Friday, March 2, 2018

shorter & shorter

The bigger my belly got, the shorter & shorter this dress became...(evidenced here). Let's discuss something else that got shorter while I was pregnant: my hair.

Back story: I had spent more than a decade growing out my hair (high school through college and after graduation) after a disastrous few hair cuts in 2005. So, my hair was long and fine and blonde-ish, but LONG.

However, in February of 2016, I chopped off several inches of my hair. And it was okay. But about a month before the baby was born, I got the great idea to cut my hair even shorter. I figured I would have time to figure out how to do it before the baby arrived. It was a cute, short, textured lob for the cool mom I hoped to be.

Can you guess where this is going?

I successfully styled it a few times before the baby was born, then spent my first few months as a new mom wishing I hadn't cut it off . So, I've been growing it out ever since.

My advice to all moms-to-be: DO NOT make a drastic change to your hair before the baby arrives! Don't do it after the baby arrives, either (wait at least six months)! Your baby doesn't care what your hair looks like, but knowing how to do it with a go-to styling routine will help you to feel put together in those first few days/weeks/months of being a new & sleep-deprived mom. Trust me on this one.

dress: c/o PinkBlush Maternity, however, all opinions are my own
sandals: Target
necklace: WalMart
bracelet: Kohl's

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

flattering a mama-to-be

Oh, look! Another old maternity look! That's almost two years old! (YIKES!)

This is just a plain black dress, but the cut & fit helped to help make a new almost-mama feel pretty. Also, black is #treschic. And also one of my favorite colors. The best way to dress up a plain dress or outfit? JEWELRY. I played a lot with my jewelry when the number of options in my closet kept shrinking...sometimes a fancy necklace is where it's at (or, a "pretty," as my daughter & I call it).

dress: thrifted
sandals: Target
necklace: WalMart
bracelets: Kohl's

Monday, February 26, 2018

taking it waaay back

Let's take a trip back, shall we?
Waaaay back, to a pregnant belly, shorter hair, and the porch of our old house.

I was almost done being pregnant at this point and comfort was key - so, a flowy maxi dress with lots of room it was. I just love the colors on this dress. I even wore it postpartum to a friend's wedding (the grandparents kept the babe upstairs at the hotel while the husband and I danced the night away) - it's also nursing-friendly, if that is something that interests you.

So glad to be back!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

long time no see, huh?


*echo echo*

Hi. I'm Annie. The one in charge of this style blog (that has sat, neglected, for a YEAR AND A HALF) in this little corner of the interwebs.

Remember me? I know - I've missed you, too. And I've missed blogging. A LOT.


I've had some other things on my mind.
And my time.
And my heart.
And my hands.

1. We had our baby! She arrived in the early summer of 2016. She was born, and our whole lives changed (some parts, instantly. Other parts, not so instantly. Keep reading...). She's getting so big, and busy, and sassy, and we just love her. I (gently) squeeze her and kiss her all day long. Also, tickles and hugs and kisses consume much of my day.

2. We moved! We sold our first home (the one I loved and never wanted to leave), moved in with family for a few weeks, then bought a new home. I love our new home, too, don't worry - but our first house holds a special place in my heart.

We also left some great friends & a great town that we both loved. Where we live now has its perks, of course, but I have yet to find my favorite local breakfast spot...

3. I left my job, and got THREE new ones!
A. a mama (this is my most challenging job)
B. property manager
C. personal assistant
(I do all 3 from home, which is wonderful! Yet challenging, as I'm sure any other work-at-home-mom can attest).

4. My husband had a career change! Hence, the move. *see item 2*

5. I naively thought I would have lots of free time to blog and play catch-up on things while the babe was a newborn. That was NOT the case. 1, because I couldn't get her to nap for very long, and 2, because we moved when she was 2 months old. That ate up a lot of my maternity leave. As well as the everyday responsibilities that come with being a homemaker, a homeowner, and a mother. *see items 1 & 3*

6. I had a hard time shedding the baby weight - I got pretty close and then STALLED for several months. So, not a lot of my closet fit for quite a while. That didn’t really get me excited to share my outfits, or share that size/shape on the internet.
A. HOWEVER - I still have SEVERAL old maternity looks to share with you (*hangs head in shame*).
B. I've been working really hard to get rid of this baby weight and gain some muscle. So, outfits will be forthcoming...sometime...soon-ish.
C. I have home improvement projects to share (some from our old, a bit dated, but we're still very proud of the results).

So, there you have it. That's my absence, explained. Ta da!

Looking forward to reconnecting with you all again! 
Annie Bananie

Friday, August 12, 2016

to be continued

Hello! I haven't forgotten about this little blog - just experiencing a lot of change, all at once. I also thought I'd have more time than I currently do while the baby sleeps - not the case. I'll be back this fall - thanks for sticking around til then!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

the fringe vest makes another appearance

The fringe vest makes another appearance! Aided by the colorful help of a purple dress from a sweet friend. I wore this on a date (our last as a twosome!) to dinner and a movie. We FINALLY saw Deadpool, you guys. Only a few months late...but it was good! Really funny. And I heart Ryan Reynolds.

But, when you're closing in your due date, you wear what fits and accessorize as best you can. Enter fringe vest. Layered over a sun dress. Ta da!

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Friday, June 10, 2016

formulas and recipes

Here's an outfit I'd wear again, not pregnant. I'd change a few things, though - no maternity top or jeans. Instead, I'd choose my regular skinnies + a favorite gray v-neck. Pair it with the same jacket, scarf and accessories, and this is one of those easy outfit formulas that can be repeated while gestating or not.

What's your go-to outfit "formula" or "recipe" lately?

*all items are part of my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe