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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Here's a preppy, almost nautical look for this Wednesday. A white button-up, navy & white striped skirt, and white sandals. So, Happy Hump Day!

shirt: GAP
skirt: J. Crew Factory
sandals: DSW

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Bags

A few things today:

1) This outfit was a great idea in my head.
2) I hope it looked better in person than it does in these here pictures. I was told it did.
3) What's not to love? Neon, stripes, a paperbag waist - these are the things perfect outfits are made of.
4) Whatever the reason this doesn't look great (too boxy? too heavy of a top?), I'm trying to come up with more ways to style this skirt. Any ideas to share?
5) Not sure how this skirt would look worn on my hips, as opposed to my waist - exponentially larger, or well executed with the right top?
6) Deep thoughts today...

sweater: Old Navy
skirt: J. CREW Factory
sandals: Sears (RIP, gold sandals)
bracelet & necklace: Target

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dots & Poppies

I came up with the idea for this ensemble ages ago. Then had to wait WEEKS for the weather to cooperate (it's currently cooler than 50 degrees right now. and dark. and rainy. which is FINE. however, I was hoping to spend all day today and tomorrow laying in the sun at a friend's pool. so, there's that).
And then, I waited WEEKS to post it here.
I know, I know!
Worst blogger EVER. 

To be honest with you, I haven't felt inspired/motivated lately. To blog, to play in my closet, to write anything, to impress you with my witty self. Part of it is I've been a wee bit busy - training for another half, booking flights to the Sunshine State, patio drinking, drinking Snapshots at New Belgium Brewery, and taking video of my handsome Turb rolling in the grass.

But part of it is I feel like I'm out of sorts, and this poor little blog gets neglected as a side effect.
Bear with me, if you will - that'd be great!

with my denim jacket. and my sweeties, of course

shirt: WalMart
sweater: J. CREW Factory
denim jacket: from a friend (Old Navy Outlet)
skirt: J. CREW Factory
shoes: Kohl's
neclace: Ann Taylor

Friday, February 7, 2014

Florals Made Cold Weather Appropriate by...(you guessed it!) Navy!!!

This sweater is something I found at Old Navy a few weeks ago, when I found a lot of other things I didn't "need" didn't know my closet was missing! Two of them being this navy blue sweater & peacoat. And a navy blue down vest.

I feel like you're judging me for buying so much navy.


Haven't you heard navy is the new black??

Affirming my love of the dark hue of blue is my sweet godmother. She texted me a few days after this post and told me that we must be related, since she's always loved navy! She's got great style and we love to talk fashion and shopping, especially our fave, Lilly Pulitzer. She's also who I have to thank for introducing me to the magical land that is Nordstrom.

*sighs & dreams*

So, thanks for always talking clothes with me, Auntie!

the newest addition to my modest coat collection - it's love

On a different note, I REALLY liked this outfit. I really want to repeat it, or recreate something similar with some of these pieces (and soon!), and then wear the heck out of this skirt in the spring and summer. I mean, are florals better suited for any other season(s)? 
Except for when you pair them with a warm sweater in a darker shade, tights and boots, that is ;)

sweater: Old Navy sort of similar below
skirt: J CREW Factory similar below
boots: Rack Room Shoes similar below
scarf: gift similar below
coat: Old Navy similar below


Friday, January 10, 2014


This outfit is several weeks behind - it's what I wore Christmas Eve. I had to work (bummer, huh?), but we did get to go home early, so I was able to take outfit pictures outside during daylight! Woot woot! I figured if I had to work on Christmas Eve, I might as well wear something with a bow, something sparkly, and something red - it doesn't hurt that the item with the bow was in the form of my new bulldog tee. 

Christmas Eve started my 5 days in a row off. I'm going to be completely honest with you - it was aaaaamazing. I slept in, wore sweatpants, drank lots of coffee with Irish Cream, and spent lots of time with my favorite men & woman (husband, bulldog & bulldog). I had a huge list of things I wanted to get accomplished, but I hardly did any of them. Instead, I lounged, relaxed, soaked in the time with my sweetheart, and truly enjoyed my down time. We had no plans to go anywhere for Christmas, so the two of us stayed at home and laid low. Going back to work was TOUGH. OY. SO. TOUGH.

Now that Christmas is about three weeks behind us, do you think I'm the worst blogger ever? 
Or, are you thankful that I keep reminding you of the holidays & celebrating well into January?

We're having (belated) Christmas with both sets of parents this weekend - I'm a fan of drawing out the celebrating :)

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shirt: J CREW Factory similar below
sweater: from a friend - Banana Republic similar below
pants: Aéropostale similar below
shoes: KMart similar below

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cold Snap

Recently in Colorado we had a cold snap. By cold snap, I mean the temperature didn't get out of the single digits, or even teens. For DAYSSSS. Denver set record-breaking temps (so many days in a row of a really cold temp; coldest temps for so many hours; temps for this early in the season - I used to work with climatologists, so I'm in "the know").

And I know it's winter, and it's almost Christmas, and why am I whining about cold weather when I live in a mountain state (that's a can of worms I don't think you want to open #beachloverforlife #everytimeitsnowsiwanttomovetothebeach)? However, 40 degree days are a whole lot different than barely freezing temps, which are a whole other ballgame compared to temperatures that stay in the single digits for days on end. When it's that cold, it hurts to breathe, and your nose hurts after being outside for 2 seconds. Forget about dashing outside for a quick second without your coat - you'll be a popsicle before too you can get back inside.

So, what's a girl to do when she experiences temperatures that usually wait until January or February to show their ugly faces? Several things:

1) sweaters
2) multiple sweaters
3) scarves
4) down vests over sweaters
5) sweaters UNDER down vests UNDER down coats
6) start the car a good 10 minutes before she needs to leave
7) lots of coffee/hot chocolate/warm drinks & blankets
8) not venture outside. for any reason.
9) make sure the puppies go in & out really quickly, so they don't freeze their little wrinkled selves
10) whine a little bit and dream about moving to Florida, specifically the Gulf Coast

while I DID all of the above, I've also decided that by having the appropriate "gear," I can save myself a lot of coldness. i.e. coats, sweaters, scarves, and new snow boots (an early Christmas gift from the Mr. - they're essential so I don't complain to him about how my toes are cold, even though I'm wearing 3 pairs of socks).

Interested in seeing my cold weather gear? I'll be honest, cold weather clothes make up way more than half of my closet, and our coat closet is quite full of coats for all different temperatures. 

Any other good strategies for dealing with the cold? And I mean REALLY cold, like "Since when do we live in Siberia?" cold?

sweater: J Crew (thrifted)
scarf: WalMart
jeans: GAP
boots: Rack Room Shoes

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Bbbbblue Sweater

I like blue fair-isle so much,  I have two of these sweaters - this one, and
the same print & style in dark navy & light pink

When my Mr. picked this out for me, he really had it easy. When I come up with an outfit that looks good and I want to wear, I hang it up in my closet and loop a little brightly-colored foam 
door-hanger over it. 

This was one of those outfits - he hollered to me: 

"What if it has a thing on the hanger?"

"That means it goes with what it's hanging with."

"Sweet. You're wearing this."

He's all about keeping it simple. That's one thing I love about him.

Two more things before we call it a day (I'm wiped, and my comfy bed is calling my name).

1) I have a hard time styling this sweater and its navy & pink cousin - it's a short cardigan, so I don't want to wear anything too form-fitting, but it's a snug fit, so I can't wear anything very thick/heavy under. Any more suggestions besides a button up?

2) Just want to share that I haven't been able to wear these jeans in about a year, as they were too snug. However, with clean eating & lots of self control, I'm able to fit into them again. Ta Da! :D

sweater: American Eagle - Aerie
button up: J CREW (thrifted)
jeans: Old Navy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

30 for 30: Day 9

I wore this easy ensemble for a brunch this past weekend with some local alum from Zeta. Some of my old roomies were there, and several other friends from when I lived in the house (did that for 2 and a half years - I like to think I can live anywhere now). 

We had brunch, then some of us headed over to the local J. CREW Factory store, where I proceeded to fall in love with 1 of everything. Specifically these really great houndstooth cropped pants, which I can't find online anymore (just simply imagine cropped houndstooth print trousers)...after I wore my houndstooth skirt last week, I fell in love with the print all over again, and would love to add more of it to my closet.

Let me amend the above statement.

I would love to add a few, selective & tasteful houndstooth pieces that I LOVE to my closet, and they must be pieces I would wear often. So, while those pants were DARLING (you'll have to trust me, since I can't find them), they might not get as much wear, as say, a pair of gloves, or a scarf. 

That being said, if those pants did show up in my closet, or under the Christmas tree, I wouldn't hate it :) 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Following the Trends, Y'all!

wearing my pups on my clothes. it's cool, right?

5 pointed crown - another ZTA symbol. told ya I sneak 'em in there

Does wearing a bulldog shirt make me look like an over-excited soccer mom? If so, too bad, so sad. 
I love reppin' my breed of pups - they're just so cute! 
And sweet! 
And wrinkly! 
And loud. 
They're very loud. Loud breathers, loud snorers, and loud going up the stairs. 
You would NOT believe how loud they are.
I have a voice memo recorded on my phone of both of them breathing, if you're interested ;)

I am digging the animal-on-the-shirt/sweater trend. I've seen a lot that I would love to take home and make part of my closet, but this is the only one I've been able to pull the trigger on. But that's ok, it's got a pretty special animal on it. 
Now, to find a shirt with TWO bulldogs on it - one that's mostly white with his tongue sticking out, 
and the other brown & white...

shirt: J CREW Factory
sweater: Ann Taylor
jeans: Trends
shoes: Kohl's