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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

running gear (and boots and earrings) from Aéropostale

Like I mentioned yesterday, my friend, Chelsea, and I did some shopping when it was gross and snowing. We went to several places, but one of the first places we stopped at was Aéropostale. I was looking for some new black boots, and their activewear line, Live Love Dream, is something I'm always drawn to. Below are the new goodies I picked up this trip!

First up, these cropped leggings: LLD Solid Crop Leggings. I've already got a few pairs of cropped leggings from Aéropostale, and I knew I wanted to size down this time - the current pairs I have don't like to stay up around my hips while I'm running...I sized down and these are snug and a perfect fit! I really don't like to have to tug or push&pull anything when I'm running - it makes me more likely to quit my run halfway through. ..

The bright pink shirt is from my latest half marathon, The Equinox Half Marathon (my post about that here). And the headband I'm wearing to keep my hair back is from Aéropostale last fall.

Next is this awesome LLD Solid Active Popover Hoodie. It's the same blueish/gray color as the cropped leggings. This sweatshirt is fleece-lined, so it's incredibly warm, and soft. It's also got moisture-wicking technology, so it wicks sweat away as I'm running (and sweating). Normally, I would have gone a size up, but this time I got an extra small, because of the fleece and the moisture-wicking properties. I figure with those two features, I should wear the sweatshirt as it's designed, instead of with several layers underneath. Hence, the smaller size and more fitted "fit."
Oh oh, and thumb holes!! Is there anything better? nah

My running shoes are from Mizuno - the Wave Inspire 10s (in a wide). I talked about them for my last half marathon here. So far, we're still pretty much in love, except for during my half marathon. I also wear SuperFeet inserts in them - I was having pain in my arches this past spring, and the SuperFeet really helped. Their website explains the science behind the inserts, as well as provides customer testimonials. They're great, but IF you do get them, give them at least a week - I hated them at first, but after two weeks of running in them, I wasn't able to go back to the flat soles that came with my shoes.


These are my new boots I was on the hunt for, the 50/50 Riding Boot. I can't find the exact ones, but here is a link to some similar styles. They're black, but they're distressed, so in the right light, they look like a dark dark charcoal gray. They zip up the inside shaft, and have nicely placed elastic that not only adds to the aesthetic of the boot, but also keeps them on my calves. They don't have a heel, and I sized down from a 7 to an 8, because the last few pairs of boots I've gotten have really stretched out, so I end up having to wear thick socks so my feet don't clop-clop around with every step.

I grabbed these two knit long-sleeved shirts, because WINTER. snow. COLD. layers.
I can't find the exact ones on Aé, but here are some similar long sleeve shirts, and I previously wore the blue one here.

I also picked up these cute bicycle earrings, because (1) I have pierced ears, and (2) I really enjoy riding my bike. It's a pink beach cruiser - one speed, with back-pedal brakes, a big seat, and a basket. It's perfect. It's my favorite mode of transportation when it's warm out. So, bicycle earrings. These aren't the exact earrings, but here is a link to other pretty ear jewelry: earrings.

And, if you can believe it, the Mr. doesn't have as many clothes as I do. Shocking, I know. So I picked him up a Long Sleeve Solid Thermal Tee (also similar: Long Sleeve Solid Thermal Henley) in blue. And then I made him wear it under his Broncos jersey when there was snow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Neon = Fast

I got some new stuff from Aéropostale. Not just regular clothes (I did get some of those, too), but more running stuff! Which is perfect, because my Dad and I are doing a 10k early this Saturday morning...
Oh, and I've actually been training for my half this time around!

All of this new activewear is from the Live Love Dream collection at Aéropostale (previously here). I'm a big fan of this stuff - fun prints and colors, quality sportswear (nothing worse than a bad sports bra, amiright?), all for very reasonable prices, just like everything else at Aéropostale.

I have a theory that neon makes me run faster. So I opt for bright and loud neon when I run. Bright shirt. Bright shoes (you can see me coming from a long ways off). Bright sports bras. Bright e'er'thang. It's tough to find neon running shorts, but don't worry - I'll keep looking.

shorts: LLD #BESTBOOTYEVER Volleyball Shorts <-- the name of these cracks me up.
They say volleyball shorts, but I've worn them running a few times. While there is less coverage, I've added them to my running bottoms rotation. Sometimes it's nice to switch things up, y'know?

I really like these shorts - the paint splatter print is so fun, and a fun change from my stash of black and navy shorts. They're a bit shorter inseam than I'm used to, but that's not a big deal - I have shorts in all different sizes, fits, and inseam lengths. However, I do think I'm between sizes - the tush and legs of the shorts fit great, but the waistband is a wee bit big. Story of my life lately - clothes fitting in one area, and not another!

shoes: Mizuno

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pretty Little Liars and Teens for Jeans

If you've been around here for a while, you'll know that I'm an Aéropostale VIP, and as such, I get early access to their newest lines & products (previously: AugustLive Love Dream, and November). They're really pulling out all the stops lately - have you heard of their new Pretty Little Liars collection?


Let me tell you!

Aéro paired up with Mandi Line, the costume designer from the show, Pretty Little Liars, to create looks like you'll see on the show, but to be sold in the store, so, pretty easily obtainable! Each character has at least 1, if not 2, different looks devoted to their style. The girls on the show have some pretty great looks, and I know I tend to think "That looks great on her. Wonder if I could pull off XYZ?" 

Below is the first part of the line that landed in stores earlier this month. 


Unfortunately, I couldn't pull the trigger on anything from the PLL collection - nothing was left in my size! Although I did come home with a blue dress similar to the one in the bottom left, perfect for some weddings this summer.

Below is a preview of the styles that are going to be in stores on March 16th - which is your fave?

Are you more of an Aria, Hanna, Emily or a Spencer?

I love these hi-low hems!

I'm thinking a dress or skirt with a hi-low hem has my name all over it. Or maybe a denim jacket - the one I currently have has seen MUCH better days...

So, not only does Aéro have some really cute stuff in stores now, but they're also into giving. They've launched their 7th annual Teens For Jeans campaign in partnership with The campaign encourages folks to donate their gently used jeans in the store so they can be given to someone that is in need. One of the most requested items by teens in need are jeans. So, in exchange for donating your gently used jeans in your local store, Aéro will give you 25% off a new pair of jeans. What better way to replace a pair (or 2! or 8!) of jeans that don't fit quite right, or have been hiding in the back of your closet for the last 6 months to a year, than by giving them to someone in need and replacing them with a newer style and/or wash that will get a lot more wear?

Confession: I donated 4 pairs of jeans that I liked (but hadn't worn in ages) and got 25% off 4 different pairs of new jeans. I've been rotating these 4 new pairs nonstop - it's love. For whatever reason, I like to hang on to clothes from high school and college that don't reflect me and the person I've become. So, after hearing about this great deal, I told myself I could get some new jeans, but ONLY if I was willing to part with several pairs. It's a lot easier to part with old favorites knowing that (1) they're going to someone who will wear them a lot more than I will, and (2) I'm filling my closet with some new pairs that are more "me." It's a win-win for everyone, really. 

So, do a quick inventory of your jeans and donate some oldies (but goodies) so you can save 25% on a new pair (or several new pairs)!

For more information, check out this PSA:
as well as:

Below are some really great things that are now (happily) living in my closet.

L to R:
Lola Grey Wash JeggingBayla Skinny Core Dark Wash Jean;
similar: Bayla Skinny Dark Wash JeanLola Core Dark Wash Jegging
These are the 4 (!!!) pairs of pants I came home with after I donated 4 (!!!) pairs

similar: PLL Hanna Lace Dresssolid full-zip cardigan
This dress is not from the PLL line (the one from the line is linked above), but looks pretty similar, don't ya think? And this sweater - worn it twice already. You know I like to fill holes in my closet, and I didn't even know how big the hole of a cream cardigan was, but now that it's filled, I can sleep at night am pretty excited about it.

capris: similar - LLD inset capris; sports bra: similar - LLD Contrast Racerback Sports Bra
Another pair of workout capris in bright teal (remember, brights/neon make you run faster!) and a new sports bra (essentials, my friends).

similar: earring 3-pack
New earrings. I love fun little studs. You can never have enough pairs of bow earrings.
or wishbones.
or rose gold hearts.

Any favorites??

Hope you had a great weekend!