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Thursday, April 23, 2015

30 for 30: day 21 + day 22

day 21

Nothing TOO crazy over here, but I did manage to dress up a striped sweatshirt by pairing it with black pants and pointy-toe flats. Oh oh, and pretty jewels from Rocksbox! Read more about this set here, and even more about Rocksbox here.

striped sweatshirt: Old Navy
black skinnies: Target
black pointy-toe flats: Target

day 22

This outfit seemed so great in my head, but the execution is lacking – the length of the skirt and the ankle booties don’t do my short-girl legs any favors. Oh well – live and learn, right? However, I do really like all of these pieces separately – and sometimes, too much of a good thing is just too too much.

cream top: American Eagle
black skirt: from a friend
leopard print scarf: WalMart
faux leather jacket: c/o Aéropostale
black ankle booties: Kohl's
gold clutch: thrifted

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Monday, January 26, 2015

the sweater saga, part 6 + sweater #21

previously, the sweater saga...
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Picking up where I left off yesterday...

I'm finding it refreshing to have a few dresses that look great, no matter what, and are basic enough to be styled in an infinite number of ways, as opposed to 20+ dresses that are each "ho-hum" and don't do much for me. Or a closet full of pieces that are "meh," instead of a smaller collection (perhaps a capsule wardrobe?) of knock-out pieces that get worn every day.

I've become a lot more open and willing to wear my "special" and favorite pieces more often. There’s no point in having a great fitting skirt, if it only gets worn once or twice a year for special occasions.

Instead, shouldn't I make an effort to look nice and presentable and my best every day? Or at least most days of the week, instead of once or twice a quarter? I've gotten rid of lots of cheap jewelry (not all, but lots), and enjoy wearing my diamond studs from my parents day after day (they really go with e'er'thang).

At times, it's hard for me to choke down the cost of something nice - like my Frye boots, but, they'll last forever and I love them. They go with everything, and I find myself dressing them up, down, and casually. The only time I don't wear them is when the snow or precipitation stands a good chance of ruining them. 

still to be continued....

button up: from a friend (American Eagle)
sweatshirt: Old Navy
statement necklace: WalMart
skirt: J. Crew Factory
booties: Old Navy

Monday, January 19, 2015

sweater #14

Check out these layers, textures & prints today. Leopard under gray & lace, velvet pants, and shiny patent pointy-toed flats. All things I never would have paired together a few years ago, but now I just love it, and can't wait to put together more outfits like this.

And that makes 14.

leopard button up: WalMart
lace sweatshirt: rue21
velvet pants: J. Crew Factory
flats: Target

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the sweater saga, part 1 + gray all over #9

Let's talk sweaters (this whole "Sweater Saga" will have several parts, let's call this Part 1 - we'll talk numbers today). I mentioned recently that my total count of sweater + sweater-esque items is about 31. And sometimes my interpretation of a sweater is pretty loose. I know to some people, 31 seems like A LOT. And to other people, 31 seems pretty small. And some people have no idea how many sweaters they own, so 31 doesn't really mean anything to them. And for me, that number does not include fleeces, jackets, hoodies from high school or college, ski gear, running gear, or pajamas (of which I have many).

Here's the breakdown of my sweater collection:

14 cardigans
9 pullovers
1 cardigan type sweater, with no sleeves, so it's more of a vest. kind of.
4 nicer sweatshirts
1 sweater dress
1 sweatshirt dres
1 sweater knit maxi skirt
31 sweaters + sweater-esque items in Annie's closet

At times, 31 sweaters feels to me to be a bit much. Other times, I long for more - more textures, more colors, more chunky knits or drapey cardigans or longer pullovers to wear with leggings. In the last few years, I have gotten rid of many sweaters. And I've added a few in, as well. Some are nicer sweaters from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and others came from a variety of places like Target, WalMart, or fast fashion chains. Consider me a high/low fashion mixologist...

The Sweater Saga is to be continued...

striped sweatshirt: Old Navy
scarf: c/o Aéropostale
pants: c/o Aéropostale
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom
pea coat: Old Navy

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mr. Picks Mondays: Black Friday Swag

Late on Thanksgiving night, I left the comfort of my warm house to pick up my friend, Amanda, to do some Black Friday shopping. We had BIG plans: we were going to hit up our local outlets, stop at a HUGE outdoor mall, check out Kohl's, maybe go to Target, and see what other places were open for the day that has now become  than Thanksgiving: Black Friday.

However, for all of our plans, bottled water, and coffee in travel mugs, we didn't make it past the outlet mall. After waiting in lines at several stores, and power-shopping & power-trying-on through several others, we made our final purchases and called it a night. I was home, snuggled in bed by 2:30.

This lacey sweater/sweatshirt was one of those final purchases. I picked it up at rue21 - don't think I've been in to one of those stores in a very long time, but good thing we went in that night morning. I found this lacey sweater/sweatshirt and another striped cardigan. I modeled my purchases for my Mr. later that day (after much-needed sleep), and when it came time for him to pick this week's Mr. Picks Mondays, he picked out this lacey sweater/sweatshirt & my mint jeans. He knows me too well - he knows that new clothes burn a hole in my closet and I just can't wait to wear them! 

I've got some more Black Friday swag lined up for you this week - find any great Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals you couldn't wait to wear?

lacey sweater/sweatshirt: rue21
mint jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
boots: Rackroom Shoes
scarf: made by me!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Comfy in Pink


                     *he wanted his feet in the picture, too

I wore this on Friday to work. I thought about wearing something else (a bit dressier) but then I remembered it was Friday. And Fridays are the beginning of the weekend. So leggings & a sweatshirt-dress-type-thing it was!

Right after our "photoshoot," we went out for dinner at a local Cajun place, Mo Betta Gumbo. SO. GOOD. I got a Buffalo Shrimp Po' Boy, and my Mr. got Jambalaya. We were both very impressed, and will definitely eat there again.

See my "shadow" in almost every picture? He never strays too far from me on a walk. And our chic-a-dee isn't pictured, as she was stuck like glue to my photog. 

Sweatshirt: Walmart (old)
Leggings: Walmart (old)
Shoes: Coach via DSW