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Friday, September 4, 2015

trouser two-fer

I've got a two-fer for ya before this long weekend (don't worry - I've got posts coming 'atcha through the long weekend, though). This two-fer features the same pair of pants, but with different shirts each time. One shirt has polka dots, the other is a lace-detail chambray, but they're both button-ups. Points for me anyways?

Up first, polka dots on top, and light & subtle pinstripes on the bottom (tough to see in these pictures, I know). These pants are oldies, but they're the prettiest shade of light olive green with the most perfect little pinstripes. I'm so glad I've hung on to them since high school - aren't trousers making a comeback? Or something?

Secondly is something really similar to the first, but the shirt is different! It's chambray! *swoon* And no polka dots! And it has pretty lace detailing on the shoulders and back. Totally different look, right? RIGHT?

What's your favorite way to wear some trousers? Button ups? Blouses? Casual tees?

polka dot button up: Old Navy
metallic sandals: Target
green trousers: GAP
lace detail chambray: c/o Aéropostale
beaded sandals: Kohl's

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mr Picks Mondays: Summer's Last Hurrah

Since yesterday was Labor Day, and I had the day off, Mr. Picks Mondays was VERY casual. He chose the shorts AND the top (typically he chooses the top and lets me pick the bottoms, or vice versa) for a very summer-y combination. I know Labor Day marks "the end of summer," but since the first day of autumn isn't for a few weeks yet, I'll be sporting my summer clothes as long as I can (that, and I LOVE summer). Have I mentioned that I don't love fall, because it leads to winter? #truestory 

Also, I don't like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 


I said it.

I find them underwhelming. Whip me up a cup of coffee and I'm a very happy girl. No artificial pumpkin flavoring for me! Blegh!

Anyways, enough of my rant about fall & winter (#summerforever). As I mentioned yesterday, we were in a wedding this holiday weekend, and then spent Sunday & Monday laying low and getting caught up on little things around the house, er, apartment.

My Labor Day started off with this read by Jessica Quirk of What I Wore. A really interesting and beautiful book, and I even took it to the pool with me and jotted down some notes. I think she did the illustrations for the book herself - umm, amazing! I can only draw stick figures, so I'm always really impressed by the artistic ability of others. I've been reading a lot of fashion books lately, and can't seem to get enough! I think I've checked out all the ones at our local library...I've already ready "Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible" and Stacy London's "The Truth About Style," among others. Any recommendations for me??

Wellllll, here's to a (short) week, my friends!

enjoying not laboring on Labor Day ;)

parrot tank: Target
shorts: Kohl's
mint tank: Marshall's
sandals: a recent find at Target for $6!

linking up over here today, because I loved spending Labor Day with my sweetie ;)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Blue for Days

Blue, and blue, and a pop of pink & polka dots for your viewing pleasure. I wore this dress so I could participate in this link up over here :) fancy, huh? These weekly link ups are helping me to dress a bit outside my comfort zone and try new things, which, let's be real, are only good things, right? RIGHT??


Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend - we were in a wedding (pictures to come!) and then laid low for the remainder of our weekend, and it was great. Truly great. Love me some long weekends!

making weird faces & pulling my hair
button        The Fashion Canvas

dress: Gap
cardigan: Trends
shoes: Nordstrom