Saturday, March 30, 2013


We spent the day before Easter with my in-laws at their house, which is only 15 minutes from my parents' house. Another benefit of marrying your high school sweetheart: your parents probably live pretty close to each other. And close to your best friends. 

That tongue! 

The pups had the best day: lounging, getting love & attention, napping, getting more love & attention, chasing around cats, and exploring the outdoors. It's a rough life they live.

I ordered this necklace through a LivingSocial deal and it arrived just in time for Easter!

Mirror shot with a bad flash - sorry! My mother-in-law took some more pics with her camera, so I'll add those when she sends them to me. You'll see a lot more "skinny arm/chicken wing" poses from me, I'm sure - sorry in advance? Being in a sorority, those things never leave you ;)

LOVE this new top from JCPenney. I was in there last weekend with a friend and was very impressed. I hadn't been in one in a few years, and was blown away! The whole inside got a facelift, great selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods for great prices (I got this top for $4, and a polka dot sweater for $5!! Have I mentioned I love polka dots? Because I do). My transaction was completed on an iPhone with attachment - talk about fancy, JCP! 

top: JCPenney
leggings: Wal-Mart
shoes: Converse One-Star via Target
sweater: Ann Taylor

Here are the pictures from my mother-in-law, featuring me & my pups going on a walk. They didn't know what to do about all the smells!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Purple Cat

Please excuse my selfie mirror shots - my photographer was unavailable,
as he was working late. Boo. 

Again, no face...meaning I didn't put on my face today. Hitting that snooze button in the AM works a whole lot better for me than doing my hair. And make up. Lazy, I know. I'm working on it - promise!

Did you notice? No 4-legged photo crashers today, cause I made sure to feed them their dinner right before I hopped in front of the mirror. Clever, eh? Not that I don't love them, and that they love me, but sometimes they get their goobs & gobs on my pants, which is not cool. And their hair seems to be everywhere, no matter how lint roller sheets I use...

Scarf: Coldwater Creek (gift)
Sweater: Target
Tank: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Lumberjack Chic

My sweet Mr. picked out my outfit today. I asked him if he would help me take pictures for my little blog, and he said he would. I asked if he would serve as my occasional "wardrobe consultant" - he said he would. When I asked if he would help me pick out my outfits sometimes, he said he would - he even came up with "Mr. Picks Mondays."

So, here you have it. The first one. 

His favorite color is orange, so he went straight for my long sleeved flannel with bits of orange.
He also doesn't like skinnies, so a flare leg jean it was. And will be on Mondays when he picks out jeans. However, he does like how my behind looks in these..even though they're about 6 inches too long for my short (short) legs. 

My office at work is always FREEZING, so layers (and a space heater) are a must. 

Please excuse my hair. And lack of makeup. And jewelry. And's Monday

I realize this shirt makes me look wider than I am - maybe lumberjack chic?
But, I think he did a pretty good job for his first time, don't you?

I've had these loafer-y shoes since my sophomore year of high school...but my feet haven't grown since the 7th grade, so, there's that. I also haven't grown vertically since those days, either. 

These 2 (Cali on the left, Turbo on the right) don't want anything to do with me until I need a minute for a picture, then they're all over me for love and attention - you would think they're neglected (they're not - swear). I don't hate it. 

Shirt: American Rag CIA via the men's section at ARC
Sweater: Sonoma via ARC
Jeans: YMI Premium from Maurice's
Shoes: MIA

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi there! I'm Annie B. Welcome to Sweet Bananie, my little blog about my personal style. 

First things first: I've got a pretty full closet. Not necessarily filled with tons of great pieces, but filled with a lot of clothing, nonetheless. That dress from my Senior Homecoming that my future Mr. picked out, the sorority t-shirts I'm not ready to part with just yet, my best thrifting finds, and my favorite investment pieces next to inexpensive, but trendy items. 

I'm on a mission to develop (find? unearth? discover?) my personal style. Join me on this adventure, won't you? I'm so glad you're here.