Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Schtuff from Aéropostale

Oh heyyyyy, there! I'm back with more goodies from Aéropostale - I'm loving the new stuff I got!

left to right: 

This dress will be so fun for this summer. It's got a scooped back, and a really full skater skirt to swish around in.

similar to the shirt above
I couldn't find the exact one on Aero's website :/ but really excited to wear this lightweight button up this summer.

This will complement the rest of my lace skirt collection quite nicely.
I've got pink and orange, and now black!

left to right:

You know how I feel about neon when it comes to my workout gear. I'm training for another half, so this should help.

similar in link
I can't find this exact reversible bandeau, but it's black on one side and white on the other. Perfect for when you need some sort of coverage, but a regular bra just won't do.

I got this nail polish, because, well, I like nail polish.
And I don't have this color.

I can't find these exact bracelets, but here's a link to the rest of the bracelets on Aero's website: bracelets. I played with the idea of buying a studded bracelet ages ago, and the fox is just too. perfect. One of my best friend's last names is Fox, so, really, how could I not bring this cute little guy home with me??

I'll be sure to post pictures of me in my clothes soon - stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ooo, scarves and wind





Here are two more simple spring transitional looks. A sweater (or sweatshirt) with a coordinating scarf.  It's frigid and windy here lately - not a fan. Hence, the sweaters and scarves. 
I'm ready for the warmer temps - bring on the sunshine!!

Now, to recreate my hair (and make up) from the day with the blue sweater...*sigh*

 on the left
sweatshirt: American Eagle
scarf: gift
jeans: thrifted (Old Navy)
bootes: Old Navy

on the right
sweater: GAP
scarf: thrifted
jeans: GAP
flats: WalMart

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Weird April Weather

As you can see, I'm standing in snow. Now, I'm not going to complain, because in Colorado, we definitely need the moisture. However, I WILL say, that it is ALMOST May.
And May is ALMOST summer.
So, Weird April Weather, get with the program, mmk?

sweater: Aéropostale
chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
pants: Aéropostale
boots: Rack Room Shoes

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bye Bye, Ski Season

Late last month, two of my cousins came out to visit for their Spring Breaks. We took them up to the mountains for some skiing and dogsledding (yes, for real, like "Mush! Mush!"). 

And we had the. best. time.

The weather both days was unbelievable. Beautiful Colorado bluebird skies, sunshine, and not yet slushy snow. Both girls took right to skiing and were navigating blue and BLACK (!!!) runs by the end of the day. We ate great food, did some shopping, and tried to convince the youngest to come to Colorado for college (I think we made progress!)

So, in honor of several mountain resorts extending their season to this past weekend, here are some pictures from our weekend ski trip, and my last time skiing this season. Until next year...

my Dad with his pupils
my sweet Mama
I warmed up to ski with my Dad in the afternoon (blacks, blacks, moguls, oh, more blacks) by heading down "Callie's Alley", in honor of my sweet pup, Cali
view from the top...
Dad and I rode the T-Bar together for the first time, and I skiied my FIRST BOWL!
it wasn't pretty, but I did it!
can't wait to do it again next season...! how many days til Opening Day??
I stopped for a #selfie at the top, of course
Dad with part of our dogsledding team
hot on the trails with our dogsled team! the rest of us were riding on a snowmobile in front of the dogs
these pups love running - look at those smiling faces!
these pups were pooped after their morning jaunt with us

If you ever get the opportunity to go dogsledding, I can't recommend it enough! It's SO fun, and how many people do you know that have been behind a dogsled team (I've been twice!)? If you'd like a recommendation of a place in Summit County, Colorado, please shoot me an email and I'll share with you the name of the outfitter we went with.

I had a great ski season this year - I feel like it's finally clicking for me. Must be the good teacher I have (my Dad) - thanks, Pops!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Metallics. Kinda.

This infinity scarf has silver stripes running through it, so I matched it with my mixed metal sandals. And basic black skinnies. And a chambray, of course!

Happy Saturday! We're doing stuff around the house, and resting after a fun night out with friends.

chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
skinnies: Aéropostale
sandals: Target
scarf: gift

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Let's call this a safari outfit, shall we?
Animal (print)? Check.
Olive green pants, perfect for traipsing around the jungle? Check.
And vegetation (in the form of a bush, and coming-back-to-life grass? Check.

Bet you didn't know appearing to be on a safari was so easy ;)

shirt: WalMart
pants: Aeropostale
sandals: Target

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Pythonnnn

The Mr. picked out this python print top for me today, which I find funny. Simply because I thought he didn't like this top. Apparently, I was wrong (one of the only times that has been the case).

Confession: for a split second, I considered wearing my python print flats with this shirt. As you can see, I did not. I did, however, wear them this weekend and my Dad seemed really confused as to why I would wear shoes with a snake print on them. To him, I say "Dad. They're in. Unlike wearing socks with Keens. That will NEVER be in. Let it go. Let it goooooo." (<-- I FINALLY saw Frozen! aaaaand, I loved it!)

Also, if anyone has any tips for strengthening and/or stretching the arches of your feet, please share! I'm dying on my runs lately... :/

shirt: Old Navy
jeans: thrifted, but originally from Old Navy
sandals: SEARS

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Green and Gray

This is the second time in the past month that the Mr. has chosen these green pants for Mr. Picks Mondays. I wonder if he really likes them, or they're just so bright that they stick out in my closet ;)

Either way, here they are, styled very simply with a striped gray sweatshirt & some pretty beat up Converse.

Happy Monday!


sweatershirt: Old Navy similar below
pants: from a friend (Urban Outfitters) similar below
shoes: Target similar below

Sunday, April 13, 2014

(more) Sweaters and (more) Transitional Dressing





 Are you sick of me showing you 2 outfits in 1 post, yet? If not, are you sick of sweaters yet? Either way, here are two more spring transitional looks - warm sweaters in pastel and bright colors. Which is perfect, since we're supposed to get snow today :/


sweater: Old Navy similar below
skinnies: thrifted (Lauren Conrad) similar below
flats: KMart similar below

shirt: Old Navy similar below
sweater: Kohl's similar below
jeans: Aéropostale
flats: thrifted similar below