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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays - Maxi Dress (on a short girl)

Here’s that black maxi dress again – are you sick of seeing it yet? I’m not - I really like wearing it. And I plan to wear it.

It’s a wee bit long on my 5’4” self, however. The straps are a bit long on my shoulders (common for me), so it makes deciding on a bra a bit more tricky. Not impossible -  just requires a bit more forethought.

I went with a larger size when I purchased this maxi dress – the smaller size fit perfectly in the 
Old Navy dressing room, but I was concerned that:

1) The dress would shrink when I washed it, and I didn’t want to be wearing the maxi dress equivalent of high-waters. However, the opposite has happened – I think the skirt of the dress gets longer every time I wear it…


2) The larger size allows me to eat a few more donuts (and burritos. and ice cream. and guacamole. and peanut butter. and popcorn. and wine. and New Belgium Snapshots.) than a dress that fits and drapes just so.

maxi dress: Old Navy
striped cardigan: rue21
sandals: Shoe Carnival

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hawaiian Style

THESE are some of my other new pants! check out those zippers!

I wore this to my new job's department picnic the other day. The theme was Hawaiian, and unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't have any loud Hawaiian print shirts in my closet. My Mr. doesn't either. But if he did, it would swim on me, and I could wear it as a dress, er, muu muu ;) 

So, I chose a tank with a parrot and "Hawaii" on it . And a flower in my hair. My own interpretation of Hawaiian. How did I do, Abby? (she's one of my besties who lives in Paradise)


We're trying to get me on a 1-way flight out there...

Aloha & mahalo!

Tank: Target
Chambray: Kohl's
Pants: Aeropostale
Flip Flops: Gap
Hair flower: Lahaina, Maui