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Friday, August 14, 2015

girl crush

Ta da! Here is what I wore to see Miranda Lambert perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days ("the Daddy of 'em all"). We saw Tim McGraw last summer, (read that about here) and even before he came on stage, the rodeo announced the headliners for this coming year. Miranda was one of them, so we decided then and there that we had to come. The Mr. is a big Miranda fan (he likes "angry chick country," as he calls it. So of course we'll try to see Carrie Underwood sometime, too).

But this year, we were smarter, and we purchased seats in the stands, away from the drunken hot mess that is the "Party Zone," which is closer to the stage. So we were able to sit, enjoy one of our favorite musicians, and not spill our overpriced beers.

As for my outfit, I tried to lean a little towards rock n' roll (I know. really? me?), but Miranda is known for her bad-ass looks & bandanas & leather & studs & gun-baring shirts, and I wanted to dress appropriately for my girl crush. Enter my red studded tank (the only studded item I own). The vest was more of a completer piece but added some nice dimension (and warmth!), denim skirt and boots, because, obvi. A headband and braid because I ran out of time to my hair, per usual. And black earrings for a teeny bit more edge.

We had a great time at the show, and getting to and from Cheyenne, Wyoming, is SO much easier than Denver. There's less traffic, it's a shorter drive (for us), and the rodeo really has their shuttles and mass parking system worked out.

So, count on us going to Cheyenne Frontier Days every year.
Especially if they keep bringing in great performers, like they have been for a long time.
Maybe we'll even check out the actual rodeo.

See ya next year, CFD!

red studded tank: Old Navy
white vest: thrifted (Levi's)
denim skirt: Old Navy
boots: Steve Madden via DSW
crossbody bag: thrifted

Saturday, April 4, 2015


warning: lots of pictures and talking ahead...

Two weeks ago, something magical happened.
Garth Brooks came to Denver. He hasn't been here since 1999. As soon as we heard he was coming to town, we made plans to buy tickets and go with a group of friends.

And we did - it was great. Such a great show, great company, and I think we all had a terrific time. As did the thousands of other people in the arena, and the thousands of other people who saw him perform that week.

We ended up going on a Tuesday (a school night! what?!), to one of his last shows. And then we stayed in Denver for the night, got breakfast, and took our time getting back to work the next day. If I could go to a great show every Tuesday evening and work a half day on Wednesdays after a leisurely breakfast, I'd be a very happy girl. 

from my Instagram, before the show
my friend and her husband, before the show
the girls
my friend Lyndsie - she's a wonderful photographer
obligatory mirrored elevator ceiling selfie

boots boots boots
from my Instagram
and another obligatory selfie: the bathroom mirror shot

the man himself

The Mr. is not a huge country fan like myself, but he does love Garth, and he's slowly but surely coming around to my way of thinking, almost a decade later...

And, here is what I wore to the concert. I know that's the main reason you're here.
Don't lie. Let's be real. We're all friends around these parts ;)

You might have already gathered that I like to NOT dress like everyone else. And my girlfriend, Chelsea, mentioned that almost every female at the show would be wearing some variation of either a floral print dress, white dress, jean skirt and cowgirl boots.
And she was right.
That was proven to be true before we ever entered the Pepsi Center.

So, I took a different route and opted for chambray, sequins(!!!), and my trusty Frye boots. And I didn't even see anyone wearing anything similar. I even got complimented on my ensemble a few times by complete strangers. 

Now, you might think that my boots look a lot like cowgirl boots. And you might be right. But, I was at a country concert. And, they're my favorite. And I wouldn't actually wear them to wrangle cattle or ride horses or anything.
And don't they look good?

I think this will be my country concert outfit formula in the future: sassy, fancy, shiny, sparkly, denim, boots, leather, and big hair.

chambray: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
sequin skirt: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom
bag: thrifted

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

me and kacey

For two (short) weekends in a row this summer, I went to a concert every weekend. First was Tim McGraw, and the most recent was Kacey Musgraves. We just missed her performance last summer at Sports Authority Field at Mile High before the Eli Young Band, Eric Church, and Kenny Chesney, and were reeeeeally bummed. So when I heard she was coming to Colorado (with shows in Aspen and Denver), I bought tickets right away. 

Kacey performed at the Ogden Theatre in Denver and put on a really great show. The venue was smaller(ish), we grabbed a spot up in the balcony (right by the bar), and swayed and clapped along all night. I was a fan before, but now I'd say I'm a HUGE fan. 
Girl can sing!
And play guitar!
And write songs!
She wrote "Mama's Broken Heart," made popular by the lovely Miranda Lambert. She played some songs off her new album and I can't wait for it to come out. 

I wore my new arrow print tank from Aéropostale as a subtle nod to one of Kacey's songs "Follow Your Arrow," and even got complimented on my whole ensemble a few times at the show - a little country, a little sweet, a little (teeny-weeny-tiny-bit) edgy. Kinda. Sorta.

Arrow Racerback Tank: Aéropostale
 Scalloped Crochet Skirt: Aéropostale
clutch: thrifted
boots: Steve Madden via DSW

Friday, August 22, 2014

me and tim

After my Dad and I ran the 10k Saturday morning, D and I headed up to Cheyenne, Wyoming to see Tim McGraw perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days. We lucked out with tickets - one of D's friends had purchased them, but wasn't able to make the concert. So, he sent them to us. And I got to see Tim.
The opening acts were Cassadee Pope and Kip Moore - both put on a really good show. And before Tim performed, the organizers of the rodeo announced the headlining acts for next year's show: Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban. You better believe I'm gonna try to get my hands on some Miranda tickets.

from Instagram. D is not a huge country music fan, but he's coming around. We saw Kacey Musgraves, the Eli Young Band, Eric Church and Kenny Chesney last summer and he even admitted it was a good show.

I had planned to wear a skirt, but the weather was calling for rain (and when it rains in Colorado and/or Wyoming, it's cold). Turns out, it was hot and humid. Blegh. Regardless, I got to see Tim and sway along to "Red Ragtop", "Just to See You Smile" and some new songs, like "Back at Mama's," and "Overrated."

shirt: from a friend (Lauren Conrad via Kohl's)
jeans: Aéropostale
boots: Steve Madden via DSW
beer: Blue Moon ;)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kacey, Eric, Kenny & the EYB

yes, those are croakies attached to my sunglasses - my brother & sis-in-law got me hooked. this pair came from a CO Rockies game, but for my next pair, I'm thinking something with my monogram...and yes, they are essential to my everyday life

This is what I wore to a concert last Saturday. Not just any concert. More like a get together of some old and new friends. Old friends like Kenny & the EYB, and new friends Eric & Kacey. We're such good friends that we're on a first name basis. 

*I wish*

I saw Kenny at Cheyenne Frontier Days (the mother of them all!) in 2009 with my Little, who is also named Annie and is blonde. And then I saw the Eli Young Band at the Grizzly Rose in 2010 with my roommates - the guys dressed up like the characters from South Park since they were performing in Colorado (nice touch). Great shows by both.

My sweet Mr. got tickets to see Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, the Eli Young Band, and Kacey Musgraves as part of the No Shoes Nation Tour at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (where the Denver Broncos play) for our first wedding anniversary in June (the first anniversary gift is paper). He told me I could take anyone I wanted to the show and I said "You. Obviously!" and he said "Are you sure? You can take ANYONE." (he's not a fan of country). But I think he enjoyed himself at the show - he even liked a few of Eric's songs, and some EYB tunes. And he admitted that Kenny puts on a good show. Cause he really does. 

NO SHOES NATION forevaaaaa!

in the car on the way to the show
don't worry - we were at a complete standstill. we sat in traffic for well over an hour to get to the stadium
in our seats, watching the Eli Young Band. gosh, they're so good!
his Corona, my marg. typical.

Colorado sunsets - nothing better
Kenny! Kenny Chesney!
Thank you for the tickets, and for being my date, sweetheart! You know how those 4 musicians speak to my soul. Them and Jimmy Buffett, of course. (I'm a HUGE Parrothead - did you know?) No one else I would have wanted to go with! Now it's my turn to go to a show of your choice, I guess ;)

and I'm linking up over here today for Friday's Five Link Up, so check it out!

Dress: Kohl's
Boots: Steve Madden via DSW
Hat: Target
Bag: thrifted

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stripes & Shorts

love these two nuggets. and they love me, too. promise.

I wore this over a week ago to work, and then of course to walk the pups. Walking both of them at the same time by myself can be a bit overwhelming - imagine two 50 pound dogs going in different directions, very slowly...oh, and every time they get close enough to sniff your leg, you get a huge schmear of slobber on your pants. It's a good look. Oh, and stairs are challenging - their bodies are too long to fit on one step, but too short to straddle two steps. It's funny, really. Anyone interested in seeing a video of them going up & down the stairs? Just say the word and I'll share.

Shirt: Old Navy via Goodwill
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: WalMart

Aaaand, guess what I'll be doing tonight??? 3 guesses. C'mon.

Going to the Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Eli Young Band & Kacey Musgraves concert!!! My sweet husband got me tickets for our first wedding anniversary in June - the first anniversary is paper, and guess what the tickets are made out of? Paper. Fancy, huh? So, we'll be there, and listening to Kenny sing about tequila, Eric sing about Springsteen, Kacey sing about silver linings & arrows, and the boys of EYB sing about crazy girls & Padre. I'm REALLY excited, if you can't tell, but him, not so much. He's not a big country fan, but, he knows what makes me happy. And he did admit he IS excited for the Kacey Musgraves show - we've been listening to her a lot lately in preparation for the concert, and we both really enjoy her lyrics and style of singing.

So, here's to cowboy hats & cowboy boots, two-stepping, and summer concerts with my handsome husband!

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