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Saturday, September 19, 2015

game day, revisited

You might remember that about this time last year, I published a few posts about what to wear to a sporting event. In this case, the event is football (but they're easily adapted for almost any sport).

I thought I'd share them again, because, in case you missed the memo, it's football season.
It's also FALL!
(it's also college game day today, and pro football tomorrow. and Monday. for the rest of the season.)

Here are some of my favorite looks to wear on game day:

game day, part 1 (featuring some warmer weather ideas)

game day, part 2 (featuring some warmish/cooler outfit ideas)

game day, part 3 (featuring some colder weather ideas)

Currently, there are no plans to make our way to watch the Broncos play in person this season, but, should the need arise, I've got some ideas up my sleeve. However, those ideas are the same if a friend invites me over to watch the game on their cable...

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Monday, November 24, 2014

game day: part 3

More game day outfits, geared towards those of us who live where it's more often than not freezing&snowing during a game, instead of nice&sunny. Watching my brother play high school football, there were 2, MAYBE 3, games at the beginning of the season we could get away with wearing only a light sweatshirt. By the end of the season, I was wearing snow pants and a ski jacket. And the reverse was true for baseball season in the spring - it ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS snowed on the day of the first game.


...memories ;)

First up, striped tee layered under a logo tee, under a cardigan, under a down vest.
Add and subtract layers as you feel appropriate.

No sweaters this time, but the down vest definitely makes a huge difference in the level of warmth. I have a Colorado flag headband I would have added if I wasn't having such a good hair day, but it's in the outfit below.


This layered look was really practical to head to a friend's house to watch the Broncos play. She and her husband whipped up a great nacho bar, and we sat inside and watched the game, while loving on her pups. And there's that Colorado flag headband I love so much. #statepride

This last look doesn't appear to have much Broncos pride at first glance. But hear me out. Orange striped tank, under a navy sweater, add or delete or change (ikat print vs. navy plaid vs. no scarf) scarves as you deem appropriate, and mint jeans + taupe booties. I would wear this ensemble if we were going to say, someone's boss's house to watch the game, or perhaps a more dressy shindig where a t-shirt just might not be enough. Comfortable, a step above a t-shirt and jeans, and nice enough for church or work. 

Broncos Pride tee: Victoria's Secret
striped tee: thrifted (Target)
jeans: Aéropostale
navy blue cardigan: Banana Republic
navy blue down vest: Old Navy
booties: Old Navy
navy blue flannel: Old Navy
long-sleeved blue top: Aéropostale (similar)
white down vest: thrifted (Aéropostale)
Colorado flag headband:Akinz Boardwear
SOREL boots: JAX
ikat scarf: WalMart
navy blue sweater: Old Navy
striped tank: Target
mint jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
navy blue plaid scarf: thrifted (Target)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

game day: part 2

Since Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving football) is this week , and football season is well underway, here are some more game day outfit ideas. They consist mostly of layering your clothes, all in the colors of your team. Part 3 will be geared towards more and more layers! (check out part 1 here)

A striped (or maybe solid) shirt under a logo tee.


Flannel, my favorite, over your logo tee.
Bonus points if it's in your team's colors.


Chambray, chambray, chambray. Always. 

This is a little departure from the Denver Broncos blue and orange, but it still works. Black and white plaid over a logo tee, with mint jeans. This would be appropriate if you're more of an under-stated fan, like myself.

Broncos Pride tee: Victoria's Secret
striped tee: thrifted (Target)
jeans: Aéropostale
blue flannel: Old Navy
chambray: thrifted
scarf: WalMart
mint jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
black and white plaid: Old Navy
booties: Old Navy

Friday, September 19, 2014

game day: part 1

A few weeks ago, my friend, Chelsea (her blog here) gave me an idea for a blog post. She told me she struggles to look cute at sporting events, without looking like a hot mess express student wearing a t-shirt turned strapless dress. Not that a t-shirt turned strapless dress is a bad look, but if you're trying to look a bit more mature and classy while watching your favorite team, you're probably looking for some other ideas. 

Here are five warmer-weather looks you could wear to your favorite team's football game this fall.
Look for game day: part 2 later this fall, as the temperatures drop (it will include A LOT more layers).

A graphic tee of your favorite team and white pants. Or try white shorts. I'd wear this to watch the game at a friend's house - I'd probably stay away from tailgates and bleachers in these pants...

A graphic tee, a skirt and some boots. Boots of any kind would do well for tailgating, especially if the parking around the stadium is in fields, rather than on blacktop.

Another skirt, but this one a solid. It also has pockets. 


Don't be afraid to layer over your shirt - sometimes it gets cold watching games, and your chambray can act as a light jacket. I probably wouldn't wear flats to tailgate or attend the game in person, but definitely to watch the game with friends at someone's house, or a restaurant.

And if you don't have a graphic tee for your team, fear not! Just wear something that incorporates your team's colors (the Denver Broncos are orange and blue) - that way you're still showing team spirit.

I found my "Broncos Pride" tee at Victoria's Secret - they've got a whole line of apparel for NFL & college teams, as well as stuff for your favorite MLB team (I've got Colorado Rockies yoga pants). 

However, there are plenty of other places to find an outfit for your favorite team. WalMart, Target, the thrift store (sometimes they have the best stuff - I got a t-shirt from the Rockies inaugural season there, 1994, baby!), JCPenney, the team's official website, or make something yourself. In high school, we used to take tees & tanks and paint on names and numbers of the guys on the football and basketball teams.

I'd love to see how you show your team spirit - do you go all out? When my brother played high school football and baseball, I wore lots of too-big sweatshirts and windbreakers in navy blue and forest green (our school colors) with our school logo & mascot emblazoned on them. I'm sure I still have a few of them around...
that being said, I like to think I've matured a bit when it comes to what I wear to sporting events.

Broncos Pride tee: Victoria's Secret 
orange striped tank top: Target
chambray: WalMart
white pants: Old Navy
striped skirt: J. Crew Factory
black skirt: from a friend
gray skirt: from a friend
tassel flats: Target
boots: Steve Madden via DSW
python flats: WalMart
plaid tennis shoes: Coach via DSW
blue scarf: WalMart

Sunday, August 17, 2014

brights. done right.

These colors are something I would have NEVER thought to pair together. I can't quite remember how they both ended up on my body on the same day - maybe it was dark in my closet? Maybe I felt like wearing bright colors all at once? Maybe I remember coloring with purple and green crayons all throughout elementary school? But I do know that later in the day, or possibly the next day, I saw someone on Instagram wearing a purpley shirt with minty-green pants, so I thought "Hey, it ain't so bad! I might be on to something here..."

So, as newly minted expert on wearing brights together, don't feel like you have to wear neutrals on top with bright pants - you can wear brights, prints, stripes, pineapples, lace, a bikini top, a neon construction vest - whatever you want. And when someone tells you it looks great, just smile and say "Oh thank you!"

Oh oh, and the Broncos have another pre-season game today! I got a new Broncos t-shirt last week that I'm dying to wear. Not that I'm a die-hard football fan, but it is neat when your team makes it to the Super Bowl. It is NOT neat when they lose...

shirt: Kohl's
pants: from a friend
shoes: Payless

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some Football, and a WiLd sweata'

I'm writing this post during the last quarter of Super Bowl 48. 

*shakes head & sighs*

I do not profess to really "follow" football, but this season I HAVE been watching the Broncos with my husband. I provide a really funny commentary peppered with comments like:

"That was dumb."

"Why did he do that?"

"What does THAT mean?"

"Wait, what?! I thought the rules were THIS they keep changing them??"

"Why are their pants so tight?"

Confession: even being married to my husband-who-was-previously-my-high-school-boyfriend who was a tight end and a defensive end, and having a brother who was All-State Football, played the O-Line & D-Line, and attending almost every game since he started playing tackle football at the tender age of 10, I'm not TOO sure on all of the rules. I mean, I get the premise of the game (you have 4 tries to move 10 yards, touchdowns are worth 6 points, yadda yadda yadda), but some things trip me up: the names of ALL of the positions; when and why you can't tackle someone (you mean tackling is not the name of the game?), etc. etc. 

Anyways, given my limited knowledge & understanding of the game of football, I DID watch (almost all of) it. And I was really disappointed in the Denver Broncos. I did just jump on the bandwagon, but hey, they're a Colorado team, and I'm obligated to cheer for a team from the Mile High City. And I'm a big fan of Peyton Manning. He seems like such a genuinely nice guy (like you could backyard BBQ with him & his family and have such a great time - I have many dreams in life: 1) hang out with Peyton Manning; 2) get to be Dinger [the Rockies mascot] for a day (or 5. or forever. whatever); and 3) be BFFs with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler).

That being said, I'm shaking my head over here at how the Broncos played. I'm wondering why it took us 3/4 of the game to show up and put some points on the board?! I'm also wondering why we played the way we did. Was it really the "12th Man"?

Anyways, I'm sure you don't want to hear more about our terrible loss, and Seattle's win...

Oh, did you want to read about my outfit? I'm sure that's why you're here. That, and my dazzling smile & fabulous sense of humor, no? ;) 

This outfit is nothing super special, but I've come to realize that every outfit simply can't be a home run (or, ahem, Super Bowl win *sigh*). They can't all be knockouts. And that's ok. Some days I just can't get the creative juices flowing while I'm picking out my outfit. Especially when it's early in the morning and I haven't had my coffee IV hooked up just yet (I wish someone would hurry up and get those on the market). Not to say that this outfit is bad (far from it!) but it's not my most creative. 

Wait. What am I saying?

Back up.

This sweater is pretty wild (let's hear it for leopard print, the new neutral!), and I knew that, so I let it steal the show while keeping everything else pretty simple, with dark wash skinnies & black and white ;) 

Quick recovery, huh? See what I did there? Very unlike Denver today...oy.

P.S. I know it looks like I'm wearing the same vest from yesterday, but you'll have to trust me that there were a few days in between these 2 favorites.

sweater: Target similar below
vest: Aéropostale similar below
jeans: Gap very similar below
boots: UGG similar below


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saving 2nd Base

As many of you know, October is a BIG month for breast cancer education, awareness, research, and fundraising. What you might not know, is that my sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha)'s national philanthropy is breast cancer education & awareness. What you also might not know, is that several NFL teams have paired up with ZTA for a "pink-out game." Depending on the organization, some teams keep it low-key, while other teams go all out and sports pink jerseys & cleats. The Broncos allowed us to hand out ribbons, magnets & programs at every gate of the stadium hours before the game, and for at least an hour after kick-off. There was a large number of active collegiate members, and a good group of us local alumni.

Zeta's philanthropy is one of the main reasons I chose ZTA over any other house during recruitment. Breast cancer is something that has affected several women in my family, and several women in friends' families, so the cause is near and dear to my heart. And pink is my most favorite color, so the match was really meant to be ;)

Luckily, I got paired at a gate with some of my good friends from the house, so it was really quite the fun little reunion. We handed out countless pink ribbons that say "Think Pink! Think Zeta!" which is trademarked by ZTA, so that's pretty cool. Another corporate sponsor of the event was USBank, and they were with us, handing out pink ribbon magnets - mine is proudly displayed on my car (one on my husband's car, too). 

The downfall to the day was that inside our gate to the stadium, we were completely in the shade. So, within 20 minutes we had chattering teeth and numb fingers - not conducive to handing out little safety-pinned ribbons. However, we took shifts warming up in the sunshine, and handed out pins, magnets & programs with smiles on our faces. It was really fun seeing some people get so excited to wear pink for a great cause, and even more fun seeing some dear friends I don't get to see too often.

the whole group before going into the stadium
the alumni group, with some active collegiate members in the background
this girl is one of my oldest friends from Zeta - we lived in the house together and spent many nights sneaking snacks from the kitchen, staying up late studying & writing papers, and early mornings going to an aerobics class :)
back at home, after the game. glad to have some downtime with my pups
the shirts we all wore

I made sure to layer up, because I knew it'd be really really warm, or really really cold (like always in Colorado!). I got stuck at a chillier gate and was still a little chilly, but at least I had some layers & a scarf to help ward off the chill!

I didn't stay for the game - my friends and I went to get a bite to eat at a sportsbar, then I headed out before the end of the game to avoid that awful post-game traffic. All in all, it was a good day, but I was pooped and slept like a baby that night :)

t-shirt: local ZTA alumni group with the Denver Broncos
chambray: thrifted
scarf: gift from my sis-in-law
pants: Old Navy
shoes: Nike via Finish Line

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