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30 for 30: October 2014

It’s been a while (almost a year!) since I did my last 30 for 30 Challenge, although I’m not sure why I've waited so long to do it again (check out June 2013 & November 2013). I do find the summer a bit more tricky to dress for – I love summer and being warm, but a lack of layering can be tough for this Colorado girl. Of course I eventually figure it out (usually by the end of August sometime), but sometimes I feel a bit more put together and creative, with layers, scarves, and figuring out how to keep warm without looking like a marshmallow. Maybe I just need more throw-and-go dresses in my summer wardrobe…

I view a 30 for 30 Challenge as a little peak/test run of a capsule wardrobe. I’m incredibly inspired and intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but am not ready to take that plunge, juuuuust yet. I love the idea of having less to choose from when getting dressed – and done right, any and every piece can, and will go, with any other piece in your wardrobe. However, I am taking little bitty baby steps and paring down/editing/curating my wardrobe. I don’t know that I could ever do a Project 333 wardrobe, or the 10 Item Wardrobe, but something more along the lines of “Less than what you have now” Wardrobe. Pretty clever, huh?

I switched out my cold and warm weather clothes, and was surprised at how much space my cold weather items take up! I mean, I’ve gotten rid of TONS! Really, lots and lots of clothing has been sold, donated, and/or given to friends, but it’s still a struggle to fit everything. And no, I’m not purchasing as much as I’m getting rid of – trust. If anything, I’m trying very hard to make sure nothing comes into my closet that:

(1) I don’t LOVE
(2) doesn’t jive with what's already there and/or my evolving style
(3) is really not needed.

Anyways…this 30 for 30 go-around I think I have a better “direction,” if you will – more darker colors and basics that can easily crossover from one item to the next. I even played around with the skirts and dresses one night, and paired them with different tops/sweaters/layers to see how many I could come up with – if I’m adventurous, at least 20, if not more. However, some of those options are weather dependent – obviously I’m not going to wear a heavy sweater when it’s warm outside, or layer like it’s my job when it’s warm out, as well.

And, without further ado, here are the 30 items I have chosen to wear for the month of October:

tops (9)
- dark wash chambray: WalMart
- light wash chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s
- gray lace sweatshirt: rue21
- buffalo plaid button up: Akinz Boardwear
*this flannel was really snug, so I replaced  it with another buffalo plaid button up from Kohl's
- blue long sleeve tunic: Target
- olive & black split-side long sleeve: GG Boutique
- striped ¾ sleeve shirt: Target
- black v-neck tee: Target
- gray v-neck tee: Target

sweaters (3) 
- white cable knit: Old Navy
- blue v-neck: Old Navy
- black cardigan: Ann Taylor

jackets/blazers (3) 
- black faux leather jacket: Target
- teal faux leather jacket: The Screamin’ Peach
- gray blazer: Aéropostale

dresses (3)
-  black dress: thrifted (Target)
- gray & white striped t-shirt dress: WalMart
- black floral: Aéropostale

skirts (5)
- pink crochet/lace skirt: Nordstrom
- floral pencil skirt: J. Crew Factory
- short gray skirt: from a friend
- black crochet skirt: Aéropostale
- striped pencil: Target

pants (3)
- black skinnies: Aéropostale
- white corduroys: GAP
- skinny jeans: local consignment shop

shoes (4)
- taupe booties: Old Navy
- brown flats: WalMart
- python flats: WalMart
- metallic sandals: Target 


1) I'm planning to purchase a pair of Frye boots this month. However, I have yet to pull the trigger on a pair. But when I do, that pair will become part of my 30 for 30 (31 for 31, if you will, since October has 31 days). A nice balance to some of my other shoe choices (the sandals), which  will be great for the days in the 60s & 70s, but sometimes we do get snow and cold in October in Colorado.

2) If we have crazy weather (i.e. snow, ice, etc.) I am allowed to dig out my snow boots and/or rain boots and wear those at least to and from work. And same goes for a warmer heavy jacket/coat.

3) If it’s CRAZY cold, I am allowed to throw on another jacket or down vest.

4) These 30 items of course don’t include my running gear. And if there’s a day I don’t get out of my pajamas/sweatpants/running clothes, I’m not going to share that look on the internet for all to see. So, there could be less than 31 outfits shared this month. However, I do promise to try my hardest to put on real clothes and take pictures and share them here.

5) Currently, I don’t have any special occasions coming up that would require me to wear something fancy. BUT, should that need arise, I can choose something that is NOT part of my 30 items – most likely this eShakti dress, because I LUUUURVE it.

6) These 30 items also don’t include a Halloween costume – IF I dress up...

7) These 30 items also do not include accessories, such as bags, jewelry, hats, and/or scarves.

8) We don't have cable at our house, so if we go somewhere to watch the Broncos or another football game, I can wear a shirt for the game, but I have to complete the rest of my outfit using items from my 30.

Also, I realize this post is SEVERAL days after the 1st of the month (we're halfway through October already! YIKES!), but please believe me when I say that I really have been wearing my 30 items and taking pictures and writing, I've just been backlogged with other outfits to post.
Also also, if you’re interested in doing the rest of the challenge with me, or adapting it a bit (say 7 items for 7 days, or something similar) please do, and send me a link or some pictures so I can share here! I’m not thinking a “link-up,” but if you feel so inspired,
please send your looks and items my way to:

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