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Monday, November 18, 2013

30 for 30: Day 14

Day 14

Sadly, my Mr. had to work this evening, so I was only able to get some fuzzy mirror pics - sorry, friends. Bums me out when he has to work late! However, I did get some MAJOR blogging done, so it worked out ok, I think ;)

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Chambray Dress

Again, mirror pictures. Sorry, my friends! Tell my Mr. and his job that he's no longer allowed to work in the evenings - somebody needs to have pictures taken for their blog. I kid - I am very very thankful he has a job, it's something he enjoys, and that it provides a comfortable lifestyle for our little family of 2 people, and 2 (high maintenance) bulldogs that are the sweetest little nuggets you ever did see. And you thought it was only necessary to be thankful during Thanksgiving... ;)

Onto this dress. I scooped it up at Kohl's and couldn't wait to wear it. But then I got caught up with the belt issue:
Do I wear it with the belt it came with? 
Try a different belt? 
Use a scarf as a belt? 
Go without and miss an opportunity to define my waist? 
After much deliberation that ended with all my scarves & belts sprawled out across my room, I decided to go with the belt that came with the dress. Original, I know. I wish I'd taken pictures of the "process," but all the other options looked like I was trying too hard to punch up my dress. And who wants to try too hard to punch up a new dress when it's hot outside and you just want to be cool in a nice, light, chambray dress? Not I! Maybe I'll try a funky scarf as a belt this fall/winter with some tights and boots...

dress: Kohl's
sandals: Born via DSW