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Thursday, September 17, 2015

challenge accepted

Recently, a friend of mine was over while I was going through my closet for the umpteenth time this year. I was getting rid of some things, and starting to swap summer items for fall/winter items. I grabbed all of my white dresses in one handful and started to put them away with the summer clothes. And my friend said "Wait, that lace one. Keep it out. You can wear it in when it's colder."

And I said
"Are you challenging me to find a way to wear it this fall?"

And she deviously smiled and said

So, here it is. Attempt number one. Not sure if she'll give me points for this, since we've had weather in the 80s and 90s, but I've got plans to try it again, don't you worry your pretty little head. I wore a light jacket and a scarf since I knew we'd be out and about in Denver this day - we ended up going in and out of museum exhibits (air conditioning & temperature controls, warm lobby, air conditioning & temperature controls, warm lobby, lots of warm bodies, even warmer lobby, you get the idea...). I was even a bit warm in this, but the layers did allow for more versatility than the dress by itself would have given me.

I chose the jacket because I feel like this jacket needs more wear, and because it adds a nice masculine/utilitarian element to this lacey & feminine dress. The scarf was an addition because it ALSO needs more wear, but the sequins and girlie print lend themselves to be worn with anything. And I think we all know the best to get me to wear anything is by adding lots of texture. And this outfit has several: lace, khaki/olive green cotton, ocean-inspired gauzy print, sequins, and plaid shoes. Let's not forget the braided headband.

Stay tuned for this dress's next appearance, most likely to be seen with tights, a sweater, and a scarf. Maybe a heavy jacket and snow pants. I really can't say...

dress: Kohl's
scarf: Lilly Pulitzer for Target
jacket: thrifted (Land's End)
shoes: COACH via DSW

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 for 30: 30 items (finally!)

Here they are, as promised
My 30 items I will be have been wearing for my 30 for 30 challenge for the month of November.
Ta da!

7 tops 
(left to right)
1) pink peplum top (looks neon orange here, but I assure you, it's a nice, pretty pink) [Kohl's]
2) blue plaid flannel [Old Navy]
3) light chambray [Kohl's]
4) cream 3/4 length sleeve top with light brown stripes [GAP Outlet]
5) short sleeve cream lace shirt [gift]
6) long sleeve cream sequined top [Kohl's]
7) black & white striped top, 3/4 length sleeve [Old Navy]

5 pairs of pants
(left to right)
1) olive skinnies [Aeropostale]
2) navy cords [thrifted - Joe Fresh]
3) bootcut jeans [thrifted - Old Navy]
4) pink & maroon polka dot pants [Ann Taylor LOFT]
5) black skinnies [Aeropostale]

2 dresses & 3 skirts
(left to right)
1) navy blue dress [clothing swap]
2) chambray dress [Kohl's]
3) leopard print pencil skirt [thrifted - Target]
4) black pencil skirt [Target]

3 jackets/blazers
(left to right)
1) pink tweed blazer [thrifted - Express]
2) vegan leather jacket [thrifted - Miley Cyrus / Max Azria]
3) velvet blazer [gift from my brother - Eddie Bauer]

4 sweaters
(left to right)
1) green fair isle sweater [American Eagle]
2) taupe single cable knit sweater [thrifted - GAP]
3) oatmeal cardigan [thrifted - Kohl's]
4) long black cardigan [Maurice's]

6 pairs of shoes
(left to right)
1) brown boots [Rack Room Shoes]
2) black boots [KMart]
3) booties[Old Navy]
4) black flats [Kohl's]
5) oxfords [thrifted - Not Rated]
6) leopard print flats [Kohl's]

Look how little space my 30 items take up in my closet! It's amazing!
We are currently packing up, tossing out, and sorting our things to pack up and move to our new house - one of the biggest challenges I have with moving is my closet (there's JUST. SO. MUCH). I've got a whole blog post on this tomorrow, but just giving you a heads up that I'm getting rid of 132 items! Which makes me feel great! But a bit defeated at the same time, since my closet is still PACKED. However, the above picture gives me some ease...
1) I can completely pack up and move the rest of my closet
 2) look how little stuff there is! and how little space they take up! 
3) not having full use of my whole closet is making me thing of different ways to wear the things I CAN wear, and 
4) it's making me think of ways to wear the other items in my closet when I can wear them again

Here are the items I chose for my last 30 for 30 challenge in June - how do they compare?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Neon & Polka Dots (these are a few of my favorite things!)

Yes, this sweater is just as bright as you think it is. 
And I LOVE it (I love bright colors - couldn't you tell?). 
It's very lightweight, so pretty much perfect this time of year. However, I've got plans to wear it this fall. and winter. and into spring - a sweater, is a sweater, is a sweater. And with crazy fall/winter/spring weather, you can never have enough ways to wear a favorite sweater. 

Completely unrelated, I'm thinking of doing another 30 for 30 in November (June's start here, and recap here). I have two major reasons: 

1) I have a lot of clothes and really need to appreciate (and WEAR) what I currently have, without purchasing more (and more. and more). My. Goodness. 

2) The husband, pups, and I will be moving at the end of November - HOORAY! However, I really don't enjoy moving (I did it enough when I was in school). But, based on reason #1: having a lot of clothes means having to move a lot of clothes out of our current place, and into a new one. So, by completing another 30 for 30 in November (the month of THE MOVE), I can pack up the majority of my clothes before we ever have to move! Genius, right?? Packing AND moving AND getting dressed made easier, all in one fell swoop! Ta da!

Now, you might say "But Annie, just get rid of some clothes you already have, so you have less to move." And I agree, my friends, that is a wonderful idea! And I intend to do just that. And also to be selective about what gets to live in my NEW closet in our NEW place, as I unpack. 

However, 30 for 30 is kinda fun, not to mention challenging. AND it will allow me to pick out the items I'll wear in November before the month starts, so I can purge, get rid of & pack everything remaining well before our move out date (I typically am a haphazard packer, most likely adding to why I dislike moving so much), in turn avoiding a lot of stress, and being able to devote more time to organizing & carefully packing other important things, like my grandmother's china, and antique furniture. 

This is one of my top 10 best ideas ever (top 5 include: dating my husband, marrying him, adopting 1 bulldog, and then the other, and taking a cruise over Christmas). Are you a teensy bit impressed? If you're not, or even if you are, care to join me on my November 30 for 30? It'll be fun, I promise!

sweater: Old Navy
scarf: Aeropostale
jeans: GAP Outlet
flats: KMart  

P.S. Since I just announced I'll be completing 30 for 30 in November, I guess I have to follow through now! ;)

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30 for 30: What I did/didn't do/learned/saw/discovered/decided

Above are the items I started my 30 for 30 challenge with. I tried to choose some things that would lend themselves to mixing & matching, and some that would stand on their own. Not sure how well those ideas worked out in practice, but that was the thought I started with.

And here is what I came up with. All 30 of them. Any favorites? 

So let's recap/reflect, shall we?

What I learned from my first 30 for 30 challenge...
- I get dressed a lot faster with less items to choose from. My Mr. thinks I should always do a 30 for 30 for this reason alone...
- I love to wear my white sandals.
- It's too hot for pants.
- Next time, I should choose items that are all brown OR black (or all tan, etc.), not a black blazer with brown wedges.
- I think this challenge would be easier for me in the winter - I could layerlayerlayer and come up with different combinations to my hearts content.
- More neutral shoes might have been a better choice, instead of pink sneaks & sparkly white ones.
- This past month has made me realize I really don't need any more clothes - I need to pare down my HUGE closet AGAIN and keep what I LOVE and reflects ME, and is flattering. So, why did I go shopping this month? Great question, friends. The items I bought weren't that expensive - but maybe that's the issue. I buy inexpensive (but cute!) things and then just hang onto them foreverrrrr. Ask my BFF, she'll tell you.
- I'm impressed with myself that I kept this up and didn't flake out. Not that I'm flaky, but it would have been easy to throw my hands up in frustration and call it quits.
- This challenge made me experience a whole range of emotions regarding blogging: overwhelmed, excited, underwhelmed with myself, sad, happy, excited, apprehensive, and looking forward to posting. Sometimes, all within 1 day!
- Packing only a carry on with only these 30 items to choose from was pretty simple.
- I sometimes looked forward to having a limited number of items to choose from when getting dressed - less decisions to make.
- But I was also really excited to have full use of my closet again :)

So, there it is! I did it! Maybe I'll do one again this fall or winter. What do you think about completing one? I can only recommend it! Any other challenges I should try?

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

30 for 30: Day 30

Day 30

my skirt looks kind of purple here, but it's really gray

Ta-da! I finished my first 30 for 30 challenge! Wahoo! Happy dance! *THE CARLTON*

Anywaaaaaaays, it's done! And I've got a "recap/what I learned/what I would do differently/what I've taken away from this" post coming your way. Some of my professors always said one of the most important parts of the learning process is reflection, so, you'll get some of that shortly :)

*cue the song "Reflections" from Mulan*

Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 for 30: Day 27 & Day 28

Day 27

above: What I wore on my trip home. I ALMOST missed my connecting flight in Chicago, even after sprinting through the terminal, wearing a backpack and pushing another carry on bag. That was fun. Not. But, I made it! And I made it home to my sweet husband and cute pups. Another successful family reunion completed :)

Day 28

this is me reacting to being told to stop posing with bent legs

the beginning of 200 cookies we (I) made for a friend's shower this weekend. I dreamt of cookies & cookie cutters that night...I'll be posting what I wore to that tomorrow! 
Days 27 & 28 complete! This challenge is just about wrapped up - woohoo! I'm so excited to have use of my entire closet again (I did some shopping and can't wait to wear my new items!). I'll be posting a recap of this challenge in the next few days, so, if you're interested, keep your eyes open for that ;)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 for 30: Day 23 & Day 24

Day 23

So, the first night of our trip, most of my extended family was at dinner. Then my sweet Dad announced to everyone that I have a blog. I turned bright red and mumbled a description to the whole table about how it's "about my clothes, and what I wear..." Shortly after, we headed outside to take my outfit pictures. My brother & uncles knocked on the windows since they could see us, and this is me waving back. Cue red face.

hamming it up for my photographer for the week: my Dad. we're  besties. true story.

So, my Dad spilled the beans on my blog. Not that it was a big secret, but it's awkward to just tell people you know and love "So, I write things on the internet and post pictures of myself." So I guess I'm glad my Dad just blurted it out to everyone - I gained AT LEAST 3 new readers. Hi family!!!

Day 24

that is a fish. jumping. RIGHT BEHIND ME.

our view for the week. I love my mountains but this is nice, too :)

me & Dad

I taught him how to pose like a sorority girl: skinny arm & head tilt. However, he didn't get the memo to hold his drink out of the time?

this is me wearing my brother's size 14 flip flops. I get a kick out of it...

A few more tidbits about my family reunion trip are headed your way, and of course, the rest of the my 30 for 30 challenge. I'm not too original with what's left, but packing everything in a carry-on really limited my options. #firstworldproblems

30 for 30: Day 21 & Day 22

Day 21

The above combination was less than flattering, so only a few pictures to share...

Day 22

I wore this get-up to do a wee bit of shopping. I ran some errands, then scored some deals at Old Navy using my $20 Super Cash. It was burning a hole in my pocket, so of course I had to make a stop...and come home with some new items...they'll be making an appearance here soon!

My sister-in-law is competing in her first horse show today! She cuts horses - she picks a cow out of the herd and keeps them out using her horse. Did I explain that right, KB? My youngest cousin asked her "Why do you talk like a cowgirl?" Because she is one! Good luck today!! Proud of you. Sis. :)