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Monday, May 26, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Memorial Day


A few things to share with you today:

1) Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all those who serve and have served. I love days like today (the 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day more than most other holidays), because I make sure to profusely thank my favorite vets (Mom and Dad), and every other veteran I meet, for their selfless sacrifice of protecting our freedoms.

2) The next summer holiday, Independence Day, I'll be celebrating in my favorite place (the beach) with some of my favorite people - WEEEEEEEE!! In a really sweet American-flag print swimsuit. Heyooooo! I plan to spend the whole time on the beach, and when I'm not beaching it, on a boat.

3) My Mr. picked out this polka dot chambray for me to wear. And while I love it, remember my optical illusion trick when it comes to this boxy fit? This time, I layered a sweater over it. Which was totally necessary, because, hello, springtime in the Rockies.

My Dad reminded me yesterday that it snowed on Memorial Day weekend several years ago. Which is enough to make me question why I live here. I mean, I love Colorado - don't get me wrong. We have the beautiful mountains, I always know which direction I'm driving (the mountains are west. unless you are IN the mountains, and then, well, take a gander), our summers are great, winters are pretty, the skiing is spectacular, but every year, from March to May, I seriously consider moving somewhere where it DOESN'T SNOW IN MAY. Like, Florida. Or somewhere in the South. Or even California. This crazy weather is enough to drive a girl mad. Just ask my husband - every time the weather gets all wonky, I get cranky and start packing my swimsuits and flip flops, and threaten to forget how to drive in the snow.


But, then, the sun comes out and melts away all the snow, and I'm reminded that summertime in the Rockies is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

chambray: thrifted
sweater: Aéropostale
pants: Aéropostale
boots: Rack Room Shoes

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dots, Tweed, and...Python?

closeup of my print mixing madness

I wore this outfit several weeks ago when one of my best friends was in town. I took her for drinks with some work friends (after work, of course!), and really enjoyed getting to show her where I work and live and play.

I came up with this outfit several weeks before I wore it. I was trying to decide what to wear for something else (surprise), and somehow these 2 items ended up next to each other on my bed, due to my haphazard tossing and grabbing. When I looked closer, I realized they didn't look half bad together.  In fact, they were pretty interesting. And so, an outfit was born. However, this "ah-ha!" moment happened when there was still snow on the ground, so this wonderful combination had to wait for a warmer day. And I added the python print flats for kicks, since dots and tweed have the potential to be too cutesy ;)

shirt: Old Navy
jacket: Express
jeans: GAP Outlet
flats: WalMart

Monday, January 13, 2014

shirt & tie

Recently, Paul Fredrick contacted me about their Spring Clothing Line for 2014. Having never heard of them before, I did some research and I really like what I found on their website. They are a menswear retailer, offering a variety of mens styles, ranging from more casual shirts to suits & ties, accessories (engraved cufflinks. love.), and they carry big & tall sizes and styles for the taller guys in your life
(I've got two who stand about 6'2"). 

What drew me in to their shirt collection was the bright colors, and the sharp looking patterns. Oh, and they have non-iron shirts - hallelujah (as the designated ironer in our house, I love his non-iron shirts a whole lot more than the ones that need a press)! And then, the way they're paired with the ties. There is some really impressive print-mixing going on (and above, too - I am digging the whale tie). 


Being married to a man who wears a shirt and tie almost every day, and having a brother and dad who do as well, I know that if they see a shirt and tie combination they like, that is most likely the way they will wear that shirt and tie themselves. So, why not show them some great combinations that might be something they (or you!) would have never thought of? They'll look pretty fashion-forward at the office, in the boardroom, the courtroom, or wherever their day takes them.

Paul Fredrick guarantees a perfect fit, offers free exchanges and easy returns.

Be sure to let me know what shirt and tie combination you pick out for the man (or men!) in your life! I'm thinking some of my Mr's work shirts need an upgrade...