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Friday, June 10, 2016

formulas and recipes

Here's an outfit I'd wear again, not pregnant. I'd change a few things, though - no maternity top or jeans. Instead, I'd choose my regular skinnies + a favorite gray v-neck. Pair it with the same jacket, scarf and accessories, and this is one of those easy outfit formulas that can be repeated while gestating or not.

What's your go-to outfit "formula" or "recipe" lately?

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

thoughts on Memorial Day, comfort, and weather

Did everyone have a nice long weekend? It's such a great way to start off the summer - with a holiday weekend. But the end of the summer is a little harder to take, I think - another holiday weekend to mark the end of a season of outdoor fun and sunshine. Can't a Colorado summer last forever?

However, the real reason for the three-day weekend is not to celebrate the start of summer or to get started on lawn work - it's to remember those who have passed while defending our freedom. Hope everyone remembered to thank a veteran and fly those American flags high and proud.

Switching gears, here's a casual outfit I wore recently. I've reached the point where pants are pretty uncomfortable, so this is one of my last looks to share with pants. Instead, i'm opting for dresses and skirts. And when I'm at home, the Mr.'s gym shorts, boxers and t-shirts (his side of the closet has become a treasure trove of comfortable clothing options).

This general uncomfortable-ness has made me thankful that this baby is due to arrive any day now in the early summer, so that 1) I'm not in my last few weeks/months in the heat of summer, and 2) I'm not trying to wear tights/leggings/sweaters/boots in the cold of winter in my last few weeks/months. I think each season of the year has something to offer pregnant women at different times of their pregnancies, so maybe I'm just biased and feeling really lucky and only seeing the silver lining as I end my gestational period.

That being said, we've still had some cold & rainy weather here in Colorado, mixed with very nice sunny & warm days. Talk about keeping me on my I store the long-sleeved newborn-sized onesies? What about the really warm fleece sleepers?

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Saturday, April 23, 2016

a week

Apologies for my unintended absence on the little blog - it has been a week (really, two weeks), my friends. Thanks for understanding, and checking out my red & navy striped outfit. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Sunday, December 28, 2014


I like to think these wedges scream


Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen…

However, since they’re so bright, I like to wear them something a bit more simple:
Exhibit A (above): black & white polka dots and skinnies.
Or the last time I wore them – Exhibit B: with a black & white dress.
These were also my wedding shoes, and either I have gotten worse at walking in heels (which is entirely possible. and these are wedges, no less) or these shoes got stretched out during that day, or my feet are shrinking, because I just can’t. quite. walk. like a normal person in these magenta suede wedges.

button up shirt: Old Navy
skinnies: local consignment shop
wedges: ALDO
clutch: thrifted

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

down time

Casual, casual, casual today. Sometimes I just don't have any great outfit ideas bursting out of my brain. And that's ok - it's ok (and even really helpful!) to return to the basics of a long-sleeved shirt and jeans. Artists and painters and designers aren't ALWAYS creating something amazing, are they? We all need some down time to get inspired again - on that note, Merry Christmas!
Hope you enjoy the holiday with loved ones!

shirt: from a local consignment shop (BKE)
scarf: gift from a friend
jeans: c/o of Aéropostale
flats: WalMart
jacket: Target
bag: TJ Maxx

Monday, December 22, 2014


This has become a "uniform" of sorts. Button-up (preferably plaid and/or flannel), skinnies, fun shoes (maybe boots or booties, or sometimes borrowed oxfords from a friend), and occasionally a scarf.
And a faux-leather jacket on top is practically perfection.
Sometimes I'm pretty predictable...

shirt: Old Navy
scarf: c/o Aéropostale
jacket: The Screamin' Peach
jeans: c/o Aéropostale
shoes: borrowed from a friend

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

fall two-fer, number 2

Two-fer number two today, folks. 

Apparently I like to wear green this fall. It’s normally not my best, or favorite, color to wear. However, I wore two different green tops in the same week, and ya know, here are some pictures to look at.

Outfit #1

The first, a light green chiffon blouse with burgundy and navy blue flowers. The only thing I don’t LOVE about this top is the elastic waistband - it makes a large horizontal line at the widest part of my hips, and doesn’t stay down very well.

However, I can’t part with it because of the color and the flowers. It’s great for spring/summer, but I’m thinking of layering it under a darker-hued cardigan to switch up my normal winter garb – normally button ups layered under sweaters, sweatshirts, and more sweaters.
Did I mention sweaters?

shirt: Maurice's
scarf: WalMart
jeans: Aéropostale
flats: Walmart

Outfit #2

And this neon green top is pretty fun. It’s a very lightweight knit “sweater", but because of the color, I usually group it with my summer wardrobe. But it tends to not get a lot of wear, because in the summer, it’s hot. Obvi. And I want to wear as little as possible, while still being put-together and covered.

But this year, I’m keeping it with my colder weather line-up. The sleeve length and weight will be great for creating layered looks, and this bright neon green will really add a punch of cheer and BRIGHT to those cold, dark, winter days that are headed our way…ugh.
I’m hanging on to warmer weather as long as possible.
Are you surprised?

top: Old Navy
jeans: Aéropostale
flats: Old Navy

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Navy Stripes

Here's a simple look for this Friday eve. I got this shirt from a friend, and while I love the stripes and the lace, I'm not sure I'm such a fan of the elastic waist on the bottom of the top. 

The jury is still out...

shirt: from a friend
jeans: Aéropostale
Cleopatra sandals: Target

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Pink. And Shiny!

The Mr. chose the sequined top (confession: a new find. from WalMart. for just under $4!!!), and I added the velour blazer & scarf. I really like the monochromatic look of the blazer and scarf, as well the texture play with the top, blazer & scarf. I find that lately I'm trying to create layers of texture while it's still a wee bit chilly outside - not so easy to do when it's sweltering outside, which is where the weather is headed, YIPPEE!!!!! I luuuurrrrrve summer!

Think you'll pull out your sequins and recreate something similar?
Sure hope you do! And let me know about it!


tank: WalMart similar below
blazer: thrifted similar below
scarf: gift similar below
jeans: Aéropostale exact
boots: Rack Room Shoes similar below