Friday, February 28, 2014

Doubley Scarved

Ever wear two scarves at once? This is the first time I've tried it, and I think I'll try it again sometime. I'd read somewhere to try it with 2 scarves of similar weight and texture, so they look intentional. While I think that's a valid point, I'm planning to try different weights and fabrics. One of my friends recently paired a lightweight scarf with a chunky soft-knit one, and I couldn't stop complimenting her on the combination. It was such an effortless combination of textures - I can't wait to give it a try!

shirt: French Connection via ARC (thrifted) [similar below]
polka dot scarf: Aéropostale
light blue scarf: gift from a friend [similar below]
sweater: Aéropostale [exact]
jeans: Aéropostale [exact]
boots: Rack Room Shoes [similar below]

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Thrifted Gem

When I found this jacket at ARC recently, I squealed. In the middle of the aisle. On a Wednesday evening. 

I've been looking for a green cargo/utility jacket for ages, and couldn't believe my luck when I found one in my size, and for under $10! The jacket is originally from Land's End, lived with someone else for a while, got donated, and now has a very happy new home in my closet. Cheers!

sweatshirt: Old Navy [exact & similar below]
scarf: gift [similar below]
jacket: Land's End via ARC [similar below]
jeans: Aéropostale [exact]
boots: Rack Room Shoes [similar below]

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Fancy Pants

This week, the Mr. chose the polka dot pants AND the white button up - normally he chooses one (typically tricky) item and it's up to me to style around it, or in the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work!" But this time around, he chose the main parts of the ensemble and I statement necklace-d and glitzy shoe-d myself.

How'd I do?

Better yet, how'd HE do?

Hope your week is off to great start headed towards a great hump day!

shirt: Gucci (from a friend, can you believe it?!) [similar below]
pants: Ann Taylor LOFT [similar below]
shoes: KMart [similar below]
statement necklace: local consignment store [sort of similar below]

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Black&White Stripes&Dots

In looking at these pictures, I noticed two things:

1) this sweater is not as long as I always think it is. Instead of hanging past my hips and covering my rear end, it hits AT my hips, and does NOT cover my rear. Not that this is a bad thing, it's just different than how I always picture this cardigan in my head.

2) I look really tired in these pictures. And I know why. It's because...I've been really tired lately. We're talking exhausted. Can't-get-enough-sleep-even-though-I-go-to-bed-early-exhausted. The Mr. says I'm oversleeping, but to that I say "No way, Jose." So, here they are: tired eyes. Correction: tired face.

shirt: Old Navy [[similar below]]
cardigan: Ann Taylot [[similar below]]
scarf: Aéropostale
pants: Aéropostale
boots: SOREL [[exact below]]


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shoosh Shoosh

Several weeks ago, I got to go skiing TWO weekends in a row. The first weekend, one of my best friends, Lara, came up with me, and her new beau joined us on Sunday - my Mr. stayed home with a sick pup (he's a gem, that one).

The second weekend, my Mr. and I were heading up to the mountains and invited some of our dear friends from high school. And they made it! We had a great weekend catching up, and sharing powder skiing stories (the powder that weekend was UN. REAL.). It's nice to get to see old friends and spend some time together, especially since we don't get to see them as much as we'd like.

obligatory foot ski picture
Lara with her beau, M - he's a pretty great skiier. trying to  keep up was TOUGH!
consider this an outfit picture: ski jacket, snow pants, helmet, goggles, and a bunch of other warm weather accessories/layers :)

My parents stayed in the mountains the whole week between the two weekends I was up there. My dad kept sending me pictures of the snow (he skiied everyday) - the mountains got TONS of snow that week, and into the next weekend. I can't decide if the pics he sent were more of a "wish you were here," or a "you're stuck at work, look at what I'm doing" - care to elaborate, Dad?

see? SO. MUCH. SNOW.
it just kept coming down
and coming down. and coming down.
another selfie - from my second weekend skiing
on the way to the lift

on the lift 
my and my handsome skiier
Both weekends were great, filled with great skiing, great friends, great family (thanks for the invite, Mom & Dad!), great food, and great drinks (Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, wine, and Butterscotch Hot Chocolate - oh my!). 

To quote my husband and his friends "We went gnar gnar in the pow pow (we did some gnarly skiing in the powder)."

Ever been skiing? Are you a pro? My dad's a part-time (weekend) ski instructor, and my husband's a really good skiier, so they help me out :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Simple Favorites

layering my necklaces isn't something I've done a lot of in the past, however, I think it's something I'll start doing more of. the little clover is for my sweetie - he's a wee bit Irish ;)
my Mr.'s cousin got me these black bow earrings for Christmas, and I can honestly say I love them! some of my new favorite earrings. they're sweet because they're bows, but they're also the teensiest bit edgy because they're black. and if you know me, you know I have a hard time doing edgy, so these are perfect!

This outfit includes so many simple favorite pieces. It's a new favorite outfit, simply because it's comprised of so many favorite separates:

- chambray: do I even have to explain this one? If you don't have a chambray, I suggest you get one (or 4), and you'll quickly see they're it's so great.
- striped sweatshirt: it's a sweatshirt, it has stripes, and it's fabulously comfortable.
- down vest: it's warm. and it's navy. need I say more?
- olive skinnies: I just love these pants. they're comfy, they're green, and amazingly, they seem to go with just about everything. however, I've lost a little bit of weight since I got them this fall, so by the end of the day, they're a bit baggy on my behind. however, pulling up my britches is a small price to pay for really great looking pants, that are also a closet staple!

I'm glad this outfit came together so easily - sometimes I put together favorite separates and they don't make a great outfit. The outfit seems to scream: "STAAAAAHHHPPPP it! You can like all of us, just stop trying to make us play nice together." To which I slowly peel off all the pieces and start from scratch. Sometimes, you just have to go back to the drawing board :)

chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's [[similar below]]
sweatshirt: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]
pants: Aéropostale
vest: Old Navy [[similar below]]
shoes: Target [[similar below]]


Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Evening Out

if you look closely, there's a little bitty Cali-pup photo bomber...
Several weeks ago, the Mr. and I went "out" on a Friday evening. We met up with friends for drinks and a light dinner, then wandered the streets of downtown and made stops at several old favorite watering holes. 

As we left the house, I said to D: 
"Who AM I? 
Going out on a Friday? 
We haven't done this in ages
At LEAST since I was in college!" 

But, it was nice to spice things up and get out, although we were back at home,
enjoying Netflix the following evening :)

linking up with:

shirt: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]
jacket: thrifted (Plato's Closet - Miley Cyrus + Max Azria) [[similar below]]
pants: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's [[similar below]]
clutch: thrifted [[similar below]]
booties: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1 pair of pants. 2 scarves.




The brown paisley scarf (on the right) is the one I actually wore with this outfit. But right before we started taking outfit pictures, I realized my blue plaid scarf would look just as good with this ensemble - it has stripes of bright pink, which match the polka dots on these pants perfectly.

sweater: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]
pans: Ann Taylor LOFT [[similar below]]
shoes: thrifted [[similar below]]
brown scarf: gift from my sis-in-law [[similar below]]
blue plaid scarf: thrifted (Target) [[similar below]]


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: "Dweater"

You might recognize this dress from this past summer - I wore it to a sorority sister's wedding. Several other sisters came up and stayed with us, so my lucky Mr. got to be our DD, 
as well as our "chaperone."

The reason he chose this dress for the latest Mr. Picks Mondays was because I had just finished re-pretty-ify-ing my closet and re-hanging and re-folding (almost) everything. So, this dress was prominently displayed, and he chose it for me to wear. 

Since the back of the dress is open, I chose a warm sweater to make it work appropriate, and then kept the sweater on all day. My fleece-lined tights were a finishing touch - you know I love 'em (so warm & comfy!)

What do you think? Too summery? Or did the abundance of textures (lace, chunky sweater, cable-knit tights, and a polka dot scarf) make it winter appropriate? Personally, I'm a fan of how it turned out.

linking up with:

dress: Urban Outfitters [[similar below OR check out this similar dress in blue lace I just got from Aéro]]
sweater: Aéropostale [[<--exact in link]]
scarf: Aéropostale
belt: Target [[similar below]]
tights: local boutique [[similar below]]
boots: Rack Room Shoes [[similar below]]