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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Black and White (and Red...All Over?)

double black & white polka dots, for the win!
If you didn't know, I love polka dots. Lovelovelove. Large, small, medium, doesn't matter - I dig 'em. If I see something in a store with polka dots, I'm highly likely to leave with it (how's that for a statistic?). I was picking out my outfit the night before (which I should ALWAYS do, but don't always ACTUALLY do), and had a thought "What about DOUBLE polka dots??" 

Obviously, I thought it was a great idea. And I'm thinking you do, too...right?? 

Hope you had a great day today, friends!

shirt: WalMart
tank: Kohl's 
sweater: Banana Republic (via a clothes swap)
pants: Aeropostale
shoes: Kohl's
inspiration for this outfit: that brain of mine - sometimes I dream up great things in my sleep! 

linking up over here and here, since my beautiful red sweater is 100% merino wool!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

coral stripes & mint & running

this is my "paparazzi shot" - "No pictures, please, just walking my dogs" ;)
juggling these 2 leashes can be pretty challenging...they like to criss-cross & trip us up...

Unrelated to my above outfit (do ya like?)...

So, I'm running another half-marathon with my Dad on the 22nd of September. Another 13.1 miles on a Colorado Sunday morning. I've been slacking on my training (sorry, Pops) but have picked it up again this past week. And I have to be honest with you, I'm really bad at running. I'm slow, and it hurts, and I'm really slow, and did I mention it hurts? It hurts my hips, my knees, my calves, my shins, and my feet, especially. My foam-roller and I have become besties, and I'm constantly asking D to rub out my legs or my feet or help me stretch. And, for some reason, I get constant blisters on my feet: on the balls of my feet, on my heels, on  my arches, BETWEEN my toes (I know, I didn't think it was possible, either), just about everywhere. It's no fun, my friends. And for whatever reason, my feet won't toughen up.

However, this is something I'm going to keep doing to get ready for my race with my Dad. Running has kind of become "our thing." By that, I mean we do races together, but my Dad can ACTUALLY run circles around me (and no, I'm NOT joking). The man can lap me and still hold a conversation and sing songs, while I'm gasping for breath and asking to slow down. He talks, and I respond with thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and when he's got extra energy (which is often), he runs backwards, or grapevines next to me. But he still runs the race with me - we finished our last half-marathon (which was our first) holding hands. Now that's love.

So, here's to buckling down and taking my training seriously until our race. Because then I've got two more races lined up after that...a 15k with a friend, and a half-marathon relay with my Mr.

Wish me luck!

tank: Target
chambray: thrifted
jeans: Kohl's
sandals: Trends