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Monday, June 29, 2015

teal teal teal

This bodycon-ish, midi length dress is a new thing for me. I tend to lean more towards A-line or shift dresses (my wedding dress was four feet wide. true story), so this curve-hugging style is…new

However, I think it packs a lot of punch. So, when wanting to stand out and make an impression, wear a bodycon(ish) dress.

As for the length, I tend to shy away from this length, as it usually makes me and my legs look much shorter and thicker than we (collectively) really are. However, I think it works with this dress – perhaps because the snugness of the dress is a bit lengthening? And nude wedges are always a win.

dress: WalMart
nude wedges: DSW
statement necklace: borrowed from Rocksbox
(use the code: sweetbananiexoxo for a free month of jewelry rental)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

visual trickery

Here's those pants again.
Can't stop, won't stop.

This time I went for a black and white look, with some print mixing. I really dig it, except the v-neck on this tee under the rounded collar on this cardigan doesn't really thrill me. It's one of those things that just looks a bit odd when you really scrutinize it.

Never mind - I just employed one of my visual tricks: move really fast so if something looks funny, it isn't noticed. I call it an "optical illusion." I have a glitzy watch from my brother that's missing a few rhinestones; solution: wear it and just move my hands quickly when I'm talking to someone. They never even notice. Feel free to use that one ;)

shirt: Target
cardigan: J. Crew Factory
pants: WalMart
heels: Target

Thursday, May 14, 2015

gaming in comfort

This outfit was perfect for a game night, which just so happens to be what I wore it for. We had friends over, and they brought lots of delicious food (tapas and desserts, only). We supplied the beverages and the gathering space, and some of the games. The Mr. is really into games, but me, not so much – I’m more into the socializing that goes along with the games, although I play a mean game of Catchphrase.

But a Game Night did occur, and this is what I wore to participate and host. A mint v-neck tee (knotted – it’s what all the fashion bloggers on Pinterest are doing…tres chic, non?), pants (harem pants? parachute pants? MC Hammer pants? joggers? athleisure wear? I don’t know. I DO know that they are very comfortable, and I’ve been told they make my rear look nice. So, continue to wear them, I shall.), and my trusty python print flats, which might be headed to the dumpster soon – they’re not holding up so well, but I can’t expect much more from my sweet $10 shoes. I added the gray statement necklace for some visual interest, and clipped my hair half-up/half-down, a small switch from my usual curls or ponytail.

Have you ever tried these type of pants? All my girlfriends shower me with compliments when I wear them, but the Mr. is not a fan...
maybe I need to add a few more pairs to really show him how versatile they are...

mint V-neck: Old Navy
harem pants? parachute pants? MC Hammer pants? joggers? athleisure wear?: WalMart
statement necklace: WalMart
python print flats: WalMart

Friday, April 17, 2015

30 for 30: day 13 + day 14

And here we are at Friday. Finally! Two outfits to share today, in honor of this special occasion (it's almost the weekend).

I happened to wear this skirt two days in a row, and with a button-up both times.
Boring, or incredibly original and unexpected?

day 13

leopard print button-up: WalMart
skirt: from a friend
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom

linking up this statement piece of a shirt for the Trend Spin Link Up

day 14


black & white buffalo plaid button-up: Old Navy
black skirt: from a friend
black pointy toe flats: Target
faux leather jacket: c/o Aéropostale

Thursday, April 16, 2015

30 for 30: day 11 + day 12

Happy Thursday - we're slowly heading towards the weekend. It's sure been a doozy.

I've got big plans to check out the Lilly for Target Line with some girlfriends first thing on Sunday morning, so the weekend can't get here quickly enough.

day 11

striped sweatshirt: Old Navy
leopard print scarf: WalMart
dark skinnies: c/o Aéropostale
metallic sandals: Target

day 12

dress: Lilly Pulitzer
ombre scarf: gift
faux leather jacket: c/o Aéropostale
tassel flats: Target

linking up this dress for the Trend Spin Linkup
and over at High Latitude Style

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

no fooling here

No April Fools' jokes or tricks here. I can never seem to get my act together in time to do something very creative or impactful. Maybe next year?


Check out my extreme print-mixing in this outfit. Stripes, leopard, and dots (the shoes).
It works for a few reasons:

1) the prints don't compete with each other
2) leopard is a neutral and goes with everything
3) the stripes are so teeny that from a distance, this shirt looks solid, again, keeping the prints from competing with each other
4) the print on the shoes is so far away from the prints up top, and also so small, that it looks cohesive
5) because I said it works ;)

Are you a print-mixer? I find that the more and more I do it, the more confident and comfortable I become with it. Sometimes it's even my default when picking out my outfits and accessories, and I have to remember to tone it down occasionally...

Aaaaand, I'm doing another 30 for 30 style challenge for the month of April, so look for those outfits and 30 items to start showing up in the next few days ;)

Here's to getting creative and having a capsule wardrobe for the next month!

shirt: GAP
pants: c/o Aéropostale
scarf: WalMart
flats: Target

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

for the love of scarves

When it's warm outside, but your office/where you work/where you spend most of your day is freezing, what do you wear?

*not a trick question*


Additionally, scarves, boots, and jackets. Extra points if you print mix, mix color palettes, try something monochromatic, and/or do something interesting.

Aaaand, that's what I did here. I've been getting some, *ahem* "feedback" on my wearing of scarves (how often, how many, how big they are, etc., etc.), and to that, I say:
"They help to keep me warm, transition my outfit for different events, and transition my outfit for different temperature extremes (from warm to freezing to hot and back again).
And, I like how they look and help to make my look 'complete'. For the love of scarves, people!"


striped dress: WalMart
floral scarf: Target
navy cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet
teal faux leather jacket: local boutique
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom