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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Old Friends

Several weeks ago, we had some special company - our good (married) friends from high school. They got married the summer before us, and we've remained good friends through their subsequent move across the country and back, and our putting down roots in Northern Colorado.

They came up to visit us and check out our new house, and we loved having them. They brought their sweet pup, Benni, and we ate delicious food and drank delightful beverages all weekend, and played several rounds of Cards Against Humanity. New favorite game. It's in my Amazon shopping cart, as we speak...!

there was much discussion over my rolled up pants and booties. L and I were on the same boat, but the boys disagreed

me with their pup, Benni. I even got to take him on a run with me - I've forgotten what it's like to have a dog that bounds and just can't get enough exercise...!
wearing my cupcake apron, preppin' dinner and dessert for our guests

button up: Akinz Boardwear
lace sweatshirt: rue21
apron: gift
jeans: GAP Outlet
booties: Old Navy

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pink & Orange Stripes


This outfit came out to play in October, so I'm doing a bit of blogging catch up (that, and I'm CRAZY busy for the next few days! more to come later...)

The shoulders of the shirt are bright pink, and the rest of the stripes are orange. My vest (remember this?) is cream-ish, my scarf is ombre, going from dark pink to tan. 
And you can probably figure out the pants and jeans :)

shirt: Old Navy
vest: thrifted (Levi's)
scarf: gift
jeans: GAP Outlet
boots: Rack Room Shoes