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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clothes I'm Parting With

I went through my closet this last week (I had some free time with all the snow), and have some items I'm ready to part with. There's not TONS of room in my closet now, but I can move things around a lot easier - and that feels great for a nerd like me. 

Here are the items I'm going to take to my favorite consignment store, Trends. Whatever they don't take will get donated to a local ARC or Goodwill.

left to right: Ann Taylor oatmeal sweater; J Crew mustard sweater; black & white short sleeve jacket 

left to right: brown & black goucho pants; pink plaid bermuda shorts (on me they're more like capri length); black tulle skirt; light blue shorts; white shorts

 left to right: strapless white top; red tunic length top; Love & Pink shirt from VS; dark green slouchy top; long sleeved blue shirt; black & blue printed sleeveless top; black crewneck shirt; gray slouchy "bat wing" shirt; brown & white striped shirt

left to right: BCBGirls sandals; white belt; mint colored scarf

There were also some things I already gave away to some friends and my sweet mama. 
(not pictured)
to 1 friend: pair of gray pants
to another friend: 2 dresses - 1 pewter & black, the other purple & teal
to my mama: a purple cocktail dress; pink skirt; pink sweater & striped scarf

In other news, this was my Sunday morning while my Mr. slept in... 
Turbo, lazily observing

Cali, imploring me to snuggle

essentials: a (fancy) new tumbler & Vera Bradley mug, filled (and refilled) with coffee

Here's to parting with things I no longer need, and enjoying what remains of the weekend!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Purple & Pups

Purple 2 days in a row – supporting the Rockies, you know ;) 
We can only hope there's another Rocktober in our future!

I do LOVE baseball, but I don’t really follow professional ball. I’ll watch the Rockies if they happen to be on TV, and I love going to games, but overall, I’m a very fair weather fan. Must be all my brother’s games I sat through - I can’t tell you how many baseball games I’ve watched between him playing baseball, and me playing softball (thousands! millions?). And there were the multiple summers he played legion ball, and they had double headers. 


Handsome making an appearance. But not showing off his good side.


I LOVE these sparkly flats. LOVE LOVE LOVE em.

And here's Pretty Girl & me - sniffing anything & everything.

I wore the scarf at work today (my office is freezing!), and the more layers I can wear, the better.

If you're wondering, they walk very slowly. They don't run - they "sprint" for 10 yards, then they're done. Not good running buddies, which is a bummer. 
Not that I'm fast, but I'm much faster than them...

Apologies for the many fuzzy, unedited photos - my Mr. and I both lack photography skills. We're using a pink SONY Cybershot from 2007. Not kidding.

Sweater: Coldwater Creek (from Mom)
Tank: Kohl’s
Jeans: Celebrity Pink, via Trends
Shoes: Kmart
Scarf: thrifted from ARC