Friday, April 1, 2016

double duty

Windy & sunny days in Colorado do terrible things to my hair, and they make me squint in my blog pictures. Oofta.

Moving on...I found this dress at my local Clothes Mentor, and I'm really glad I happened upon it. I'd been admiring it and its navy blue cousin on PinkBlush's website for a few weeks. I snagged it and retreated to the dressing room as soon as I found it.It's a nice, springy maxi dress that I'm thinking would look okay postpartum, as well.

How's that for finding something I'd been eyeing, finding it on sale, and making it pull double duty? That's what we call smart shopping around here, folks.

maxi dress: consignment (PinkBlush)
metallic wedges: thrifted
headband: Lilly for Target

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