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Thursday, January 22, 2015

sweater #17

Hi, quick post for you today.
Having a busy couple of days, so keeping it short here.

linking up two outfits over here today

turtleneck sweater: GAP
monogrammed pashmina: from my sis-in-law
green pants: from a friend
nude flats: Old Navy

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fall two-fer, number 1

A two-fer outfit post for ya today, and another one tomorrow. Need to get these bad boys posted so I can start sharing my 30 for 30 outfits - we ARE halfway through October already...

Outfit #1

This ensemble went to work, and lunch at a yummy Mexican place for something smothered in creamy habanero sauce...

chambray: Kohl's
green jeans: from a friend
bag: thrifted
sandals: Walmart

Outfit #2

This outfit is what I wore to spend time with one of my best friend's new babies. My husband met him for the first time that day and the man is obsessed. This little guy has cheeks for days and he wants nothing more than to be bounced or rocked while he's held. Such a cutie.

dress: Aéropostale
vest: thrifted
shoes: Target

Sunday, August 17, 2014

brights. done right.

These colors are something I would have NEVER thought to pair together. I can't quite remember how they both ended up on my body on the same day - maybe it was dark in my closet? Maybe I felt like wearing bright colors all at once? Maybe I remember coloring with purple and green crayons all throughout elementary school? But I do know that later in the day, or possibly the next day, I saw someone on Instagram wearing a purpley shirt with minty-green pants, so I thought "Hey, it ain't so bad! I might be on to something here..."

So, as newly minted expert on wearing brights together, don't feel like you have to wear neutrals on top with bright pants - you can wear brights, prints, stripes, pineapples, lace, a bikini top, a neon construction vest - whatever you want. And when someone tells you it looks great, just smile and say "Oh thank you!"

Oh oh, and the Broncos have another pre-season game today! I got a new Broncos t-shirt last week that I'm dying to wear. Not that I'm a die-hard football fan, but it is neat when your team makes it to the Super Bowl. It is NOT neat when they lose...

shirt: Kohl's
pants: from a friend
shoes: Payless

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Green and Gray

This is the second time in the past month that the Mr. has chosen these green pants for Mr. Picks Mondays. I wonder if he really likes them, or they're just so bright that they stick out in my closet ;)

Either way, here they are, styled very simply with a striped gray sweatshirt & some pretty beat up Converse.

Happy Monday!


sweatershirt: Old Navy similar below
pants: from a friend (Urban Outfitters) similar below
shoes: Target similar below

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mr. Picks Mondays: Green Pants & Dots

My Mr. chose the bright green pants and had the hardest time choosing a top. I suggested several options: button ups, a sweater, a long sleeve shirt, a chambray and to that, he replied "What is that?" I reached into my closet and grabbed this polka dot one as an example - his eyes lit up and he said "That one!" He's always liked this thrifted number, so I wore it tucked in, and added my dotted & tasseled flats to add extra dimension to the color & pattern scheme.

These pants make me think of spring, since they're such a bright pretty green. And, since spring has sprung (except for the snow we had yesterday...), it's only fitting to break them out this time of year.


chambray: thrifted similar below
pants: from a friend (Urban Outfitters) similar below
belt: American Eagle similar below
shoes: Target similar below