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Friday, August 7, 2015

switching it up

This chambray dress is such a wardrobe staple that it gets worn pretty often. And I keep trying to think up different ways to style it. The latest I've come up with: this tan and brown belt with brown wedges. I added a headband and some jewelry to add a little more dimension.

When you wear the same pieces over and over, do you wear them the exact same every time, or try and switch it up?

chambray dress: Kohl's
belt: Target
brown wedges: DSW

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lill-ay rompa'

This bright printed romper is the result of attending the Lilly Pulitzer for Target release and discovering that even though you were eighth in line, everything was gone by the time you could reach the racks at the store closest to you (and then you drive twenty minutes to another Target where there is still somewhat of a selection).

And then you remember that you're short and can most likely wear items from the little girls' section. And you go to the little girls' section and find a romper in an XL-XXL or something with several extras in front of it. And you try it on, and it covers your body. And you buy it, because, Lilly.
And then you put it on in the summer (several months later) and realize it's not quite cut for hips and a (small chest).

But, you go forth, wearing neon sandals and a bejeweled headband, because you can. And it's summer, and it's hot, and this romper is clutch for that kind of weather.
I mean, pockets.

sandals: Target
turquoise clutch: c/o Aéropostale

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