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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Schtuff from Aéropostale

Oh heyyyyy, there! I'm back with more goodies from Aéropostale - I'm loving the new stuff I got!

left to right: 

This dress will be so fun for this summer. It's got a scooped back, and a really full skater skirt to swish around in.

similar to the shirt above
I couldn't find the exact one on Aero's website :/ but really excited to wear this lightweight button up this summer.

This will complement the rest of my lace skirt collection quite nicely.
I've got pink and orange, and now black!

left to right:

You know how I feel about neon when it comes to my workout gear. I'm training for another half, so this should help.

similar in link
I can't find this exact reversible bandeau, but it's black on one side and white on the other. Perfect for when you need some sort of coverage, but a regular bra just won't do.

I got this nail polish, because, well, I like nail polish.
And I don't have this color.

I can't find these exact bracelets, but here's a link to the rest of the bracelets on Aero's website: bracelets. I played with the idea of buying a studded bracelet ages ago, and the fox is just too. perfect. One of my best friend's last names is Fox, so, really, how could I not bring this cute little guy home with me??

I'll be sure to post pictures of me in my clothes soon - stay tuned!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Busy Body

The print of this skirt is pretty busy - don't you agree? But maybe that's why I like it - I don't have too many items in my closet that SCREAM. Many of them POP!, or "look nice," or flow. So this skirt is a bit out of my comfort zone. Which is perfect for starting off the summer with a renewed effort to unearth/discover/find/develop/locate/say-hello-to&meet my personal style, don't you think?

Sweater: American Eagle
Skirt: Target via Goodwill
Shoes: GUESS via DSW

PS - Sorry! No Mr. Picks Monday for you today - we didn't take any pictures!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi there! I'm Annie B. Welcome to Sweet Bananie, my little blog about my personal style. 

First things first: I've got a pretty full closet. Not necessarily filled with tons of great pieces, but filled with a lot of clothing, nonetheless. That dress from my Senior Homecoming that my future Mr. picked out, the sorority t-shirts I'm not ready to part with just yet, my best thrifting finds, and my favorite investment pieces next to inexpensive, but trendy items. 

I'm on a mission to develop (find? unearth? discover?) my personal style. Join me on this adventure, won't you? I'm so glad you're here.