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Thursday, July 2, 2015

the third time I ran 13.1 miles

Third time is NOT the charm. For me, at least. I'll blame it on running solo...

Let's back track a bit. About two months. To the beginning of this past May, for the Colorado Marathon Half Marathon. Normally my Dad and I run these races together, but the poor man had shoulder surgery a month before, so I had to go it alone. And it was not pretty. Although my cheering section was bigger by one person, so that was nice :)

I won't tell you my (terrible) time, or my average pace, or all the nuances of the race, but I will say I felt great, until my right knee (an IT band issue) started hurting at mile 3, then was very painful by mile 6 (other than my knee, the rest of me felt great! no blisters! I was fueled and hydrated and rested and raring to go!). Up until then, I was maintaining a pretty good pace (for me). From mile 6 and on, I alternated walking and running. I stopped at every aid station to use the restroom and rehydrate, and take some (more) ibuprofen.

The race starts in the Poudre Canyon and ends in Old Town, Fort Collins, with a beer garden at the end (hallelujah!!!). The course is beautiful, and mostly downhill - it's a race that a lot of people PR (personal record) in. But not I.

It's ok, though - I finished, and had a nice cheering section with posters (that I requested ). One read "Run Annie Run" and the other "Worst Parade Ever."
I added my own little hashtag: #yougoglencoco

So, not my best race, but it's given me motivation to figure out this IT band/knee issue (now my other one is starting to hurt when I run - perhaps I'm overcompensating?) for my next half in September.

And don't you worry, my running buddy is all signed up and has gotten the OK from his PT. Good thing, cause I need his motivation for those thirteen miles. And by motivation, I mean singing, and dancing, and "Anne, how ya doing?" and his grape-vining, and his running circles around me, and his running backwards, and then up and back, and making sure I don't fall over dead.
If I haven't said this before, my Dad is my favorite running buddy.
He's also usually down to buy me breakfast and a Bloody Maria after, too.

at the race expo with my Pop
that is me. a (very) slow runner.
and my cute Mama
with my friend, Ryan, at the start.
his first half, and he did it in under 2 hours!
professional race pictures - I try to smile when I see the photographers.
this was mile 4? 5?
and of course I wore my Colorado flag shorts - it was the Colorado Marathon!
almost to the end.
my mantra at this point: "beer, bacon, breakfast. beer, bacon, breakfast."
after I finished, before the beer
at the finish, nice and sweaty

black floral dress: c/o Aéropostale
black cardigan: Ann Taylor
black flats: Target

green shirt: Target
Colorado flag running shorts: SOARK
running shoes: Mizuno
sunglasses: Smith Optics
visor: Margaritaville (it's more of a state of mind)
medal: at the finish line

Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 for 30: day 29 + day 30

The last two-fer, for the last two outfits in my April 30 for 30 style challenge. So, sit back, relax, sip that glass of wine, and continue to wait on the edge of your seat for my recap of these 30 outfits (you'll be waiting a few days. Did I mention I'm running a half marathon on Sunday morning?
because I am...)

day 29

These tights didn't photograph so well - they look more puke-green than in their packaging from Old Navy. Disappointing.


Never fear. One of my favorite dresses, my favorite boots, and a new necklace make for a redeeming outfit.

blue sweatshirt dress: J. Crew Factory
green tights: Old Navy
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom
navy floral scarf: Target
necklace: WalMart

day 30

The last one. Not to read too much into this and create some meaning out of something that is probably pretty insignificant, but this is one of my favorite outfits. Not just for this month.

Polka dots, leopard, skinnies, flats + a faux leather jacket. I mean...

Do I have to say it?

All of my favorite things. Together. In one outfit.

And the print-mixing. This cardigan. This shirt.

 (apparently I've lost the ability to speak in complete sentences. excuse me. Friday?)

leopard print button up: WalMart
polka dot cardigan: J. Crew Factory
dark skinnies: c/o Aéropostale
black flats: Target
faux leather jacket: Target

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

running gear (and boots and earrings) from Aéropostale

Like I mentioned yesterday, my friend, Chelsea, and I did some shopping when it was gross and snowing. We went to several places, but one of the first places we stopped at was Aéropostale. I was looking for some new black boots, and their activewear line, Live Love Dream, is something I'm always drawn to. Below are the new goodies I picked up this trip!

First up, these cropped leggings: LLD Solid Crop Leggings. I've already got a few pairs of cropped leggings from Aéropostale, and I knew I wanted to size down this time - the current pairs I have don't like to stay up around my hips while I'm running...I sized down and these are snug and a perfect fit! I really don't like to have to tug or push&pull anything when I'm running - it makes me more likely to quit my run halfway through. ..

The bright pink shirt is from my latest half marathon, The Equinox Half Marathon (my post about that here). And the headband I'm wearing to keep my hair back is from Aéropostale last fall.

Next is this awesome LLD Solid Active Popover Hoodie. It's the same blueish/gray color as the cropped leggings. This sweatshirt is fleece-lined, so it's incredibly warm, and soft. It's also got moisture-wicking technology, so it wicks sweat away as I'm running (and sweating). Normally, I would have gone a size up, but this time I got an extra small, because of the fleece and the moisture-wicking properties. I figure with those two features, I should wear the sweatshirt as it's designed, instead of with several layers underneath. Hence, the smaller size and more fitted "fit."
Oh oh, and thumb holes!! Is there anything better? nah

My running shoes are from Mizuno - the Wave Inspire 10s (in a wide). I talked about them for my last half marathon here. So far, we're still pretty much in love, except for during my half marathon. I also wear SuperFeet inserts in them - I was having pain in my arches this past spring, and the SuperFeet really helped. Their website explains the science behind the inserts, as well as provides customer testimonials. They're great, but IF you do get them, give them at least a week - I hated them at first, but after two weeks of running in them, I wasn't able to go back to the flat soles that came with my shoes.


These are my new boots I was on the hunt for, the 50/50 Riding Boot. I can't find the exact ones, but here is a link to some similar styles. They're black, but they're distressed, so in the right light, they look like a dark dark charcoal gray. They zip up the inside shaft, and have nicely placed elastic that not only adds to the aesthetic of the boot, but also keeps them on my calves. They don't have a heel, and I sized down from a 7 to an 8, because the last few pairs of boots I've gotten have really stretched out, so I end up having to wear thick socks so my feet don't clop-clop around with every step.

I grabbed these two knit long-sleeved shirts, because WINTER. snow. COLD. layers.
I can't find the exact ones on Aé, but here are some similar long sleeve shirts, and I previously wore the blue one here.

I also picked up these cute bicycle earrings, because (1) I have pierced ears, and (2) I really enjoy riding my bike. It's a pink beach cruiser - one speed, with back-pedal brakes, a big seat, and a basket. It's perfect. It's my favorite mode of transportation when it's warm out. So, bicycle earrings. These aren't the exact earrings, but here is a link to other pretty ear jewelry: earrings.

And, if you can believe it, the Mr. doesn't have as many clothes as I do. Shocking, I know. So I picked him up a Long Sleeve Solid Thermal Tee (also similar: Long Sleeve Solid Thermal Henley) in blue. And then I made him wear it under his Broncos jersey when there was snow.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

number 7 of 7. or, I ran 13.1 miles

me & Dad before the race, from my Instagram

from the Mr:
"These were a gimme. I knew she would be running her half marathon, so I guess I just wanted to give her an easy item out of the 7 I chose."

My nice, white, clean Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s (TENS, not TEN ESS). This post is mostly about my most recent half marathon, so, if hearing how I BARELY survived and it took lots of beer and bacon to keep me going me does not appeal to you, and you choose to skip over this post, that won’t hurt my feelings. Too much.

I got these shoes back in August, because I was previously wearing Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s, in bright orange (proof here and here), and it was time for an upgrade. The rule of thumb (I’ve heard) is new shoes every 300-500 miles. But that’s not a hard and fast rule, and some people wear their shoes until they actually fall apart in some race, or lonely running route. My rule of thumb was based on mileage, but also that I had stepped in mud in my orange ones…you think I’m joking. And I am. Just a little bit. New running shoes were on my horizon, but after stepping in mud, the horizon got a leeeeetle closer. I liked running in my orange Mizunos, and the newer model is even lighter than the previous ones. However, I have lots of issues with blisters when I run, and I won’t bore you with the details, but decided that wide shoes would help alleviate those blisters in at least one  spot on both feet. So, I got online and ordered wide shoes. White was the ONLY color I knew I didn’t want. But, what do you know? Wides are only available in white. I shed a dramatic tear (or two) and bought the white running shoes – getting them dirty is a big fear of mine. Needless to say, trail running is NOT in my future - because of the shoes, and because I’m clumsy anyways, and the thought of roots and leaves and NATURE potentially tripping me in addition to me tripping over my own feet keeps me running on the road.

So, I have white running shoes and I wore them for my second half marathon (ready about my 1st half marathon here), the Equinox Half Marathon. I’ve completed both halfs (or is it halves?) with my Dad, and this time we matched our outfits like we did at our 10k (here). I trained A LOT more for this race than my first half, and I was excited to beat our previous time. However, that was not meant to be. The Mr. shared his nasty cold with me, and I spent the first 4 miles trying to breathe – funny enough, those first 4 miles were my fastest (what???). I was inhaling cough drops and using tons of tissues at every aid station. The bones in the tops of my foot started hurting at mile 2 – I think maybe my feet were swelling? The race was mostly downhill, and I hadn’t run TONS in the few weeks before my race – see husband sharing his cold with me. And then, at mile 8, my knees started to ache. Both of them. My right IT band tends to get tight when I run, so I foam roll. And often. But this was different – my knees were tight, and achey, and I knew if I truly stopped (for anything longer than a potty break) I wouldn’t finish the race. So the last few miles were rough. Really, the entire race didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, and I was even more prepared – physically, mentally, fuel-wise, and gear-wise.

And while we missed beating our previous time by just a few minutes, my Dad and I completed a gorgeous fall run down a canyon on a beautiful September Sunday morning. I’m not a competitive person (unless we are playing charades or Pictionary, then I’m ruthless), but missing my time by such a small margin has really lit a fire within me to beat my time from my first half – even if it’s just barely! I’m so slow that there’s PLENTY of room for improvement. The Mr. keeps reminding me that I RAN THIRTEEN miles without stopping, while I WAS SICK, with achey feet and knees. And he’s right – I AM proud of myself for that, but I’ll be even more proud of myself when I complete my next one. And blow my previous times out of the water.

tank: WalMart
visor: Margaritaville
shoes: Mizuno

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Neon = Fast

I got some new stuff from Aéropostale. Not just regular clothes (I did get some of those, too), but more running stuff! Which is perfect, because my Dad and I are doing a 10k early this Saturday morning...
Oh, and I've actually been training for my half this time around!

All of this new activewear is from the Live Love Dream collection at Aéropostale (previously here). I'm a big fan of this stuff - fun prints and colors, quality sportswear (nothing worse than a bad sports bra, amiright?), all for very reasonable prices, just like everything else at Aéropostale.

I have a theory that neon makes me run faster. So I opt for bright and loud neon when I run. Bright shirt. Bright shoes (you can see me coming from a long ways off). Bright sports bras. Bright e'er'thang. It's tough to find neon running shorts, but don't worry - I'll keep looking.

shorts: LLD #BESTBOOTYEVER Volleyball Shorts <-- the name of these cracks me up.
They say volleyball shorts, but I've worn them running a few times. While there is less coverage, I've added them to my running bottoms rotation. Sometimes it's nice to switch things up, y'know?

I really like these shorts - the paint splatter print is so fun, and a fun change from my stash of black and navy shorts. They're a bit shorter inseam than I'm used to, but that's not a big deal - I have shorts in all different sizes, fits, and inseam lengths. However, I do think I'm between sizes - the tush and legs of the shorts fit great, but the waistband is a wee bit big. Story of my life lately - clothes fitting in one area, and not another!

shoes: Mizuno

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stripes, Plaid & Running for ME

digging this zipper detail on this shirt
showing off my purple mani, with a pink "party nail"

I wore the above to drive an hour to stay the night with my bestie before our race the next morning. I wore my ankle booties under my jeans, and deliberately mixed the stripes on my shirt with the plaid on my scarf. You like? I sure did. I'm debating wear this whole thing together again, but maybe this time to work, so that more people besides my husband and my best friend see it, and can appreciate my print-mixing & fall tones ;)
before the race, from my Instagram 
hot chocolate (hence the name) & treats after the race. marshmallows & pretzels never tasted so. good.
My best friend and I did the Hot Chocolate 15k several weeks ago (15k = 9.3 miles). She is currently training for a marathon (!!!), which is 26.2 miles, and although the race was more mileage than she was up to on her long run that week, she really blew the race out of the water! For the first 4 or 5 miles, we stayed together and consistently jogged for 3 minutes, then power walked for 2 minutes. Eventually, I was dyin'. I couldn't catch my breath, my feet were hurting & starting to develop blisters, and my legs. My legs got so tight & sore, even though we had stretched out before the race (it's awesome when your bestie is taking classes to become a certified yoga instructor - she tells you HOW to stretch, how to increase the stretch, and tells you what you SHOULD be feeling). So, I sent her on ahead - she was doing so great, and I could tell she was loving this run (the HUGE smile on her face was a giveaway). She really was doing so great, and I was holding her back. So, she finished significantly before me, since I walked (almost) the rest of the race and listened to my booktape :) The pain & frustration I felt with this race are due to my lack of training - it's no one's fault but my own. 

I mentioned that my Dad and I were planning to do another half-marathon together, but that race was postponed due to the major flooding we experienced in Colorado in September. Once it was postponed, I completely stopped training and thinking about training (I assumed the race would be postponed until the spring, due to the major destruction of the course). Imagine my surprise when the race was rescheduled for a weekend that my Dad & I already had plans, and I had stopped training. I sold my entry for a fraction of what I paid for it, which was a bummer. 

But, after the Hot Chocolate race, and after talking with another friend, I had this "epiphany" about running: I like LOVE it when I'm not training for anything, when I'm doing it just for me, when I'm not trying to get in mileage, when there's no pressure, when I run to clear my head, and get a quick (and cheap!) shot of endorphins. 

Maybe signing up for a race causes me to put undue pressure on myself, and coincidentally tear up my feet with bad blisters. Maybe I should just keep running for fun, for me, for whenever I WANT to do it. Because, if I do go run, and I don't want to, it's hard to snap out of that funk - I spend the entire run wishing it were done already, or that I hadn't even started. So, I'm going to run for me, and for me only. It's not worth it to pay for a race, stress out about it, and not enjoy training for it - it's so much more enjoyable (for me), to run WHEN and IF I want to,  and not because I should.

That being said, I am so proud of one of my oldest friends for doing so well in this race (kicking my butt, really!) and training for a marathon - you are going to be SO great! So proud of you, sweets! Namaste ;)

striped shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT via Clothes Mentor
tank: Abercrombie & Fitch
scarf: thrifted (Target)
jeans: thrifted (True Religion)
booties: Old Navy

running gear: a combination of my stuff, hand-me-downs from my mom, 
and layers borrowed from my friend

Sunday, August 18, 2013

coral stripes & mint & running

this is my "paparazzi shot" - "No pictures, please, just walking my dogs" ;)
juggling these 2 leashes can be pretty challenging...they like to criss-cross & trip us up...

Unrelated to my above outfit (do ya like?)...

So, I'm running another half-marathon with my Dad on the 22nd of September. Another 13.1 miles on a Colorado Sunday morning. I've been slacking on my training (sorry, Pops) but have picked it up again this past week. And I have to be honest with you, I'm really bad at running. I'm slow, and it hurts, and I'm really slow, and did I mention it hurts? It hurts my hips, my knees, my calves, my shins, and my feet, especially. My foam-roller and I have become besties, and I'm constantly asking D to rub out my legs or my feet or help me stretch. And, for some reason, I get constant blisters on my feet: on the balls of my feet, on my heels, on  my arches, BETWEEN my toes (I know, I didn't think it was possible, either), just about everywhere. It's no fun, my friends. And for whatever reason, my feet won't toughen up.

However, this is something I'm going to keep doing to get ready for my race with my Dad. Running has kind of become "our thing." By that, I mean we do races together, but my Dad can ACTUALLY run circles around me (and no, I'm NOT joking). The man can lap me and still hold a conversation and sing songs, while I'm gasping for breath and asking to slow down. He talks, and I respond with thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and when he's got extra energy (which is often), he runs backwards, or grapevines next to me. But he still runs the race with me - we finished our last half-marathon (which was our first) holding hands. Now that's love.

So, here's to buckling down and taking my training seriously until our race. Because then I've got two more races lined up after that...a 15k with a friend, and a half-marathon relay with my Mr.

Wish me luck!

tank: Target
chambray: thrifted
jeans: Kohl's
sandals: Trends