Saturday, January 30, 2016


I had high hopes to be able to wear this dress for a bit longer, but after today, it was retired to a box labeled something along the lines of "after baby." I might pick up a maternity chambray dress, in the meantime, but I'm not sure yet.

However, before this dress was temporarily retired, I paired it with  maroon fleece-lined tights, a leopard-print infinity scarf, and cowboy boots. I don't wear these boots that often, but on this particular day, we were in the midst of our closet renovation (more on that later) and they were the first boots I could easily get my hands on. And I figured I couldn't go wrong with denim & cowboy boots, right? Americana, at its finest.

Happy Saturday - we're supposed to get tons of snow tonight/tomorrow/tomorrow night, so maybe we'll get cozily snowed in?

chambray dress: Kohl's
fleece-lined tights: GG Boutique
cowboy boots: Steve Madden via DSW
leopard-print infinity scarf: WalMart

Thursday, January 28, 2016

checkered & versatile

This is my last look featuring bare legs & sunshine, as well as clothes that don't have some room for an expanding midsection. That being said, I've worn this dress with booties (above), with sandals, as a tunic over leggings, and as a button-up shirt with jeans. How's that for versatile?

red & white checkered dress: The Screamin' Peach
booties: Old Navy
belt: thrifted

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

vested chambray

Oh look! All the pretty fall colors! Fitting, since these pictures are from this fall...and just now making an appearance...I digress...

Beautiful aspen trees in the mountains are the perfect backdrop for just about anything. Truly. They add an element of "nature" to everything, and somehow, magically, seem to complement anything they're paired with.

Enough with my love song to aspens - let's talk about my outfit. That's why you're here, yes? This is a simple, layered, fall look. Chambray dress, white vest + booties (not easily seen: aspen leaf earrings - they're a real thing, trust). When you need a little more warmth than just a thin dress, a vest is the perfect option - it adds dimension without overwhelming the entire look. And of course, booties - perfect for bare legs with skirts or dresses. However, this look could be easily adapted for the colder weather we're experiencing right now - add tights and a scarf, and voila! Colorado winter chic!

chambray dress: Kohl's
white denim vest: thrifted
ankle booties: Old Navy

Sunday, January 24, 2016

very delayed

You thought my post a few weeks ago was a flash-in-the-pan for me and that I'd disappear again, huh? Not the case! I'll spare you the details, but I've made the switch from my beloved MacBook (*tear*) back to a PC, and switching everything over has taken some...finesse (and help from a computer engineer friend), aaaaand, every evening at about 7 pm, our internet goes bad (we're told it's a volume thing and the equipment/infrastructure needs updating. I know, #firstworldproblem, but, when you pay for uber-fast internet, you'd like to be able to use it when you're at your home...) BUT! technological issues aside, we're back in business!

If you're at all observant, you'll notice that these pictures don't appear to have been taken recently, since it's still winter and the bottom of our driveway is still a sheet of solid ice and I'm not wearing 18 layers and tights. And, you would be right. These pictures (and this pink & navy outfit) happened this September...ages ago! The Mr. and I headed to the mountains for a quick weekend to celebrate our dating anniversary (5 internet gold stars if you can guess what milestone we were celebrating) and he suggested I bring some backlogged outfits to take photos of, because, you know, FALL IN COLORADO. ALL OF THE LEAVES AND ALL OF THE BOO-TIFUL COLORS

And, he was right. So smart, that one. Lots of beautiful colors, still some green grass, and you know, some blonde girl wearing a lacy dress & heeled booties out in nature. And also, this is before I knew I was pregnant, as are the next few looks I'll share with you. However, this dress is something I did wear a few times in my first trimester before it got too snug (and subsequently, short); it's currently boxed up until we can be reunited.

So, again, apologies for the delay and my absence, but I'm back! And I've got some maternity-esque looks to share with you (I'm not in FULL maternity gear yet, just lots of stretchy pants) - stay tuned!

navy lace overlay dress: Banana Republic outfit
pink ombre scarf: gift
taupe ankle booties: Old Navy
gold clutch: thrifted

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hello? Anyone there? *crickets*

Sorry (again) for my extended absence this fall/winter/holiday season (said sheepishly). Disappearing from the internets was never my intent, but at the risk of sounding like a cliche, time keeps running away from me, or maybe I should say "Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin', into the future..." However, in my defense, I've been in a bit of a stylish/blogging funk, and here's why:
I'm pregnant. 

Yes, it's true. I'm gestating a tiny human (as a friend of mine said), and to be frank with you, I feel like nothing fits my body, nor suits my evolving style at the moment (evolving in that I'm in my 20s - youth! but I'm on my way to becoming a mother - I can't look like I'm 12 anymore!). I'm not in maternity clothes yet (17 weeks), but my regular clothes are a wee bit snug. Thankfully, my sweet mama came to the rescue and gifted me several of her cozier sweaters and some new ones to wear in this awkward "Is she pregnant? Or has she just eaten A LOT of burritos lately?" phase I'm currently residing in.

Anyways, growing a tiny human can be is exhausting. Couple that with not feeling so great for weeks on end, and feeling bloated and your skin breaking out (not sure if that's Bebe, or the terrible acne I've had since middle school rearing its ugly head...), and you have a recipe for this girl not feeling motivated or inspired to blog.
Womp womp.

Oh, and add lots of social, family, work, house, and life commitments and engagements, throw in a dash of Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's, people visiting, and lots & lots of cold weather and snow, and this blonde/redhead/"what color is THAT?" has been crawling into bed earlier and earlier every day, with nary a concern for her wardrobe.

However, it's a new year (heyyyyy, 2016!), and I picked an easy resolution: have a baby. I mean, I'm almost halfway there, so, this one should be pretty simple to stick to. And along that vein, maybe I can inspire another newly-pregnant young mom-to-be to drop the leggings, and put together something that makes her feel great. Because, really, if we don't feel great when we're growing the next generation of humans (maybe your child will be the Next Great Fashion Blogger), when should we? This will sound sappy, but growing a tiny human is pretty neat, especially when you think of all of the amazing things your body (and theirs) are doing, to shield and grow this little Bebe (just don't think of all of the other uncomfortable and less glamorous things).

I'm off my soapbox now, and am done with my apology. Don't you worry - this isn't going to turn into a strictly "mommy" blog, or pregnancy/nursing/newborn blog - I'm still me, and I'll still be me after Bebe arrives (albeit most likely very sleep deprived, and perhaps a bit dazed & confused). However, you'll see more "bump style," and maybe some other tidbits about babies. But, my excellent sense of humor is still the same ;)

In preparing for our new arrival, we've done some projects around our house that I'm excited to share with you. *disclaimer: these are all DIY, budget-friendly, mostly use-what-we-have types of projects, and neither of us have a background in design - you've been warned...

Here's a picture of my dog - isn't he sweet? He's been battling aspiration pneumonia for the past few days, but appears to be on the mend, as evidenced by a lower temperature, and the ability to scarf down wet dog food (so gross) this morning.