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Monday, February 2, 2015

sweater #25

If you thought I was joking about loving my dogs and wearing them on my shirt, you were wrong. Very wrong. And if smiling bulldogs don't put a smile on your face on a Monday morning, then do tell - what will?

tee: J. Crew Factory
cardigan: Eddie Bauer
jeans: local consignment shop
Converse One Star: Target

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Green and Gray

This is the second time in the past month that the Mr. has chosen these green pants for Mr. Picks Mondays. I wonder if he really likes them, or they're just so bright that they stick out in my closet ;)

Either way, here they are, styled very simply with a striped gray sweatshirt & some pretty beat up Converse.

Happy Monday!


sweatershirt: Old Navy similar below
pants: from a friend (Urban Outfitters) similar below
shoes: Target similar below

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Edgy...with a side of Warm & Fuzzy





This is me trying out "edgy." I know it doesn't look like it, but I assure you, it is. 

If you look REALLY closely at the outfit on the left, my red shirt under the chambray has little bitty gold studs. They're in a polka dot pattern, but that is besides the point!

And, for my outfit on the right, I'm wearing coated denim, which is #2 on the edgy pants scale (#1 being leather pants, obvi). And nothing says grunge like black and white flannel, except for ripped acid wash jeans... 

However, I am obviously more interested in unicorns and rainbows, than in being edgy, as evidenced by my heart print scarf, and bulldog tee (below)...

Better luck next time!


on the left:
tank: Old Navy
chambray: thrifted similar below
scarf: Aéropostale exact
jeans: Aéropostale exact
shoes: KMart similar below

on the right:
bulldog T: J CREW Factory similar below
flannel: Old Navy similar below
coated denim: Kohl's similar below
shoes: Target similar below

Friday, February 21, 2014

Simple Favorites

layering my necklaces isn't something I've done a lot of in the past, however, I think it's something I'll start doing more of. the little clover is for my sweetie - he's a wee bit Irish ;)
my Mr.'s cousin got me these black bow earrings for Christmas, and I can honestly say I love them! some of my new favorite earrings. they're sweet because they're bows, but they're also the teensiest bit edgy because they're black. and if you know me, you know I have a hard time doing edgy, so these are perfect!

This outfit includes so many simple favorite pieces. It's a new favorite outfit, simply because it's comprised of so many favorite separates:

- chambray: do I even have to explain this one? If you don't have a chambray, I suggest you get one (or 4), and you'll quickly see they're it's so great.
- striped sweatshirt: it's a sweatshirt, it has stripes, and it's fabulously comfortable.
- down vest: it's warm. and it's navy. need I say more?
- olive skinnies: I just love these pants. they're comfy, they're green, and amazingly, they seem to go with just about everything. however, I've lost a little bit of weight since I got them this fall, so by the end of the day, they're a bit baggy on my behind. however, pulling up my britches is a small price to pay for really great looking pants, that are also a closet staple!

I'm glad this outfit came together so easily - sometimes I put together favorite separates and they don't make a great outfit. The outfit seems to scream: "STAAAAAHHHPPPP it! You can like all of us, just stop trying to make us play nice together." To which I slowly peel off all the pieces and start from scratch. Sometimes, you just have to go back to the drawing board :)

chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's [[similar below]]
sweatshirt: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]
pants: Aéropostale
vest: Old Navy [[similar below]]
shoes: Target [[similar below]]