Sunday, February 28, 2016

how do you poncho?

Ponchos. They either bring up memories of a rainy trip to Disneyworld (bright yellow with Mickey on the back), or fiestas in middle and high school Spanish.

This was my first venture into adult-like, real life poncho wearing. And I dig it. A sweet lady in my office gifted this to me, and I really like the black & blush combination - feminine, yet chic. This poncho is really a large scarf, with buttons in the front to make it into a poncho. I've worn it as a big heavy scarf, a poncho, and a small blanket (for when my office is freezing). It's quite versatile, really. And I'm sure it will be used a nursing cover and or impromptu baby blanket next fall and winter.

Tell me - do you poncho?

poncho: gift (I think Zulily?)
flared jeans: Kohl's, circa 2008
black shoes: Steve Madden, circa 2002 (not kidding)
pearl necklace: Ann Taylor Outlet

Friday, February 5, 2016

new black pants

This is the first outing for some maternity pants I ordered from Pink Blush Maternity. My plan has never been to create an entire new wardrobe until our baby arrives - instead, I'm trying to stretch (literally & figuratively - ha!) the clothes I already had in my closet, with some thoughtful purchases to supplement.

First up: black pants. I knew I would get a lot of wear out of these, if my obsession with non-maternity black pants was any indication - they go with EVERYTHING. For real. And in the 2 weeks I've had these dark beauties, I've worn them at least twice a week to work, if not a few more times than that. I'm strategically planning laundry days.

I'm planning to write more about the "capsule wardrobe" approach I'm taking to my maternity style - stay tuned for some posts about my process, what I'm keeping, what I've tossed, and what I've already purchased / plan to purchase (not much on both fronts).

Don't worry, though, this is NOT going to become a maternity / mommy style only blog - pinky promise. However, that is something I'm having to dress around / dress up / consider when my pants don't fit, so there will be some of that. If that's not your cup of tea, I understand - maybe you'll stick around for my wit and charming personality? ;)

white sweater: (not maternity) borrowed from my Mama, Coldwater Creek
pants: (maternity) Pink Blush Maternity
black & white plaid scarf: thrifted
black flats: BCBG Generation, I think...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

old faithful

I've worn this dress at a variety of sizes - even at my thinnest, I toyed (for 1 silly second) with the idea of getting rid of it, but decided to keep it. And I'm glad I did. This dress always looks good, and if it's a teeny bit too big, I just belt it and call it a day.

Currently, it's part of my small collection of dresses that fit my growing bump (I've officially "popped" in the last week and a half). The waistband is just high enough to comfortably (for now, anyways) fit over my belly. I've been layering shirts and tights under for this winter weather (I had a snow day today! most likely my first and last grown up snow day), because there are little ties/bows on the shoulders that don't slide easily under sweaters. This dress has pockets, is a flattering length, and wouldn't you know, I found it at the thrift store, in the wrong section, inside out. I took an inexpensive chance and it's one of my favorite thrift store finds EVER. I'm not sure I'll ever part with it.

Today's lesson in maternity dressing: try layers under your dress - up top and on bottom.

Breton striped top: Target (not maternity)
dress: thrifted (not maternity)
fleece lined tights: GG Boutique (not maternity)
ankle booties: Old Navy
scarf: Pendleton

Monday, February 1, 2016

bridging the gap

Hello! Good morning! Did all you mountain people survive the blizzard of the past few days? ;)

Onto the clothes (and shoes and accessories). My sweet mama got me this black plaid tunic in my 1st trimester, to help me bridge the gap between regular clothes and maternity clothes. It was originally long enough to be a short dress, but has since reached a more realistic length as a tunic. I paired it with black leggings (1 of 4 pairs of pants that fit me at the moment, 2 more being leggings), and my ever faithful snakeskin flats (they're slowly coming to their demise :/ ). I originally had a lilac scarf paired with the ensemble, but my friend stopped by my work and I liked her green ombre one so much that we switched for the day. And I like how the green makes the gray in my sweater lean a bit green. 

Have any tricks of the trade to share regarding making those "gap" clothes work a little harder? I'm all ears!

tunic: Base Exchange
leggings: Old Navy maternity leggings
flats: WalMart
scarf: borrowed from a friend