Friday, September 26, 2014

transitioning the other way, part 1

I’ve got 6 outfits from this past spring I never shared here. They’re “transitional” outfits (worn during icky rain-y spring weather), and by the time I would have posted them, we were well into the warmer days of June, so I decided to save them for fall. Because who wants to look at jeans&sweaters and tights&booties when it’s 90 degrees and sunny? Now that we’re slipping into 80 and 70 degree territory, I think it’s safe…

This first one is nothing special: jeans, v-neck, cardigan and sandals. But I remember being so excited to wear finally wear sandals! And not having to wear my cardigan the whole day! Here in Colorado, it feels like winter lasts from October to May (we got snow on Mother’s Day this past year), so breaking out sandals and shorts and light layers is such a treat.

shirt: Old Navy
cardigan: Hollister via Plato’s Closet
jeans: thrifted (True Religion)
sandals: Target