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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

blushing leopard

When you don't know what to wear to a friend's wedding celebration, you pull out a statement piece and pair it with some (favorite!) neutrals.

Exhibit A (above):
statement piece - leopard print pencil skirt
neutrals - blush top, nude wedges + gold jewelry
(you might also wear your hair up, because, summer)

The really good news is, if you pick out favorites to wear, they're most likely rather comfortable. And they can probably take you from place to place. In my case, the wedding celebration to a free concert downtown. At both locations, I was not overdressed, nor underdressed -  I was like Goldilocks, and it was "juuuuust right." And feeling like a million bucks while still being comfortable in my own skin makes those summer evenings even that much more enjoyable.

And I'm featured over on Sydney Fashion Hunter for one of my posts last week - be sure to stop by and check it out.

blush blouse: H&M
leopard pencil skirt: thrifted (Target)
nude wedges: DSW

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer LBDs: Dress #3

And here is the dress I wore for the wedding itself (rehearsal here). I found it at Target, on the sale rack, just a week before we left for the wedding. I’d felt blue all day, and wandered into Target, as one often does when one is sad. Or happy. Or hungry. Or bored. Or just wants to go shopping. I’d decided some retail therapy would cheer me up, and even after finding these black wedges in my size, I still needed another filler-upper, so I checked out the clearance racks. And found this dress. In my size. On sale (I think it was under $12?). So, that helped. As did the peanut butter M&M’s that also found their way into my  basket…

This dress has a bit of a scuba/sports-inspired feel. The fabric is light and ALMOST of a sports/technical quality (but not quite!), and the piping on the front really adds interesting detail, as well as outlines the shape of the dress, while mimicking the seams on a wetsuit…

Having been to Missouri before, I was expecting TONS of HEAT and HUMIDITY and BUGS, but luckily, all three of those unpleasant elements were not very present! Sure, it was warm, but not unbearable – we spent most of the reception outside, instead of inside in the air-conditioning. It WAS humid, but not as oppressive as I’d experienced before (I’m a humidity wimp after living in Colorado)…and the bugs seemed to be staying away! At least from me, which never happens (I got eaten alive last week in Florida…)!

And of course, the wedding was lovely and beautiful and it was good to see family and friends we hadn’t seen in ages, as well as make some new friends that mentioned they’d love to come out and visit us in Colorado...!

dress: Target
wedges: Target

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer LBDs: Dress #2

This floral LBD from Aéropostale made an appearance at a rehearsal dinner for D’s cousin’s wedding in Missouri - we took a few days off and made the drive.

The rehearsal at the church was quick, and then we headed to the party at the groom’s parents’ house. The dinner was a fish fry, but the fare was not just limited to fish – there was chicken, shrimp, green beans, asparagus, not to mention countless casseroles and side dishes. I also had my first fried Oreo. And by first, I mean I had several. Divine. Really. #getyouone #rightmeow

I ended up getting pretty cold as the evening wore on, even when a HUGE Great Dane sweetie named Magness decided to sit on my lap and keep me warm (probably my favorite part of the evening - not kidding), so I grabbed my father-in-law’s drywall sweatshirt and wore it over my dress. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that to share, but just know that I looked pretty great with my cute floral dress sticking out the bottom of a big black sweatshirt covered with paint and drywall mud :)

dress: Aéropostale
shoes: Target

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Chambray Away

The chambray shirtdress makes another appearance. This was the day after we drove* back from a wedding in Missouri (most of the day was spent crossing Kansas - I cheered when my beautiful mountains came into view), so a one-stop-shop to get dressed was pretty great.

Dress and bright shoes – done.
Count it.

And I just got back from another trip yesterday, so a short post it is (I spent the 4th in Florida with my family and good friends - got the sunburn to prove it).

dress: Kohl’s
sandals: Target

*btw, I finished 3 books on the way to and from the wedding – thank you, Dramamine II!

Friday, January 31, 2014

The First Wedding of 2014

Like I mentioned last week, I traveled to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to celebrate my cousin's wedding. They're a couple that's been together since high school, so, I'm kinda partial to them.
#highschoolsweethearts #HSSoftheworldUNITE

Here are some pics from their big day. My sister-in-law couldn't make it, as she was in one of her best friend's weddings on the same day - we still had a really great time, but really missed her.

with MY high school sweetie
Big Brother and us
Mr. & Mrs.
originally my youngest cousin agree to split 1 of every flavor with me, so I wouldn't be a TOTAL glutton. However, he filled up on Shirley Temples and couldn't help a girl out
Cousins - 1 of them was the Best Man!
me & Dad. sorry for the grainy pics - the lighting was low at the reception so we could get our dance on
ain't he handsome?
my family has a long tradition of breaking out hats at a wedding.
don't believe me?
proof from our wedding is below
I made a dainty little fascinator-top-hat, and my groom sported Nemo. don't worry - he's only kissing one of my besties/bridesmaids because she traveled the farthest for our big day (all the way from Hawaii!)
It's tough to see, but the dress I wore was a really pretty plum color, originally from Banana Republic,  but I thrifted it before we bought our house this fall - thrifting for the win! See something sort of similar below...


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

when traveling to Minnesota

wearing at least 6 layers. plus a scarf. and snow boots.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I went to Minnesota a few weeks ago during the really really cold weather that covered most of the US over/right after New Years. 
And it was cold. 
Bone chilling, make your nose hurt to breathe cold. 

So, what does a Colorado girl who's used to snow one day, and 50 degree temps the next do? 
Pack as many warm articles of clothing into her suitcase, and wear the rest on the airplane. 
I've got 3 more outfits from this trip (plus pics from my cousin's wedding!) to share with you 
over the next few days.

I wore my warmest pants: corduroys. And a Christmas present from my sweetie: SOREL snow boots. Get this, the name of this style is "Joan of Arctic."
Too clever. 
Anyways, they'll keep my tootsies warm up to -25 degree temps, and they've got fur on the top. 
Plus, they're black AND brown, so my black vs. brown dilemma won't be an issue.

So, I wore the boots on the plane. Plus the outfit you see above. And carried my down coat and vest in the airport. The boots are crazy warm, but after wearing them all around the frigid Twin Cites for several days in a row, my feet were a wee bit tired. 
Having all that warm & fuzziness makes for heavy footwear (and tired feet & legs - guess I should start working out more).

My extended family got a kick out of teasing me for wearing so many layers. One uncle called me "Anne-ook of the North." Hey, when it's cold, I don't mess around. #layersplease

So, look for a few more extremely-cold weather outfits. Although I was thoroughly chilled in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I'm glad that I got to practice my layering "technique" and look of "snow bunny chic." And of course see my cousin marry his lovely bride, and the rest of my sweet fam, too!

t-shirt: WalMart sort of similar below
button-up shirt: thrifted (Old Navy) sort of similar below
cardigan: from a friend (Banana Republic) sort of similar below
corduroys: thrifted (Joe Fresh) sort of similar below
scarf: Aéropostale
down coat: Coldwater Creek sort of similar below
snow boots: SOREL


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not A New Year's Eve Outfit Post

posing. you don't take pictures of your clothes in your basement?

As the title of this post suggests, this is not a New Year's Eve Outfit Post.


I do not have a New Year's Eve outfit planned. 

I do not have a NYE outfit because I made a big girl, executive decision to be responsible and not party til the wee hours of New Year's morning. It could have something to do with the fact that I have to leave my house before 8 am the 1st day of 2014, or that my Mr. has to leave the house even earlier, or that I really dislike New Year's Eve. You'll have to guess which "excuse" is the real reason for my lack of festive-ness (hint: it's not the last one).

Why am I leaving my house before 8 on the 1st day of 2014? Why, I'm flying to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you see! One of my cousins is getting married to a swell girl and I'm looking forward to witnessing their vows, dancing the night away at their reception, seeing my extended family & family friends, freezing my toes off in snow-covered Minnesota, and stuffing my face with wedding cake.

Here's to hoping my snow boots & parka match my fancy party dress!

Happy New Year! 

Here's to the end of 2013, and looking forward to 2014!


dress: Nordstrom
blazer: thrifted
scarf: thrifted (Target)
belt: Target
tights (FLEECE-LINED! you know I love 'em): GG Boutique (local)
boots: Rack Room Shoes

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cream & a Pash

I found this little gem of a flowy top at Plato's Closet a few weeks ago with some store credit that I had (it's originally from Old Navy). I paired it with this beautiful pashmina from my sweet sister-in-law. She gave each of the bridesmaids in her wedding this scarf so we would have another layer to throw over our bridesmaid dresses at their wedding, in case we got cold. We had buttercup yellow dresses that looked great with these pashminas as a "wrap." If you're interested, I'm sure I could scrounge up some pictures from their big day ;) I don't remember using my pashmina as a wrap, since I spent most of my time on the dance floor, of course.

Lately though, I've been wearing this as a scarf, and I have to stop myself from wearing it every day - it goes with almost everything! I just knew it would go nicely with the color of this top, since it's not WHITE white, it's more cream. Oh, and my sassy leopard flats that I've had for ages completed this flowy-boho-young-professional-steps-into-fall look. 

Hope you're having a great Sunday - look for a recap about my race soon!

top: Old Navy via Plato's Closet
scarf: gift from my favorite sis-in-law
jeans: GAP
shoes: Kohl's

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bridesmaid loves a Groomsman

Over Labor Day weekend, two of our dear friends tied the knot. We've both known him since high school, and met her several years ago through him and became fast friends - her bachelorette party was the one I went to in Vegas. They're the folks we grill with in the summer, spend New Year's Eve in with, and go "out on the town" with. 

They've got a darling 3 year old son, a beautiful home that they own, and exciting new job prospects on the horizon. She just accepted a job that will take them a few more hours away from us, but their plan is to only be gone for a year or so - thank goodness! Here is what I (and my husband) wore to, before & during their nuptials...

embellished tank: Target
belt: thrifted
skirt: J Crew Factory
sandals: Shoe Carnival
I wore this to get my nails done with the brides & the other bridesmaids, and then to the rehearsal.

dress: Lilly Pulitzer
shoes: Guess via DSW
necklace: Trends
between dinner & dancing
at the cowboy bar, with my margarita - my beverage of choice. always.
After the rehearsal (it was in the morning), I had to run a few errands and was in desperate need of a shower - the rehearsal was outside and it was so. hot. I showered, put on a pretty face with some pretty hair, and my newest Lilly Pulitzer dress (D picked it out for me for my birthday in March). 

We went to the rehearsal dinner, ate delicious food & dessert, toasted the bride & groom, then headed to a cowboy bar. Now, I do not claim to be a cowgirl or country (my "boots" are Steve Madden, not at all suited for riding or wrangling), that's my sweet sis-in-law. 

However, I sure do love country music and dancing. At this bar, there was a live band AND dancing. And there were a few country boys in our group that knew how to dance. I spent the majority of the evening dancing with them and being twirled and twisted and spun so much that I didn't know which way was what. 

It's really fun to dance with someone who knows what they're doing - especially when you have no idea. I like to think it makes me a better dance partner, since I don't know what I'm doing and am definitely not trying to lead - I just follow and twirl and spin wherever they lead me.

We had a really fun evening with the rest of the bridal party, then headed home to get some beauty sleep for the next day's festivities.

I got my hair done for the big day, and I loved it.
the bride got us all matching robes to wear while getting ready
the bride's sister did my makeup, and thank goodness (I'm hopeless with hair and makeup)! s
he used some "freezing spray" on my eye makeup so it didn't run in the heat.
best. invention. ever.
dress: Allure Bridesmaids
shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW
earrings & bracelet: gift from the bride

on him
tux & shoes: Al's Formal Wear
my bridesmaid bouquet - it's only a wee bit wilted now
he wore gray in our wedding, so this tux on him brought back memories of our own wedding day last summer
hey, we're married, so it's OK to celebrate our love & marriage at another wedding ;)
After the bride & groom said "I do" and "I will", we got down to the business of dancing at the reception. Sorry, I only have a few grainy & poorly lit pics from that portion of the evening that aren't worth sharing - I was really busy dancing and having a grand time ;)

How many weddings have you attended this summer?