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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

90 miles to Cuba, part 1

Over Thanksgiving week, my family got together in Key West. My parents had been before (and my Dad several times before my brother and I came along), but us kids hadn't.

Here's a summary of our trip: the creation of our own bike gang, Key Lime Pie (dipped in chocolate, on a stick), beer, lounging at the pool, my parents scuba diving, more beer, wine, snacks, running with my Dad, sleeping in, listening to the ocean, lounging IN the pool, golfing, shopping, exploring Duval Street, getting caught in the rain on our bikes, karaoke at Coyote Ugly, Sloppy Joe's, Captain Tony's, an Irish pub or 2, and a low-country boil for Thanksgiving Dinner. 

The humidity does crazy things to my hair (see above). I curled it one evening and it went flat in 5 minutes, so I abandoned that idea for the rest of the trip. I kept the makeup, hair, and outfits pretty simple all week - I was on vacation, after all...

tank: from a friend (Lauren Conrad via Kohl's)
shorts: Maurice's via Plato's Closet
sandals: WalMart
sunglasses: H&M
purse: thrifted

And this I wore one evening when us kids biked to Duval Street to check out the bar scene. On the way there, we got rained on, and looked like wet rats for the rest of the evening. No joke - it wasn't just sprinkling, it was POURING. I took these pictures after I'd dried out. And below is my sister-in-law just a few minutes before our rainy bike ride. Doesn't she look great in her jumpsuit and Jack Rogers? Girl has serious style.

shirt: Aéropostale
shorts: Maurice's via Plato's Closet
sandals: WalMart

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family Dinner

that's a speakeasy behind me. been there 1 time. and it was neat.

sparkly shoes again! it's not that I WANTED to wear them, but that I HAD to. my heels were covered in blisters from my trip to Vegas, so something without backs were (was?) necessary #truestory
Mama, embarrassed by my lovin'

A few weeks ago, my parents came through town on their way home from Yellowstone. They swung by my work and got the grand tour, then headed downtown, where my Mr. & I met up with them for dinner. They had taken a guided kayaking tour and camped for a few days. They were full of stories of nature, and excitement for their hot showers and REAL bed they had slept in the night before. 

They're pretty neat. And they go on cool trips. And SOMETIMES us kids get to go. But SOMEONE in our family has to work, I guess 
I'm a martyr over here, Mom & Dad. 
 I kid! You know I kid!

I mean, when you've been married (to the same person) for 30+ years, and have built successful careers doing what you love, and have the time AND money, it's totally acceptable to go cool places without inviting your grown children. I'm sure D & I will do the same. Someday. 

Sort of related to the above topic, my parents call my brother and I their "bios" (biological children) and our spouses their "golden children" or the "chosen ones." Guess that proves who they like more. 
Their daughter-in-law and son-in-law, obviously ;) 

aaaaaand, linking up over here today 

Shirt: J. Crew (thrifted)
Pants: Target (thrifted)
Shoes: RocketDog via DSW
Bag: Isaac Mazrahi Live! (thrifted)
cute Mom & Dad: my sweet grandparents :)