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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today marks a special day - it's our four year wedding anniversary. Four years ago today we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, say our "I Do"s and celebrate with friends and family. Flash forward to today and we're getting ready to welcome our first little babe into the world and our little family. Seems fitting, yes? We didn't plan it that way, promise - just happened to happily work out that way.

So, on this anniversary, to my husband: "I love you. Thanks. For everything. For making me breakfast, for cooking the bacon extra crispy. for loving our pup, for loving me, for loving our little babe, for all the nice things you do for me and for us. For being funny and my best friend. For putting up with me. Love you long time."

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Friday, June 27, 2014

Cheese & Wine

Waaay back at the end of May/beginning of June, we went on a fancy date night to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. We went to a local wine and cheese place (The Welsh Rabbit)  - I was in wino heaven. D isn’t much for wine (he prefers beer), but I think he even enjoyed himself a teeny bit. He ordered a glass of a sweet white before moving on to a cider, and I had a flight of Austrian wines (Vienna, here I come!). And we also tried a variety of cheeses. Really, I think we tried at least 6. If not closer to 8. And all sorts of meats and salamis and crackers and other good eats.

After we were full of cheese and wine and meat and bread, we wandered around downtown and I picked up another Pioneer Woman cookbook (her first one – the only one I was missing). We then went to a new-ish whiskey bar and met a friend there for a drink. This girl steered clear of the whiskey (shots of Fireball are the only whiskey I’ll partake in) and had a refreshing Moscow Mule instead ;)

the far left was D's sweet white - the remaining 3 my Austrian flight
cheese. bread. meat.

peplum top: Ann Taylor Factory
faux leather jacket: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria via Plato's Closet
skirt: Aéropostale
sandals: Shoe Carnival

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Oldies

the sash in the back

The Mr. chose this tiered almost-but-not-quite-maxi skirt that I’ve had senior year of high school...

Its triple-print-mixing and pretty color has helped it survive many closet clean-outs. The bow on the back helps, too ;)

I wore this to work (for part of the day - I went on a jobsite tour, and had to wear pants AND close-toed shoes AND a hard hat AND a neon vest for that part) and then to dinner with the Mr. to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We went to Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar - we’ve been trying to get there for agesOh. My. Word. Delicious. 

I’m a huge fan of seafood - crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, calamari, you name it. I love it. Turns out they have all-evening happy hour on Mondays. So, we indulged and tried a bit of everything on the menu. And it was all divine. I would eat seafood all day, every day if I could. But I’m sure my checking account wouldn’t appreciate that...

shirt: WalMart
skirt: Nordstrom
Cleopatra sandals: WalMart

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Monochromatic

Let's all take a moment and be impressed that my Mr. put together this monochromatic look. All by himself. I'm NOT kidding. Good job, honey!

He chose this shirt first (I picked it up at Kohl's last week - it's Chaps and it's no-iron [hallelujah!]), and then when I asked him what on the bottom, he said 

"Hmm...let me see...pants...these! Monochromatic. You will be monochromatic! 
Is that the right word?" 

I was so impressed with him, especially since I can never decide if these pants lean towards pink/rose, or purple/lavender. But paired with a purple gingham top, they definitely look more purple. And I don't think I would have seen that if not for Dustin pairing them together. 

However, he's not a fan of my shoes - sad day. I picked them up at a thrift store with my friend, Amanda (hiiiii!), because I've been on the hunt for oxfords. They're lightweight and un-stiff (is that a word?), the opposite of how I imagine genuine leather oxford-style shoes would be. I will say that I'm not opposed to upgrading to a nicer version of these shoes...let me know if you see any that would fit the bill!

And while I'm bragging on my sweetie, tomorrow is our 8 (!!!) year dating anniversary. He stole my heart in high school and I'm thinking he can keep it forever ;) 

I love you, D! Happy anniversary, and happy birthday in a few days - you're the bees knees & the cat's meow, and I'm so glad you're mine. xoxo

Do you celebrate a dating anniversary? We sure do. And our engagement anniversary. And wedding anniversary. And the dates we adopted our pups. I just think it's important to celebrate milestones :) 
Do you agree?

shirt: Chaps via Kohl's
sweater: Hollister via Plato's Closet
pants: Lauren Conrad via Goodwill
shoes: ARC

P.S. Dad, don't worry - I didn't forget about your birthday!

P.P.S. this week of September is cRaZy BuSy with 2 important mens' birthdays, and a dating anniversary. Oh, and my parents' dating anniversary, too. Whew.
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 for 30: Day 2

Here I am, playing catch-up with my 30 for 30. Which stinks, because I was SO ahead of the game this weekend. *sigh* However, it's not completely my fault. We've had some trouble with the internets and the-connecting-to-the-internets at our place. Which really, is ok, because it's made me dive back into the 2 books I'm in the middle of - those library books will be due sometime this week...

Here's what I wore for the end of our anniversary weekend - much warmer than the day before! We've got an old friend who lives in Breckenridge that we met up with for breakfast, then we lounged around and took our time packing up our things and loading up the car. We hit the road to meet my folks in Denver for a celebratory anniversary dinner, and then made our way home to snuggle the pups, and you know, unpack our bags and do laundry and make lunches for work the next day - back to reality...!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our First Wedding Anniversary

We're spending our first wedding anniversary in the mountains, and it's been so great to get away for just a wee bit and focus on each other. I know we don't have babies or jobs that require 60+ hours a week, but it's nice to get away to a place we both know and love, without any responsibilities, pups to take care of, work to do, or places to be. 

We got massages in the morning, then made a stop for crêpes - a favorite treat of ours. We painted some pottery, took some naps, ate delicious food, and relished our time together.

there was a real live moose right outside our building!
Here's a little trip down memory lane... 
 fall 2007
1 of our engagement photos
the engagement photo we used for our Save the Dates 
another engagement photo - isn't he handsome?
we planned the matching black North Face jackets
he makes my heart sing
from our wedding day, one wonderful year ago...

D, at the risk of over-sharing on the interwebs, I love you, my wonderful husband. And I can't wait to spend forever with you.