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Monday, October 6, 2014

number 3 of 7

from the Mr:
"I wasn’t sure if I could recall her ever wearing this belt, so I thought it might be fun to pick an outfit based on a belt rather, than the larger pieces. "

The focal point here is the belt. It came with a plaid patchwork mini skirt I got ages ago (still have it…), and it wraps around my hips twice – don’t think I’m super skinny, the belt is SUPER long. So, I put it on “backwards” and looped it enough so that the plaid patchwork showed, once I half-tucked my merlot v-neck in.

This was a tough day– our sweet Cali girl passed. Now every time I wear something pictured here, I think of her even more than I already do – it's very odd to come home to only one wrinkley pup, when you're used to two.

Do you remember what you wore on important/special occasions or specific days?
I definitely do.

shirt: Target
scarf: gift
belt: American Eagle
jeans: Aéropostale
flats: WalMart

Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Evening Out

if you look closely, there's a little bitty Cali-pup photo bomber...
Several weeks ago, the Mr. and I went "out" on a Friday evening. We met up with friends for drinks and a light dinner, then wandered the streets of downtown and made stops at several old favorite watering holes. 

As we left the house, I said to D: 
"Who AM I? 
Going out on a Friday? 
We haven't done this in ages
At LEAST since I was in college!" 

But, it was nice to spice things up and get out, although we were back at home,
enjoying Netflix the following evening :)

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shirt: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]
jacket: thrifted (Plato's Closet - Miley Cyrus + Max Azria) [[similar below]]
pants: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's [[similar below]]
clutch: thrifted [[similar below]]
booties: Old Navy [[exact and similar below]]