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Friday, June 7, 2013

30 for 30: Days 4 & 5

You must think I'm such a slacker, being so far behind on my posting. I am and I'm not. Part of it was the internet and the lack of working internet - promise! 

We had a softball game the day I wore this. My Mr. was running late so this is what I've got for ya. And, WE WON OUR GAME! 22-8. This is our first victory of the season, so it was very sweet. It's not that we're not a good team, but other teams are better...actually, we'll be down a few runs and then rally in the last inning or so, always losing by 1 run, which is frustrating. The old fastpitch player in me wants to have a pre-game pep talk: "You know how we play in the last inning when we're down? Yeah? Everybody? Play like that the WHOLE game!" But then I remember, it's just a game. And a summer rec league. And I'm not perfect - I have just as many errors as I did when I played in high school. Oy.

And this one. I realize it's not ON me, but trust me - I did wear it! I got a haircut after work, then had a long overdue phone date with one of my best friends, while my Mr. was out for the evening. And before I realized it, I was in my pajamas and ready for bed. So, I grabbed the things I'd worn earlier to at least give you an idea: black blazer, gray tee, jeans, sneaks & a scarf.

I can't figure out how to paste their linkup button - or any button, for that matter! Aaaaargh!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Pink & Navy [again]

this bracelet is from an old friend, it reads "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." - Mother  Teresa

"Oh Turbo, I love you. Yes I do. You're so handsome."
My Mr. chose the pink shirt, and I chose the pants and sandals. I'm wearing corduroys. In May. With sandals. Only in Colorado, amirite? Anyway, it worked! And despite juxtaposing seasons, I was pretty comfortable, temperature-wise.

And I realize I'm wearing pink & navy again, buuuuuut, this works (right? right??). And I LOVE pink. And I have a lot of navy pieces. So, you might be seeing this color combination again sometime. If you REALLY take issue with it, lemme know! And maybe suggest some other ideas for me.

I don't have a lot of words for you tonight - we just got home from our softball game and I'm due for a  hot shower and bed. I know, I know, I go to bed early, but if I don't, how am I supposed to get all my beauty sleep? And, if you're wondering, we lost our game, by ONE RUN. *sigh* BUT we did go for fro-yo after, so that helps.

we're frequent customers of our local TCBY...FREQUENT
from my InstagramSweetBananie
Shirt: Gap
Pants: Joe Fresh via ARC
Sandals: Maurice's