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Friday, February 5, 2016

new black pants

This is the first outing for some maternity pants I ordered from Pink Blush Maternity. My plan has never been to create an entire new wardrobe until our baby arrives - instead, I'm trying to stretch (literally & figuratively - ha!) the clothes I already had in my closet, with some thoughtful purchases to supplement.

First up: black pants. I knew I would get a lot of wear out of these, if my obsession with non-maternity black pants was any indication - they go with EVERYTHING. For real. And in the 2 weeks I've had these dark beauties, I've worn them at least twice a week to work, if not a few more times than that. I'm strategically planning laundry days.

I'm planning to write more about the "capsule wardrobe" approach I'm taking to my maternity style - stay tuned for some posts about my process, what I'm keeping, what I've tossed, and what I've already purchased / plan to purchase (not much on both fronts).

Don't worry, though, this is NOT going to become a maternity / mommy style only blog - pinky promise. However, that is something I'm having to dress around / dress up / consider when my pants don't fit, so there will be some of that. If that's not your cup of tea, I understand - maybe you'll stick around for my wit and charming personality? ;)

white sweater: (not maternity) borrowed from my Mama, Coldwater Creek
pants: (maternity) Pink Blush Maternity
black & white plaid scarf: thrifted
black flats: BCBG Generation, I think...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

stripes on stripes

Hi. Long time no blog, huh? Sorry, friends. But I've got good news - you can wear different sizes of black and white stripes for some "stripe mixing" (instead of the usual print mixing), like I did here. Call it geometric, or artsy, or something you'd do to make it appear as if you're wearing a dress instead of two pieces. I just call it "my friends were coming over for a wine night and I didn't know what to wear, so I went for stripes all over."

Do you ever double up on stripes? It's a fun and bit different take on print mixing. I'm a fan.

peplum top: Ann Taylor LOFT
pencil skirt: Target
black wedges: Target

Saturday, September 5, 2015

not a Tour de Fat outfit

I'm so excited to share this look with my beach cruiser today, becaussssssse

It's Tour de Fat!! We're dressed up all crazy, parading our bikes around town with several thousand other people. The drinks are flowing, the costumes are crazy, and the people watching is aaaaamazing.

This outfit is wayyy too tame for Tour de Fat, but I promise I've got something a little kooky on (follow me on Instagram to see us in real time).

I did, however, actually wear the above peplum top and black skinnies to dinner, and we rode our bikes. Mine has a sweet little basket on the front where I like to put my phone so it can play some tunes. I really love riding my bike - it's got one speed and back-pedal brakes, and a nifty little bell. The seat is wide and comfy, and I travel at about one speed (slow-ish). But I love it.

There's something so satisfying to me about riding my bike, and if I can wear a great ensemble comprised of favorites that are comfortable AND stylish, then I'm a huge fan. Bonus points for hanging with friends on their bikes, too.

peplum top: Ann Taylor Loft
black skinnies: c/o Aéropostale
black fringe sandals: Kohl's
necklace: WalMart

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

visual trickery

Here's those pants again.
Can't stop, won't stop.

This time I went for a black and white look, with some print mixing. I really dig it, except the v-neck on this tee under the rounded collar on this cardigan doesn't really thrill me. It's one of those things that just looks a bit odd when you really scrutinize it.

Never mind - I just employed one of my visual tricks: move really fast so if something looks funny, it isn't noticed. I call it an "optical illusion." I have a glitzy watch from my brother that's missing a few rhinestones; solution: wear it and just move my hands quickly when I'm talking to someone. They never even notice. Feel free to use that one ;)

shirt: Target
cardigan: J. Crew Factory
pants: WalMart
heels: Target

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 for 30: day 28

day 28

Black and white. And gray all over.

So many shades of black/white/gray. Love it.

Lately, I'm really loving throwing a blazer over the top of something to complete my look. And this blazer really hits the mark - it's gray, with white piping, and a ponte knit, so it's pretty warm. Casual, comfortable, yet stylish and slightly professional.

black & white buffalo plaid: Old Navy
gray blazer: Aéropostale
black skinnies: Target
black flats: Target

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

30 for 30: day 17 + day 18

Aaaaah, Sunday. And also the day the Lilly for Target line is released...!!
So, please enjoy these two looks I've put together, and excuse me while I try to snag some Lilly goodies at my local Target store (or the one in the next town over. or the next one).

day 17

I tried to tie in some metallic elements with this all black and white ensemble for a little visual interest - my headband, scarf, jewelry, and the zippers on my booties. Sometime's it's nice to throw in a little metal with a simple outfit to spice it up.

black shirt: Eddie Bauer
black cardigan: Maurice;s
striped skirt: Target
scarf: WalMart
black ankle booties: Kohl's

day 18

lime green top: Old Navy
black skinnies: Target
black flats: Target
monogrammed green clutch: gift
jewelry (except for the pave style bracelet on my right hand): c/o Rocksbox

(use the code "sweetbananiexoxo" for a free month of jewelry rental at Rocksbox)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

black & blue + sweater #29

The day I wore this, one of the girls I work with was also wearing a blue top with black pants and a black sweater. And you guys, this top isn't just blue. It's navy blue. With black.

Dun dun dun.

Breaking all the rules over here in sunny Colorado.

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shirt: Eddie Bauer
cardigan: Ann Taylor
scarf: thrifted
velvet pants: J. Crew Factory
flats: Target

Monday, February 9, 2015

brunch + sweater #26

This tan cardigan makes sweater 26. Sorry for my absence this past week - this girl has been pretty busy. But, in other news...

I had brunch with several girlfriends a few weekends ago. One of them is recently engaged, so this was a celebratory brunch.

We were within walking distance of  her wedding venue, so she took us there and showed us around. We all ooh-ed and aah-ed over the venue.
The staircase.
The ceiling.

It's a beautiful place, for a beautiful girl.
me and the bride to be

doing what we do best - cracking each other up
*squish squish*
the brunch crew
So great to see my friends - I wish we could do brunch a lot more often.
Is every day too much?

dress: Target
sweater: Dillard's
scarf: WalMart
boots: Nordstrom