn't before, but I sure do LOVE how it turned out.

blouse: H&M
cardigan: Banana Republic
brown pashmina: from my sis-in-law
blue scarf: thrifted (Target)
olive skinnies: c/o Aéropostale
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom

Sunday, December 7, 2014

texture play

I put together ALL THE TEXTURES in this outfit. Stripes, chunky knit sweater, paisley print, lacey-ish/crochet-kinda skirt, herringbone tights, and leather boots. I figured I could get away with neutrals and light pink with a dusting of snow if I layered up and "texturized." And coffee, of course.
Always coffee.

and thanks to my sweet friend, Laura, for taking these pictures for me!

shirt: thrifted (Ann Taylor LOFT)
sweater: Macy's
scarf: gift from sis-in-law (with my monogram on it!)
skirt: Nordstrom
tights: Old Navy
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom

Monday, September 8, 2014


The entire day I wore this, I kept getting told that I looked 
“Bright! And spring-ey!”
which is normally a look I very much enjoy. But lately I find myself more drawn to neutrals and clothes that aren’t quite as “loud.” Not that I think my love for neon will ever go away, but I recently went through my closet (again), and comparing what I got rid of (lots of brights) to what is remaining in my closet (neutrals and solids), is almost comical. However, a friend of mine is very into brights lately, so she benefitted from my purge. What’s funny is that we used to be on opposite ends of that spectrum – me into brights and prints, and her more into neutrals and solids. And now, we’ve done a complete 180. However, both of these items made the cut, so, I’m not completely on the dark side. 


blouse: J. Crew Factory
mint skinnies: Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s
sandals: Target

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Blushed

This blush-colored blouse is a recent addition to my closet - I found it at H&M on my recent (and quick!) trip to Florida for the 4th of July. No, it's nothing crazy (neon or sequins), or groundbreaking, or especially special, but it's a nice, solid, steady, understated classy piece that can be dressed up or down, and since it's so neutral, goes with just about anything and e'er'thang in my closet. 

Exhibit A: this navy and white striped skirt.

Next up: Olive skinnies? Shorts? Another skirt?

skirt: J. CREW Factory
wedges: DSW

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mint, meet Python. Python meet Mint AND 30 for 30: Day 5

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, back in October. I saw this lady on Instagram wearing mint pants and a leopard top. Now, I DON'T have a leopard top, but I DO have a python print top. So, I substituted the python for the leopard. And was pret-teeeeeee pleased with the results. This is something I would never have thought to pair together. 

Where do you get your outfit inspiration? I've started taking screenshots of some outfits on Instagram so I can look back and be re-inspired when I'm picking out my clothes.

Day 5

this is a wool sweater. I was "shivering." you know, cold weather & a wool sweater go together like peas & carrots

I thrifted this sweater a few weeks ago at our local Habitat for Humanity. It's from GAP, and is VERY warm, since it's made of wool. Almost too warm - I was warm (and a bit too itchy) all day, even with a soft tank underneath. I like the fit (the boatneck collar *swoon*) and the color of this sweater, but am hesitant to wear it again until it's REALLY cold, so I don't overheat walking from the copy machine to my desk. Also, I think the person who had this sweater before me folded it in half longways - the middle puckers just a wee bit where the fibers "cross." 

Or did you not even notice until I pointed it out? ;)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays - Neutral. like Switzerland.

The Mr. picked out the lace top, and I decided to take neutrals for a spin. I'll be honest - I kinda like it. It's not something I would have worn before I had this here little blog. Look at me, steppin' outta my getting-dressed-box! (it's pretty small, and is filled with matching items & a wee bit of adventure)

I realize the pants look REALLY long & REALLY flared, but, boho is back, right?

Either way, enjoy the rest of your week! I've got more headed your way :)

lace shirt: gift
pants: Hollister Outlet (2008)
Sandals: Mi Amore (Sears, 2009)

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