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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bridesmaid loves a Groomsman

Over Labor Day weekend, two of our dear friends tied the knot. We've both known him since high school, and met her several years ago through him and became fast friends - her bachelorette party was the one I went to in Vegas. They're the folks we grill with in the summer, spend New Year's Eve in with, and go "out on the town" with. 

They've got a darling 3 year old son, a beautiful home that they own, and exciting new job prospects on the horizon. She just accepted a job that will take them a few more hours away from us, but their plan is to only be gone for a year or so - thank goodness! Here is what I (and my husband) wore to, before & during their nuptials...

embellished tank: Target
belt: thrifted
skirt: J Crew Factory
sandals: Shoe Carnival
I wore this to get my nails done with the brides & the other bridesmaids, and then to the rehearsal.

dress: Lilly Pulitzer
shoes: Guess via DSW
necklace: Trends
between dinner & dancing
at the cowboy bar, with my margarita - my beverage of choice. always.
After the rehearsal (it was in the morning), I had to run a few errands and was in desperate need of a shower - the rehearsal was outside and it was so. hot. I showered, put on a pretty face with some pretty hair, and my newest Lilly Pulitzer dress (D picked it out for me for my birthday in March). 

We went to the rehearsal dinner, ate delicious food & dessert, toasted the bride & groom, then headed to a cowboy bar. Now, I do not claim to be a cowgirl or country (my "boots" are Steve Madden, not at all suited for riding or wrangling), that's my sweet sis-in-law. 

However, I sure do love country music and dancing. At this bar, there was a live band AND dancing. And there were a few country boys in our group that knew how to dance. I spent the majority of the evening dancing with them and being twirled and twisted and spun so much that I didn't know which way was what. 

It's really fun to dance with someone who knows what they're doing - especially when you have no idea. I like to think it makes me a better dance partner, since I don't know what I'm doing and am definitely not trying to lead - I just follow and twirl and spin wherever they lead me.

We had a really fun evening with the rest of the bridal party, then headed home to get some beauty sleep for the next day's festivities.

I got my hair done for the big day, and I loved it.
the bride got us all matching robes to wear while getting ready
the bride's sister did my makeup, and thank goodness (I'm hopeless with hair and makeup)! s
he used some "freezing spray" on my eye makeup so it didn't run in the heat.
best. invention. ever.
dress: Allure Bridesmaids
shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW
earrings & bracelet: gift from the bride

on him
tux & shoes: Al's Formal Wear
my bridesmaid bouquet - it's only a wee bit wilted now
he wore gray in our wedding, so this tux on him brought back memories of our own wedding day last summer
hey, we're married, so it's OK to celebrate our love & marriage at another wedding ;)
After the bride & groom said "I do" and "I will", we got down to the business of dancing at the reception. Sorry, I only have a few grainy & poorly lit pics from that portion of the evening that aren't worth sharing - I was really busy dancing and having a grand time ;)

How many weddings have you attended this summer?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 for 30: Day 8

I wore this getup to do some bridesmaid activities. We picked up our dresses with the bride, and then went on the hunt for jewelry to wear for the big day. All of us bridesmaids are in the same color of dress, but we got to choose our own style. I chose a one-shoulder style, and have plans to wear it again for one of my cousin's weddings in January in Minnesota - brrrrr!

I thought I would dress up a bit by pairing wedges with these shorts. Aaaand, I had just done a leg workout, so I was feeling the need to bare my legs...the truth comes out.

obsessed with these little gems
bridesmaid dress

UPDATE on the Black Forest Fire:
My folks are on & off pre-evacuation & optional evacuation. Some friends have lost their family homes. The wind keeps shifting & changing the direction the fire is headed in, so it's hard to say where it will head next.