Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 for 30: 30 items (finally!)

Here they are, as promised
My 30 items I will be have been wearing for my 30 for 30 challenge for the month of November.
Ta da!

7 tops 
(left to right)
1) pink peplum top (looks neon orange here, but I assure you, it's a nice, pretty pink) [Kohl's]
2) blue plaid flannel [Old Navy]
3) light chambray [Kohl's]
4) cream 3/4 length sleeve top with light brown stripes [GAP Outlet]
5) short sleeve cream lace shirt [gift]
6) long sleeve cream sequined top [Kohl's]
7) black & white striped top, 3/4 length sleeve [Old Navy]

5 pairs of pants
(left to right)
1) olive skinnies [Aeropostale]
2) navy cords [thrifted - Joe Fresh]
3) bootcut jeans [thrifted - Old Navy]
4) pink & maroon polka dot pants [Ann Taylor LOFT]
5) black skinnies [Aeropostale]

2 dresses & 3 skirts
(left to right)
1) navy blue dress [clothing swap]
2) chambray dress [Kohl's]
3) leopard print pencil skirt [thrifted - Target]
4) black pencil skirt [Target]

3 jackets/blazers
(left to right)
1) pink tweed blazer [thrifted - Express]
2) vegan leather jacket [thrifted - Miley Cyrus / Max Azria]
3) velvet blazer [gift from my brother - Eddie Bauer]

4 sweaters
(left to right)
1) green fair isle sweater [American Eagle]
2) taupe single cable knit sweater [thrifted - GAP]
3) oatmeal cardigan [thrifted - Kohl's]
4) long black cardigan [Maurice's]

6 pairs of shoes
(left to right)
1) brown boots [Rack Room Shoes]
2) black boots [KMart]
3) booties[Old Navy]
4) black flats [Kohl's]
5) oxfords [thrifted - Not Rated]
6) leopard print flats [Kohl's]

Look how little space my 30 items take up in my closet! It's amazing!
We are currently packing up, tossing out, and sorting our things to pack up and move to our new house - one of the biggest challenges I have with moving is my closet (there's JUST. SO. MUCH). I've got a whole blog post on this tomorrow, but just giving you a heads up that I'm getting rid of 132 items! Which makes me feel great! But a bit defeated at the same time, since my closet is still PACKED. However, the above picture gives me some ease...
1) I can completely pack up and move the rest of my closet
 2) look how little stuff there is! and how little space they take up! 
3) not having full use of my whole closet is making me thing of different ways to wear the things I CAN wear, and 
4) it's making me think of ways to wear the other items in my closet when I can wear them again

Here are the items I chose for my last 30 for 30 challenge in June - how do they compare?


  1. You have some great pieces in there! I'm impressed with all the thrifted items! I'm horrible at thrifting... I just have zero patience for it. That could be because I am very rarely without my three munchkins! But when I see so many other bloggers showing of their awesome finds, it makes me want to keep trying!

    You've been doing a great job so far with the challenge, Keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks for all your sweet words!! Thrifting takes patience - and some times I don't even find anything worthwhile! But it's pretty addicting :)