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Saturday, September 12, 2015

the power of Pinterest

Since it's still hot(ish) here in Colorado, I'm going to keep wearing and taking pictures of summer clothes. I'm not one to exclaim "FALL! I LOVE FALL!", so, if you're expecting me to break out my sweaters and boots, you're going to be disappointed. There's plenty of time for layers during winter, and here, that lasts from November to April...

Let's say it's still summer here in Colorado (it is. fall doesn't start for another two weeks, all you pumpkin lovers). And let's say you've already worn this dress several times and need a new way to wear it. You hop on Pinterest (doesn't everyone?), and see an outfit featuring an A-line navy blue dress with a flowy scarf looped around the neck. You do your best to recreate this outfit with the pieces you already own, and you add a belt to keep your scarf under control in the Colorado wind. You also add metallic sandals that match your belt. Voila! A new outfit using pieces you already own. Made possible by the power of Pinterest ;)

dress: thrifted
scarf: Lilly Pulitzer for Target
belt: thrifted
sandals: Target

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Mother's Day] Brunching

pockets! pockets!

my Mr. snaps away with the camera, while I throw out as many goofy things as I can. aaaaand they all get captured. 

see what I mean? I think I was twirling here, and he just snaps away. and laughs.

This skirt combination is what I wore to celebrate Mother's Day with my in-laws. We had a delicious brunch, then everyone headed home to take naps. 

Sunday afternoons are made for naps, don't you think? There's a window from about 1-5 where they're most acceptable, and I'm always on the look out for such an opportunity. In my bed, on the couch, by the pool, with the pups - I don't discriminate. 

I threw this jacket in the car since I'm always freezing, and my Mr. is always roasting. He'll crank up the AC cause he's hot and my teeth are chattering. This past February, we drove up to the mountains to do some skiing and I made sure I was prepared for his freezing cold car temperatures. Or so I thought...I wore at least 3 layers on top, a scarf, leggings, wool socks, and boots, along with a North Face jacket in my lap. He closed his car vents so I could have all the warm air, and I was still freezing! He opened his window to get some air, and I just couldn't get warm! *sigh* The next car we buy WILL have separate climate controls for driver & passenger! Until then, I'm becoming an expert at layering, and will have to keep extra blankets, jackets, socks, gloves, snowpants, and parkas in the car...

Top: Wal-Mart
Skirt: via clothes swap with a friend (the one who came to visit recently!)
Sandals: CLASSIFIED via Shoe Carnival
Jacket: Miley Cyrus via Plato's Closet
Necklace & earrings: Target
Bracelets: ???