Saturday, June 1, 2013

30 for 30

For the month of June, I'll be completing a challenge - 30 for 30. Perhaps you've heard of it? The idea is to choose 30 items of clothing & shoes, and wear only those items for 30 days, creating tons of outfits and remixing outfits I might not normally put together. As I've mentioned before, I have a lot of clothes. A LOT. My goal in completing this challenge is to help myself realize I don't need tons of pieces I like - instead, I should pare down my closet to keep the pieces I LOVE. And these pieces should get worn a lot and be able to be worn with lots of other items. So, instead of many many pieces that only get worn a few times a year, I want to focus on having less pieces that get worn often and reflect me, and are also flattering and make me feel good (and excited!) about getting dressed. 

I originally saw the 30 for 30 idea on A Pretty Penny almost 2 years ago, and then on Kendi Everyday. And a BUNCH of bloggers completed this last month, which was the push of inspiration I needed to complete it myself. So, here I go!

Here are the items I've chosen:

3 skirts
L to R: from a clothing swap with a friend; Nordstrom & Nordstrom

3 tank tops
L to R: Old Navy; Forever 21 via Plato's Closet; Kohl's

1 pair of capris & 2 pairs of shorts
L to R: Kohl's; Maurice's via Plato's Closet; Old Navy

2 pairs of pants
L to R: Kohl's; Old Navy via Goodwill

3 dresses
L to R: ARC; Target; Macy's

6 tops
L to R: thrifted; Target; from someone at work; from an old roommate; JCPenney; Express

6 pairs of shoes
L to R: WalMart; DSW; Sears; DSW & DSW; Macy's
4 jackets/sweater
L to R: ARC; clothing swap; Macy's; from a friend

A few things I've come up with before I head down this remixing road:
1) I can use unlimited accessories to change up my look.
2) If inclement weather arrives and I need to wear additional outerwear on top of my outfit, that's OK.
3) If an item is pretty sheer or needs a basic tank underneath, I can wear one.
4) We're attending at least 1 wedding this month and I'll be attending 1 wedding shower. The items I've picked out aren't what I plan to wear to either event, so I plan to wear my 30 for 30 items before or after, and change into something more appropriate for the wedding or shower. I didn't think it was reasonable to include a dress for a wedding in my 30 items, as it would only get worn once.

30 for 30