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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bye Bye, Ski Season

Late last month, two of my cousins came out to visit for their Spring Breaks. We took them up to the mountains for some skiing and dogsledding (yes, for real, like "Mush! Mush!"). 

And we had the. best. time.

The weather both days was unbelievable. Beautiful Colorado bluebird skies, sunshine, and not yet slushy snow. Both girls took right to skiing and were navigating blue and BLACK (!!!) runs by the end of the day. We ate great food, did some shopping, and tried to convince the youngest to come to Colorado for college (I think we made progress!)

So, in honor of several mountain resorts extending their season to this past weekend, here are some pictures from our weekend ski trip, and my last time skiing this season. Until next year...

my Dad with his pupils
my sweet Mama
I warmed up to ski with my Dad in the afternoon (blacks, blacks, moguls, oh, more blacks) by heading down "Callie's Alley", in honor of my sweet pup, Cali
view from the top...
Dad and I rode the T-Bar together for the first time, and I skiied my FIRST BOWL!
it wasn't pretty, but I did it!
can't wait to do it again next season...! how many days til Opening Day??
I stopped for a #selfie at the top, of course
Dad with part of our dogsledding team
hot on the trails with our dogsled team! the rest of us were riding on a snowmobile in front of the dogs
these pups love running - look at those smiling faces!
these pups were pooped after their morning jaunt with us

If you ever get the opportunity to go dogsledding, I can't recommend it enough! It's SO fun, and how many people do you know that have been behind a dogsled team (I've been twice!)? If you'd like a recommendation of a place in Summit County, Colorado, please shoot me an email and I'll share with you the name of the outfitter we went with.

I had a great ski season this year - I feel like it's finally clicking for me. Must be the good teacher I have (my Dad) - thanks, Pops!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Snowy Weekend

Early last month, I spent the weekend in the mountains with my parents. Sadly, my Mr's work kept him from coming at the last minute. However, I know my folks weren't TOO upset that they had me all to the themselves ;)
my Mom and I did Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer - it's a 3k & 5k in snowshoes. The snow that day was UNREAL. So heavy & thick - think big, wet flakes that immediately soaked anything and everything they touched.
my OOTD - ski jacket, snowpants, & lots'a layers
rented demo snowshoes for the event
we found this neat chair by Colorado Ski Chairs - now I've got a hankering to get some adirondack chairs for our backyard...
before Dad and I headed out skiing Sunday - we're good skiing buddies
I put my monogram on my ski helmet, obvi
Dad and I skiied together all day Sunday. He's a part-time ski instructor, so he's a pretty good skiier.
He had me doing drills down the mountain and "watching film" - gotta say, I think I'm on my way to becoming a much better skiier! Thanks for the help, Dad!
Are you into skiing? What about snowshoeing? What sledding? Look for my post on that soon!

Oh oh, and HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Although, nothing in this post is a trick :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shoosh Shoosh

Several weeks ago, I got to go skiing TWO weekends in a row. The first weekend, one of my best friends, Lara, came up with me, and her new beau joined us on Sunday - my Mr. stayed home with a sick pup (he's a gem, that one).

The second weekend, my Mr. and I were heading up to the mountains and invited some of our dear friends from high school. And they made it! We had a great weekend catching up, and sharing powder skiing stories (the powder that weekend was UN. REAL.). It's nice to get to see old friends and spend some time together, especially since we don't get to see them as much as we'd like.

obligatory foot ski picture
Lara with her beau, M - he's a pretty great skiier. trying to  keep up was TOUGH!
consider this an outfit picture: ski jacket, snow pants, helmet, goggles, and a bunch of other warm weather accessories/layers :)

My parents stayed in the mountains the whole week between the two weekends I was up there. My dad kept sending me pictures of the snow (he skiied everyday) - the mountains got TONS of snow that week, and into the next weekend. I can't decide if the pics he sent were more of a "wish you were here," or a "you're stuck at work, look at what I'm doing" - care to elaborate, Dad?

see? SO. MUCH. SNOW.
it just kept coming down
and coming down. and coming down.
another selfie - from my second weekend skiing
on the way to the lift

on the lift 
my and my handsome skiier
Both weekends were great, filled with great skiing, great friends, great family (thanks for the invite, Mom & Dad!), great food, and great drinks (Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, wine, and Butterscotch Hot Chocolate - oh my!). 

To quote my husband and his friends "We went gnar gnar in the pow pow (we did some gnarly skiing in the powder)."

Ever been skiing? Are you a pro? My dad's a part-time (weekend) ski instructor, and my husband's a really good skiier, so they help me out :)