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Saturday, September 5, 2015

not a Tour de Fat outfit

I'm so excited to share this look with my beach cruiser today, becaussssssse

It's Tour de Fat!! We're dressed up all crazy, parading our bikes around town with several thousand other people. The drinks are flowing, the costumes are crazy, and the people watching is aaaaamazing.

This outfit is wayyy too tame for Tour de Fat, but I promise I've got something a little kooky on (follow me on Instagram to see us in real time).

I did, however, actually wear the above peplum top and black skinnies to dinner, and we rode our bikes. Mine has a sweet little basket on the front where I like to put my phone so it can play some tunes. I really love riding my bike - it's got one speed and back-pedal brakes, and a nifty little bell. The seat is wide and comfy, and I travel at about one speed (slow-ish). But I love it.

There's something so satisfying to me about riding my bike, and if I can wear a great ensemble comprised of favorites that are comfortable AND stylish, then I'm a huge fan. Bonus points for hanging with friends on their bikes, too.

peplum top: Ann Taylor Loft
black skinnies: c/o Aéropostale
black fringe sandals: Kohl's
necklace: WalMart

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

casual + sweater #5

 A casual look today. This tee is from volunteering at a bike event, Tour de Fat, a few years ago (worn a few times previously: here and over here). I really love the color and the bike logo, so it has yet to be relegated to my old t-shirt drawer. Instead, it hangs in my closet, with the rest of my “more than t-shirts” tops. And of course, some of my favorite go-to items: skinnies and my new Frye boots I just can’t get enough of. And this cardigan makes sweater number 5.

One of my friends (below) was in town recently, so we got together with one of my besties and went to dinner.

Andy & I
Lara & Andy 
Lara & I
Lara and I, without planning, managed to look pretty similar before we even left the house: dark colored down coats, dark skinnies, the SAME style of boots (she's had hers several years longer than I), and bags carried the same exact way (not planned).
So of course we documented our best friend-i-ness & matchiness.

shirt: Tour de Fat
cardigan: local consignment shop
scarf: WalMart
jeans: c/o Aéropostale
boots: The Frye Company via Nordstrom
coat: Coldwater Creek
bag: TJ Maxx

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Worst Blogger



Hi there, strangers. I've awarded myself the "Worst Blogger Award" this week. I know you don't wanna hear this again, but my life has been crazy busy - you have to believe me. 
Moving on.

Happy Thursday-evening-it's-almost-FRIDAY!

later, gators ;)

shirt: Tour de Fat
blazer: thrifted (originally from Target)
pants: thrifted (originally from Target)
flats: Kohl's
watch: Kohl's

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dressing Down a Sequined Skirt

this is the skirt I was telling you about from Kohl's

So, what do we think of my new sequined skirt??? I'm a BIG fan and I have BIG plans for this fancy skirt - trust me!

Above is what I wore to a friend's graduation party. I couldn't wait to wear my new skirt, so I dressed it down with a t-shirt and flat (but fancy!) sandals. The jacket was in flux all day - I was too hot, then I was too cold, so it was off and on the entire time.

My t-shirt is from Tour de Fat, a bike parade sponsored by New Belgium Brewing. Everyone dresses up in goofy costumes and rides their bikes along a marked route, then celebrates with a festival and lots of beer. I volunteered at last year's Tour de Fat pouring beer with some folks from work and got this t-shirt. Love the color, and love the design. New Belgium Brewing is a pretty cool place that brews Belgian-style beer, is employee owned, runs on alternative energy, and encourages alternative forms of transportation, hence, the bike parade. If you ever get the chance, you should check out a Tour de Fat near you and celebrate bikes - it's quite the experience!

***ERRRR - switching gears***

Let's talk about my hair. It's really not doing me any favors in these pictures, is it? It's pretty long, but it's also very fine, so I lose a lot of volume and thickness towards the ends. I've got a hair appointment this weekend and I'm debating switching it up majorly. I'm hesitant to lose any length - my hair grows SO. SLOWLY. and it's taken what feels like forever to get it to this length (6+ years). I've had bangs several times, and as you can see, have grown them out. I did get highlights at my last appointment, and while I like how they broke up my hair color and added some light, I think I'd like something more drastic so I'm not such a "dishwater blonde." Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas for my locks?

Jacket: Old Navy
Shirt: Tour de Fat
Skirt: Kohl's
Sandals: Sears