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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Painting Pups

If you've ever wanted to know what my dogs would look like as a painting, here they are:

We went to a local painting place, Pinot's Palette, and painted pictures of our sweetymcsweeties. We sent in pictures of the pups beforehand, and the studio converted them to a black & white gradient, then glued them to the canvas. With some beer and wine and lots of instruction, we slowly but surely painted our pets. I really enjoy doing this type of thing, but lack any artistic skill, so about twenty minutes in, when I've botched up my painting more than a few times, and lost all patience, I'm donnnnnne. And start creeping on everyone else's projects. And drinking more wine. 
And questioning my purpose on this earth if I can't paint a decent picture of my really sweet and handsome Turbo...

But anyways, here are our finished projects. We hung them up in our living room. While they DO resemble our sweeties, I prefer the real live ones to love on :)

Oh, and here's what I wore to paint. Of course I wore an apron over this ensemble. I also wore this to have breakfast with a friend that morning, which was splendid.

And then I ran a 10k that evening
We'll call that a success. Who cares about time or pace? I didn't stop and I didn't die, and I didn't feel like dying right after, or the day after. #winning

chambray: Kohl's
shorts: Old Navy
sandals: Target

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our First Wedding Anniversary

We're spending our first wedding anniversary in the mountains, and it's been so great to get away for just a wee bit and focus on each other. I know we don't have babies or jobs that require 60+ hours a week, but it's nice to get away to a place we both know and love, without any responsibilities, pups to take care of, work to do, or places to be. 

We got massages in the morning, then made a stop for crêpes - a favorite treat of ours. We painted some pottery, took some naps, ate delicious food, and relished our time together.

there was a real live moose right outside our building!
Here's a little trip down memory lane... 
 fall 2007
1 of our engagement photos
the engagement photo we used for our Save the Dates 
another engagement photo - isn't he handsome?
we planned the matching black North Face jackets
he makes my heart sing
from our wedding day, one wonderful year ago...

D, at the risk of over-sharing on the interwebs, I love you, my wonderful husband. And I can't wait to spend forever with you.