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Friday, April 1, 2016

double duty

Windy & sunny days in Colorado do terrible things to my hair, and they make me squint in my blog pictures. Oofta.

Moving on...I found this dress at my local Clothes Mentor, and I'm really glad I happened upon it. I'd been admiring it and its navy blue cousin on PinkBlush's website for a few weeks. I snagged it and retreated to the dressing room as soon as I found it.It's a nice, springy maxi dress that I'm thinking would look okay postpartum, as well.

How's that for finding something I'd been eyeing, finding it on sale, and making it pull double duty? That's what we call smart shopping around here, folks.

maxi dress: consignment (PinkBlush)
metallic wedges: thrifted
headband: Lilly for Target

Sunday, August 30, 2015

undone favorites

Mint. Navy. Floral. Skinnies. Sandals.

These are a few of my favorite things. (bonus points if you know the musical I'm referencing. 20 more bonus points if you have the soundtrack on your just me?)

These pictures look grainy on my teeny laptop screen, but you'll have to believe me that the execution of this look was pretty great. I've found that  when in doubt, pair some of your favorite things together and watch as magic unfolds.

A mint v-neck tee, favorite lightweight scarf, skinnies + sandals. Messy hair helps, too (isn't that the key to every look great? something slightly undone/messy), as does a fancy belt and a half-tuck (that says "I'm fancy, but I'm casual and only tuck in my shirt halfway, some of the time").

mint v-neck: Old Navy
scarf: Target
skinnies: Aéropostale
sandals: Target

Friday, June 5, 2015

neon shoes

Let's discuss ALL OF THE COLORS going on here:
mint. good.
teal print scarf. good.
gray. good.
olive. good
neon. good.

I added the neon shoes for a bit of pop to an otherwise gray and rainy day (we've had a lot of those in Colorado lately). I think the blues/grays up top are a nice counterbalance to the olive and neon going on down below.

Ever pair wildly different color families together?
Or wear neon shoes to brighten things up?

mint v- neck: Old Navy
teal print scarf: Lilly Pulitzer for Target
gray cardigan: c/o Aéropostale
olive skinnies: c/o Aéropostale
neon flats: Kohl's

Thursday, May 14, 2015

gaming in comfort

This outfit was perfect for a game night, which just so happens to be what I wore it for. We had friends over, and they brought lots of delicious food (tapas and desserts, only). We supplied the beverages and the gathering space, and some of the games. The Mr. is really into games, but me, not so much – I’m more into the socializing that goes along with the games, although I play a mean game of Catchphrase.

But a Game Night did occur, and this is what I wore to participate and host. A mint v-neck tee (knotted – it’s what all the fashion bloggers on Pinterest are doing…tres chic, non?), pants (harem pants? parachute pants? MC Hammer pants? joggers? athleisure wear? I don’t know. I DO know that they are very comfortable, and I’ve been told they make my rear look nice. So, continue to wear them, I shall.), and my trusty python print flats, which might be headed to the dumpster soon – they’re not holding up so well, but I can’t expect much more from my sweet $10 shoes. I added the gray statement necklace for some visual interest, and clipped my hair half-up/half-down, a small switch from my usual curls or ponytail.

Have you ever tried these type of pants? All my girlfriends shower me with compliments when I wear them, but the Mr. is not a fan...
maybe I need to add a few more pairs to really show him how versatile they are...

mint V-neck: Old Navy
harem pants? parachute pants? MC Hammer pants? joggers? athleisure wear?: WalMart
statement necklace: WalMart
python print flats: WalMart

Saturday, October 4, 2014

number 2 of 7

from the Mr:
"I chose this shirt simply because I like it. I like the different collar style and I am a big fan of Annie wearing white. Annie is a big fan of blue so I figured it was a win-win."

This shirt was easy to style. It reminds me of a pretty Greek village, right on the coast, with white buildings, blue roofs & doors – Santorini-esque. And while that’s somewhere I’d love to be, I don’t live on the coast, or in Europe, or in a white house with a blue roof, so I wore my blue & white button up with mint jeans for a “refreshing” look, just in time to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall (why didn’t my brain create this outfit when it was HOT this summer??).

shirt: Aéropostale
mint jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
belt: American Eagle
sandals: WalMart

Monday, September 8, 2014


The entire day I wore this, I kept getting told that I looked 
“Bright! And spring-ey!”
which is normally a look I very much enjoy. But lately I find myself more drawn to neutrals and clothes that aren’t quite as “loud.” Not that I think my love for neon will ever go away, but I recently went through my closet (again), and comparing what I got rid of (lots of brights) to what is remaining in my closet (neutrals and solids), is almost comical. However, a friend of mine is very into brights lately, so she benefitted from my purge. What’s funny is that we used to be on opposite ends of that spectrum – me into brights and prints, and her more into neutrals and solids. And now, we’ve done a complete 180. However, both of these items made the cut, so, I’m not completely on the dark side. 


blouse: J. Crew Factory
mint skinnies: Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s
sandals: Target

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

mint and floral

I already know my Mama isn't going to email me about how much she likes this outfit. I know this because she already told me she didn't like this pencil skirt paired with a boring tee. And while this isn't my best outfit ever, sometimes I have to try something new and decide for myself whether or not it works.

Still not sure about it...

shirt: Old Navy
skirt: J. Crew Factory
sandals: WalMart

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mint & Navy. Again...

Apparently I'm really into mint and navy together lately (here and here).
They just look really good together, mmk?

Happy Friday!

chambray: WalMart
mint jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
sandals: WalMart

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AERO NOW and Minty-Teal Plaid

This plaid shirt from Aéropostale has quickly become a new favorite in my closet – it makes me wonder “How often is too often to wear this?” It’s not like jeans or shoes that you can wear repeatedly without fear of getting called out for wearing the same thing over and over. It’s bright minty-teal, with fun lace-detailing on the back, so it stands out. I’ve got a lot of clothes, so I guess I feel silly when I wear the same thing twice (or more!) in quick succession. Not sure why – if I like it, I should wear it, and everyone can…a-hem, get over it...and stop making Western jokes...
We’ll go with that…

Be sure to check out Aéro’s new collection, AERO NOW, which launched just a few days ago.

sandals: Target