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Monday, April 18, 2016

a bachelorette party

When you are expecting, things that were previously a part of your social life are not quite the same.

Say, for example, a bachelorette party. A friend of mine is getting married Memorial Day weekend in Texas, and we won't be able to attend. Her bachelorette party, however, was being held in town where I live, so I was able to go. And this is what I wore.

You might be thinking "That doesn't look like typical bachelorette party attire, Annie." And you would be quite right, my friends. Normally, I'd wear something a bit different (most likely a party dress and heels), but I attended this party during the day, right after a snowstorm. Hence, the layers and the boots.

Additionally, the bride and other party-attendees had ordered matching tank tops in dark purple and lilac, but I declined, as nobody wants to see this girl squeeze into a party tank top at the moment. So, I wore a basic black tank dress, black fleece-lined tights, rain boots, a dark purple cardigan and a lilac scarf, so I wouldn't be TOO out of place.

While I didn't attend the entire party (a Friday to Sunday event, with one evening in Denver, one in Northern Colorado, hotel rooms, and lots of champagne), I did attend Saturday day for a scavenger hunt around town in a party bus and a stop for delicious local lunch. Then we showered the bride with gifts, and while everyone else took a power nap, I went on home to lay low and watch some Netflix in my pajamas. It was a win-win in my book - I celebrated the bride, got to be comfortable, and got home at a reasonable hour, 3 of my favorite things!

black tank dress: American Apparel via sorority recruitment (non-maternity)
purple cardigan: Ann Taylor (non-maternity)
lilac scarf: gift
black fleece-lined tights: Kansas City Kitty (non-maternity)
rain boots: gift

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Gosh, Galoshes!

Before we begin, this pretty girl (above) is one of my oldest friends, and the first person besides my husband who I told about my blog. Last Saturday, she sent me this picture and said "Pattern mixing & coordinating details (sandals+belt&clutch+lipstick) inspired by Sweet Bananie. What do you think? :)"

I have to admit, this was pretty flattering! And doesn't she look great? Makes me itch to do some more pattern-mixing...What's funny is I'm the one who always sends her pictures of my outfits and asks for advice ;)

Sorry for the terrible picture quality (again). My Mr. has been crazy busy with work the past few weeks, and with the rain & floods this past week, was stuck in Denver due to road closures. Don't worry - he stayed with friends and had a grand time ;) But I haven't seen him in days, so I'm starting to forget what he looks like...just kidding! But, I sure do miss him. And the pups do, too - I'm not as fun to wrestle with, as I'm more of a cuddler.

This is what I wore to work on Thursday. Someone teased me about wearing rain boots in the morning, and by the afternoon, I'm sure they were eating their words, as that's when we heard about flooding all over the front range. The boots were a bit heavy to wear to all day inside, but whenever I had to run outside, I was glad I had them on - dry feet FTW.

Hope you have a great (and dry) Saturday. Reports of the devastation due to the flooding are coming in, and some areas were hit very hard - it's tough, especially since some areas in Colorado were hit so hard by the fires this summer & last. 

Maybe we should move? I vote the beach.

Linking up over here today for What I'm Loving Fridays. I'm not loving the flooding, but I am loving being safe, and having dry feet, thanks to my boots!

tank: Old Navy
sweater: Express
jeans: Trends
boots: Christmas gift from parents